Yamaha FD01S Review: Great Choice For A First Guitar

While originally established as a reed organ and piano manufacturer, Yamaha has grown and developed into the world’s biggest manufacturer of different kinds of musical instruments including guitars, violins, drums, woodwinds, and more. They began producing guitars in 1942 and are known for producing great guitars for beginners and more advanced musicians.

Our Yamaha FD01S Review

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yamaha fd01s review

What Is the Yamaha FD01S?

Yamaha’s F Series guitars were designed specifically for new musicians who want to experience playing the guitar. While they are not considered the premium range of instruments produced by Yamaha, they still are responsive enough and offer a deep enough sound to make them a good choice for more advanced players even though they are geared towards beginners.

The Yamaha FD01S has a light spruce top that helps to produce a clear and crisp sound when the guitar is played. As with other F Series Yamaha guitars, it was designed to provide value and plenty of use without breaking the bank or causing a musician to go over budget when shopping.

Thanks to the lifetime warranty on this guitar, musicians won’t have to worry about running into issues and whether or not they are going to be able to repair or replace their instruments.

Who Is the Yamaha FD01S Designed for?

The Yamaha FD01s, while it can be used by more advanced musicians, was designed for new guitarists. It is a great beginner’s guitar that is easy to play, has a clear and crisp sound, and doesn’t require a lot of setup or changes for the guitar to look and sound its best.

It offers great tone and projection, which is perfect for musicians who want to practice on their own but also want to be able to perform in front of other people. It can be difficult for an acoustic guitar to stand out when played with electric instruments and the FD01S is no different. Guitarists who will be playing with a band or other musicians need to take care to use a microphone or their sound may be hidden.

Take a moment to listen to this great sounding guitar.

What’s Included with the Yamaha FD01S?

The FD01S ships alone without any type of picks, case, strap, or capo. Musicians need to make sure that they have all of the gear or equipment on hand when their new guitars arrive so that they don’t need to worry about it becoming damaged.

With just one strap button on the bottom of the guitar, players will have to make sure that they use tie straps when playing their instruments. This is not a big deal but new musicians need to make sure that they have the correct type of straps on hand before they can play.

There is an optional Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package that includes this guitar, which may be a good idea for new musicians who don’t have all of the accessories on hand to start playing their new guitars right away. It includes a gig bag, replacement strings, tuner, strap, picks, and a DVD with instructional videos.

As a beginner’s guitar, the stock strings aren’t the highest quality. The instrument will obviously need to be tuned after shipment but it’s also a good idea to consider investing in higher-quality strings such as D’addrio 13’s, which will make a clear and bright tone.

Primary Features of the Yamaha FD01S

When you buy the Yamaha FD01S, you can enjoy the dreadnought body shape, the die-cast tuners, and more. The dovetail neck is not only attractive but keeps the guitar in good condition and with a durable pickguard to protect your guitar during play, you won’t have to worry about scratching the top. Other features you’ll enjoy are:

  • Solid spruce top
  • Nato neck, sides, and back
  • Natural finish
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Dot fingerboard inlays

Thanks to the lightweight design of this guitar, it’s a really good option for younger musicians. At just over six pounds, it’s easy for musicians of all ages to hold and to control.

One issue with the FD01S is that the nut and saddle are made from brittle white plastic. These can easily break during use and it’s a good idea to consider replacing them.

To improve sound quality, musicians should consider upgrading their strings and even their tuning pins. By doing so, they will be able to enjoy a higher-quality sound and easier tuning.


Body StyleAcoustic
Body ShapeDreadnought
Top WoodSpruce
Body WoodNato
Bridge WoodRosewood
Fretboard WoodRosewood
Fretboard InlaysDot
Number Of Frets20
HardwareDie-Cast Chrome
Number Of Strings6
Scale25 Inches

Alternatives to the Yamaha FD01S

Musicians who are interested in a beginner guitar but also need all of the accessories to go along with it should consider the Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural Bundle. Not only does the guitar itself produce a clear and inviting tone but the bundle has a gig bag, strap, strings, tuner, picks, instructional DVD, and access to online lessons. The neck is slim and very easy to play on, which is great for younger musicians.

The Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is another great option. While it is a little more expensive than the FD01S, it has a deeper and richer sound when played. This is due to the construction of the instrument, which makes it a great choice for guitarists who are worried about a tinny sound when performing. Additionally, it features durable scalloped bracing and an attractive black finish.

Conclusion: Should You Consider the Yamaha FD01S?

YAMAHA FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar (Amazon-Exclusive)

The FD01S is a great guitar for a beginner who isn’t looking to spend a lot of money but still wants to buy a guitar from a reliable and reputable company. It is designed to be very easy to use, to have great projection and a clear sound, and to have a fast action.

Unfortunately, the Yamaha FD01S was specifically designed for new players to learn on and won’t allow players to really advance easily. It’s important to take this into consideration when shopping, especially when you are thinking about how long you want to play the guitar and if you are serious about improving.

Musicians who are more advanced will want to choose a different guitar while people who are just starting lessons and trying to decide if playing the guitar is the right choice for them may find that this is the perfect instrument for their needs.

We hope our Yamaha FD01S review has helped you.

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