Vox VT100X Review: Valvetronix Sound At Its Finest

Our Vox VT100X Review

The Vox Valvetronix lineup of amps changed the world of amp-generated sound forever. With a combination of analog and valve emulating technology, Vox was successful in creating a true masterpiece of an amp that was able to deliver powerful tones to fill up a room even in a small practice format.

If you’re wondering whether the newer VT100X lives up to its name, then you are not going to be disappointed. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the VT100X is an improvement of the original formula that made the Valvetronix amps a favorite back in the day.

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vox vt100x review valvetronix sound at its finest

Who Is This Guitar Amplifier For?

While the Vox VT100X uses the latest technology, as in the VET or Virtual Element Technology, to keep the amp up-to-date in technological terms, it still retains much of the sound of the classic Valvetronix tube amps.

This amp delivers a fantastic sound quality while being in the ballpark of other reasonably priced amps. Whether you’re gigging, in need of a great sounding amp for practice, or playing at church, the versatility of the VT100X allows you to enjoy its full-bodied sound in practically every setting.

Whether you play the blues, rock, soul, or pop, or are a shred master or a newbie, the cool thing about VOX VT100X is the powerful speaker, plenty of effects, and the availability of the Tone Room software that enables it to produce amazing sound. The modeling amp makes it easy to recreate famous guitar tones of your favorite musicians, use lower levels for jamming with friends, and crank up the volume when performing in front of a crowd.

What’s Included In The Vox VT100X?

The following is a breakdown of the features in the VOX VT100X:

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Total Power: 100W
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Effects: Phaser, Flanging, Delay, Chorus and Tremolo
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″ (instrument), 1 x 1/8″ (aux), 1 x USB Mini-B, Headphones (1 x 1/8″)
  • Footswitch I/O: 1 x 1/4″ (bank, channels)
  • Footswitch Included: No

The VT100X boasts of a new modeling engine and uses Virtual Element Technology to produce the most accurate and realistic tones. The amp also features a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp that’s designed to achieve tonal adjustments that would be difficult with other amps. Additionally, the VT100X is equipped with a USB port that can connect the amp to a Mac or PC. The Tone Room software is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Overview of the Features Of The VT100X

Also known as the VTX, this amp has kept its authentic analog circuitry that’s been turbo-charged with VET that enables it to achieve a superior sound quality along with subtle tonal nuances that are very distinctive with vacuum tube amps. And that’s not all, the VT100X also boasts of a proprietary bass-reflex that’s been designed specifically to deliver a stunning amount of resonance.

When you plug in the VT100X, the first thing that you’ll notice is not the rich sound quality of the powerful speakers, but rather the many effects options that make it easier for you to create a range of tones right out the box, with no additional components required.

The VT100X has a preamp circuit that’s entirely digital and complimented with an efficient modeling engine which gives you complete control over the tone while having plenty of effects that help you create your own authentic sound. The layout of the amp is pretty straightforward. This includes the single button bias switch that’s been placed right on the front panel.

This is a great addition since it helps you manage how hard you’re going to be hitting that valve while on cool mode to get a more rounded sound with less gain. You will also have the option of switching between Class A and Class A/B that gives you access to an even wider range of tones while playing.

Since the VT100X is a digital amp, it relies on DSP technology that has gone through major improvements through the years, enabling VOX to capitalize on those improvements. What this means is that if you loved the sound of a VOX amp before, you are going to be seriously impressed once you crank up the volume of the VT100X.

Furthermore, professionals can use the VOX Tone Room editing software to customize effects, which makes it a great option for gigging. However, what really makes the VOX VT100X special is that the amp is extremely easy to use. Even with several adjustments such as the 11 realistic amp models, 13 onboard effects, and 33 preset programs, VOX takes the guesswork away when it comes to utilizing each and every function that’s been included in one tight package.

That being said, there are some things that are missing in the VT100X. For example, the rotary or pitch shifter has not been included in its design, which some people would find odd, but not if you don’t use them anyway. One feature that’s really cool with this VOX amp is that it has added compression to some of the metal tones. Including Cal Metal actually frees up another pedal for the player to use rather than a compressor.

Not all the heavy tones have been compressed in the VT100X, which is a nice addition since it allows for more sustained notes or when rolling off the volume. You also might notice the volume spike during a preset change, which can be a problem while gigging. Apart from that, the VT100X is able to deliver a warm sound that won’t disappoint. Unlike some amps, such as the Fender Mustang GT 100, the VOX VFS5 footswitch is sold separately if you need it.

Conclusion Is The Vox VT100X The Guitar Amp You Need?

VOX VT100X Digital Modeling Amp, 100W

This modeling amp features a nice classic design and an amazing sound. This means that there’s no need to swap the tubes to improve the tone or line the cabinet with fiberglass to tighten up the metal. VOX seems to have covered all areas of concern that a player could possibly have with the VT100X. If you’re looking for a sweet-sounding amp with an amazing tonal range, then the VOX VT100X is what you need.

We hope our Vox VT100X review has been helpful.

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