Yamaha Montage 7 Review – A Stylish Synthesizer

Our Yamaha Montage 7 Review

Yamaha is not only the world’s largest piano manufacturing company but they are also known for producing other high-quality musical instruments and equipment. They have a great reputation for pushing the boundaries of what has already been done in an effort to create new and interesting equipment for their customers, and their synthesizers are no exception.

While they have only been creating synthesizers since 2003, their products are known for being as durable and reliable as all other Yamaha products, making them a popular option with musicians all around the world.

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yamaha montage 7 review – a stylish synthesizer

What Is the Yamaha Montage 7?

This is a flagship synthesizer from Yamaha in which they debuted their Motion Control Synthesis Engine. This is exciting for musicians because it combines two iconic sound engines and allows for perfect control of them both. The AWM2 and FM-X engines can be layered or zoned across eight different parts in a single performance, which gives complete control over sound production and quality.

The AWM2 is known for subtractive synthesis and high-quality waveform music, while the FM-X provides pure frequency modulation and modern sound. Together, they result in a very unique combination that is great for most musicians and provides a unique opportunity to layer and control sound.

The 1.2 version of the Yamaha Montage 7 was released in 2016 and is an updated version that offers more control and features.

Who Is this Synthesizer Designed For?

This is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that is great for any musician who wants to add nuance, character, and beats to their songs. It is great for making and delivering powerful and addictive hooks that are sure to stick with listeners for days to come.

Synthesizers can be used by any kind of musician, from classic rockers to modern pop artists, which is why they are so popular. They transcend genres, and the Yamaha Montage 7 is no exception. Because this synthesizer is so incredibly versatile, it’s great for all types of music. While it is advanced, it is surprisingly user-friendly, making it a good option for musicians who are new to using synthesizers in their music.

The Yamaha Montage 7 is perfect for practice, performances, and recording. It is one of the most versatile and powerful synthesizers on the market and is durable enough to be used nightly on the road.

What’s Included?

The Yamaha Montage 7 ships by itself, which means that you will need to make sure that you have headphones on hand so that you can easily listen to your sound. It’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality monitor if you do not already have one on hand. Doing so will ensure that you are able to easily monitor your sound and so that others can hear you, as well.

Primary Features of the Yamaha Montage 7

The Super Knob makes it easy for musicians to create sudden and dynamic sound changes when playing music. This is possible by controlling different parameters at the same time, creating an open palette that is perfect for sound creation. Other great features include the following:

  • 76-key synthesizer with semi-weighted action
  • Tempo-synchronized control sequences
  • World-class effects
  • Incredible waveform capacity
  • Touch screen
  • Three channels of stereo audio
  • Rotary encoders

The touch screen on the Yamaha Montage 7 makes it incredibly easy to change or set your parameters when you’re in a hurry. It’s in full color, making it much easier to read and to use than other options on the market.

Yamaha Montage 7 is packed with power, innovation, and sound quality, which means that all of the effects that you use are sure to impress you. Not only can you enjoy effects that provide you with a modern EDM sound, but you can also enjoy a vintage sound that is more retro. Piano-focused effects are great for providing a super-realistic piano playing experience.

You can easily connect the Yamaha Montage 7 to your computer and capture your music into your DAW. The powerful USB driver is able to receive three channels and send 16 to and from your computer without the use of any additional hardware or drivers.

One concern that some musicians have with the Yamaha Montage 7 is that it ships with 76 keys. There is an 88 key version available, and if you are a more accomplished musician you may want to consider this. The extra keys will give you a lot more power and control and allow you to enjoy a wide range of tone.

Alternatives to the Montage 7

Another Yamaha synthesizer that may be a better fit for you is the MODX8. This 88-key synthesizer has the same weighted action as the Yamaha Montage 7 but is better for musicians on a tight budget. It includes the same Super Knob and all of its benefits. Additionally, it boasts a four-part seamless sound switching so that musicians can change their performance without their effects or sounds cutting off.

The Nord Stage 3 is another alternative that you may want to consider. There are two super-clear OLED displays that make it possible to monitor your sound and settings, which is great for seamless transitions when performing. Additionally, the effects included are incredible and the synthesizer boasts an impressive 120 voice polyphony. This is a more expensive option, however, which may put it out of reach of some musicians.

Conclusion – Is the Yamaha Montage 7 a Good Option for You?

Yamaha Montage7 76-key Synthesizer Workstation, Black

The Yamaha Montage 7 is one of the most powerful synthesizers on the market today, making it a powerful option for musicians who want to be able to control and edit their sound. Thanks to all of the features of the Yamaha Montage 7, it’s easy for beginners to use but offers all of the power and control that more advanced musicians have come to expect from their equipment.

While it is a little more expensive than some synthesizers on the market, it’s absolutely loaded with great features that more than make up for the increase in price. Any church that is serious about live music will love having the Yamaha Montage 7 on hand during performances.

We hope our Yamaha Montage 7 review has been helpful.

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