Finding The Best Microphone For A Church Choir

I have received many emails asking my opinion as to which microphone would be a good microphone for a church choir. Since we don’t have a choir at my church, I had to roll up my sleeves and do some research. I had a sneaking suspicion as to which brand would be the best, but I was surprised at the type of microphone. I thought it would be a Crown PZM Microphone, but instead, it was a Shure microphone that people raved about on the net.

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What Is The Best Microphone for a Church Choir?

Shure microphones are the best in the industry, and Shure is one of the most trusted microphone brands worldwide. Their microphones have been called “legendary.” Every musician and pastor that I spoke with agreed with these descriptions. The Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone will pick up sounds within a 50-foot radius! It picks up many voices at a considerable distance. It is an overhead mike that is designed to be virtually invisible to a camera.

Look what’s included:

  • Balanced, transformerless output for enhanced immunity to noise over long cable runs
  • Supplied stand-mount adapter for portable applications
  • When combined with the high sensitivity cartridge’s full frequency response, these microphones provide accurate sound reproduction with minimum RF interference or electromagnetic hum.

They come highly recommended by satisfied customers. They are famous for their fantastic sound quality and pick-up. They are versatile and not so expensive. Shure has thought of everything needed in a microphone for your church.

You will not find any better microphones anywhere. Do you see why I believe Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone is the commanding best microphone for your church choir?

Who is the Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone best suited for?

Your church choir needs to be heard! You want the words of each song to be crisp and sparkling. If the congregation can’t hear the words, their worship experience may be hindered. Even worse, if there is low-quality sound, the people will be distracted from worship.

These mics allow every word to be crystal clear. Everyone in the congregation will hear what the choir is singing, and they will certainly get the message being sung.

One reviewer said he has six mics placed around the stage area–4 across the apron and two put left and right behind the arch. In this configuration, he can accurately pick up all vocalists. In fact, they pick up sounds in the whole room.

Another said: “These mics will blow your mind if you use them correctly! Would I recommend them to friends–YES! I have recommended them often. Would I purchase them again–YES!!”

They are budget-friendly.

Their powerful range and stellar sound quality make them the perfect fit for your church choir.

What we like and dislike about The Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone:

The Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone has given us more reasons to love than to hate them. The advantages are many, and the disadvantages are few and can be easily overcome.

Feedback can be an issue but placing them correctly in a space that is sufficiently large can fix this instantly. Distance from the microphone makes a big difference and must be correct to cancel any possible feedback.

Versatility: It’s meant to hang above the performer, not be on a stand. Technically you could put them on a stand, but that’s not what they are intended for.

Powerful! Two of these in CARDIOID fashion work directly overhead of a 25-person choir in a vaulted church auditorium

The condenser mikes are very sensitive. Look on YouTube and google “How to mic a choir.” There is much excellent information on position and placement.

Can be mounted on ceiling tiles

These mics work great for the vocal range, but possibly not great for instruments. They tend to distort tones outside human range. They will pick up but make sure your instruments aren’t relying on these.

Several things to consider before purchasing The Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone

All the following are easily remedied, but you may want to check them for yourself:

One reviewer (only one) said he had “Crazy feedback problems that no amount of EQing could fix.” I think his mics were not correctly placed in respect to distance from the singers.

  • Does not have an XLR connection. The MX202WP/C is a bare wire connection.
  • If using them for a children’s choir, the children must be very close to the mic for them to be heard. They may not be tall enough to get close enough to them. To correct this, the children may need to be on risers.

You should buy the Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone for your church choir and here’s why:

Everything I hear or research about the Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone almost always includes a glowing report.

What people are saying:

  • Good choir mic!
  • Perfect for audience participation in recorded conference room presentations.
  • The size and color are right for minimizing their visibility on camera.
  • The gooseneck allows for aiming.
  • They give less hiss, and less off-axis clutter for standard voice recording in a quiet room, the distance to source needs to be 3 feet or less.
  • Reasonable price and works perfectly!
  • Great overhead mics!
  • With a cardioid pattern, not super c, and there’s a noticeable difference over other brands.
  • Great overhead mics for a small community church and a small stage. Two is more than enough.
  • Very pleased with this product. It will pick up sounds within a 50-foot radius.
  • These Mics work great.
  • I can hear a finger snap from 15 ft away.
  • These microphones will blow your mind if you use them properly!
  • Would I recommend them to others–YES! I have recommended them often.
  • Would I buy them again–YES!!
What Is The Best Microphone for a Church Choir? 1

This review explains even more benefits:

“I have had these for three years now. A much-improved option for our productions than what I used to have, a pair of cardioids at the front of the stage. We have too many people to mic everybody. Too much movement to mic one spot.

These pick up a considerable area, with good balance. Of course, your mic to speaker distance has to be minimized to 1 to 3 or even less. However, if I have my speakers about four times the distance, I can pick up a soft whisper and hear it.”

I believe you should purchase the Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone for your church choir. It is the best microphone for a church choir. You will rejoice when you hear the beautiful sounds coming from them!

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