Walrus Audio Julia Review – A Feature-Rich Pedal

Our Walrus Audio Julia Review

What sets Walrus Audio apart from other similar musical equipment companies is that they are a large collection of engineers, artists, and musicians working together with the common goal of balancing performance and art when manipulating sound. They take inspiration from other companies and use that spark to create highly versatile and functional pedals that are great for highlighting various sounds and functions.

Their Julia Analog Chorus pedal is no different and is a dreamy combination of style and substance, which makes it a great option for many musicians to consider when looking for a powerful pedal to improve their sound.

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walrus audio julia review – a feature rich pedal

What Is the Walrus Audio Julia?

The Walrus Audio Julia was released in 2016 and was inspired by a mysterious sound that emanates from the ocean. Being inspired by the deep and moaning sounds that come from underwater, the Walrus Audio Julia has a great analog chorus and vibrato that can easily be controlled and adjusted by the powerful and easy-to-use knobs on the pedal.

Like other pedals from Walrus Audio, the Julia pedal offers a unique sound that is difficult to replicate with any other pedal on the market. This makes it a great option for musicians who are in the market for a pedal that will provide them with a sound that is different from anything they have heard before but is still easy to use and to manipulate.

Who Is this Guitar Pedal For?

This is a very powerful pedal that is great for practice, recording, and live performance, although it will really shine on stage. Once a musician has learned how to control the Walrus Audio Julia, this pedal offers great sound and varying effects. It’s best used by musicians who have little experience with using pedals in their music, otherwise, they may become frustrated.

Unlike some pedals that are only ideal for electric guitarists, bassists can also use the Walrus Audio Julia, since the dry-chorus-vibrato blend can be adjusted to add a little movement to the dry signal. This means that this pedal is great for guitarists and bassists, or for the musician who dabbles in playing both of these instruments.

What’s Included?

Like most pedals that you can buy online, the Walrus Audio Julia ships by itself. It will need to be used with a high-quality instrument and to ensure that everyone will be able to hear your sound, you need to invest in a great amp. Other than that, the only other thing that you will need to use the Julia is the connecting cables.

These cables are relatively inexpensive, and many musicians already have them on hand, making it easy and fast to connect this pedal and to start playing.

Primary Features of the Walrus Audio Julia

One great feature of the Walrus Audio Julia is the lag control. This knob makes it possible for musicians to set the center delay time that their LFO effects will modulate from. This results in the musicians being able to add another different dimension to their sound and to the traditional landscape of the chorus and vibrato. Other great features include:

  • Great lag control
  • 9VDC power requirement
  • Rate and depth control
  • Selectable analog LFO wave shapes
  • Enjoy multiple unique and classic chorus/vibrato sounds

There is a knob on the Walrus Audio Julia that makes it possible for musicians to blend the vibrato, dry, and chorus, which allows users to enjoy all three of these effects at once. This knob changes the ratio of wet to dry signal that is sent to the output. Using it at the minimum will result in no effect, but raising the knob will increase the wetness. By exploring how this knob works, musicians can add a little movement to their signal, making it perfect for exploring different combinations and for use with bass guitars.

The true bypass switching ensures that you keep the tone that you have worked so hard for, even when the Walrus Audio Julia is out of the loop.

Alternatives to the Julia

The Walrus Audio Julia offers a unique sound that you won’t be able to easily find anywhere else, but if you aren’t sure that this pedal is the right one for you, then you may want to consider the Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb. This pedal offers incredible control over the sound, thanks to the decay, mix, dampen, X, and program knobs. It’s a really good option for slightly more advanced musicians who want extra control over their sound but aren’t interested in overpaying on a pedal.

Another wonderful option that is worth considering is the Walrus Audio ARP 87. This is a multi-function delay effects pedal, and it is packed with a wide variety of different delay tones. It has inspirational sounds and tones that are sure to push musicians’ creativity and to cause them to try something new each time they play a song, which is great for musicians who love to experiment or who need a push in that direction.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider the Walrus Audio Julia?

Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato V2 (900-1011V2)

As you can see, the Walrus Audio Julia is a shockingly powerful pedal that offers a lot of features in a small package. It’s great for musicians who want to adjust their sound and tone but need to push themselves beyond what the typical pedal is able to offer them. It is ideal both for regular adjustments as well as for when musicians are looking for more dramatic effects from their music.

Thanks to the sheer power and control that the Walrus Audio Julia offers, it’s a wonderful choice for musicians who are interested in taking their sound to the next level and want to have control over their distortion, breakups, and reverb. While it’s not as easy to use as other pedals due to the power that it offers, the Walrus Audio Julia is a great option for most musicians, as long as you are willing to spend some time learning how to really control it and adjust the sound you create to perfectly meet your needs.

We hope our Walrus Audio Julia review has been helpful.

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