VOX Stomplab 1G Review – A Powerful Modeling Foot Pedal

Our Vox Stomplab 1G Review

VOX does a wonderful job of producing new technology that is sophisticated and powerful and bringing it into the designs to ensure that all of the equipment that they produce is cutting edge. Modeling pedals are used to create different sounds when you are playing guitar, and through decades of research and production, VOX has created some of the most powerful options on the market.

Their Stomplab 1G is an incredibly powerful pedal that, at almost seven years old, is still as advanced and highly functional as it was when it was first released, making it a wonderful option for most guitarists to consider.

vox stomplab 1g review a powerful modeling foot pedal

What Is the VOX Stomplab 1G?

The VOX Stomplab 1G is a powerful pedal that is surprisingly compact and sophisticated while offering you all of the control that you want over your sound. Because all sound variations are categorized by the different style of music, it’s easy for users to find the right sound for a particular song.

A part of the Stomplab series from VOX, the 1G features not only powerful components but also an impressive and attractive design. The metallic exterior is durable and attractive, which really sets it apart from other options on the market, which focus more on the action of the pedal and less on making sure that it is attractive and durable, as well.

While the VOX Stomplab 1G is shockingly powerful, it is also incredibly easy to use. A built-in tuner, easy tone saves, and fast setup make this a great option for any beginning guitarists who are looking for more control over their sound.

Who Is this Modeling Foot Pedal Designed for?

While more advanced musicians will be able to use the VOX Stomplab 1G to create incredible custom sounds and to recall styles for switching songs quickly, even beginners will be able to enjoy this powerful pedal. The easy-to-understand interface makes this a great option for musicians of all skill levels and ensures that even brand new guitarists will be able to access the sounds they want.

While you can plug in headphones so that you can play at home without disturbing anyone, this pedal really showcases its talent and power when it is used on stage for live performances. It’s a great option for outdoor use since it can run on batteries, making it a stellar choice for church functions outdoors where there may not be enough outlets for all desired equipment.

What’s Included?

Just like other pedals that you can buy, the VOX Stomplab 1G ships alone, which means that you will need to provide any headphones that you want to use with it, as well as any necessary cables and your guitar. This is great, however, as it allows each musician to bring their personal favorite equipment and to hook it up to the VOX Stomplab 1G.

There is an AC adapter that can be used with the VOX Stomplab 1G, but this is sold separately. If you are going to be using the pedal for long periods of time and don’t want to worry about having to regularly replace batteries, then this is a good purchase to consider.

Primary Features of the VOX Stomplab 1G

The built-in tuner ensures that you won’t have to use a separate one when tuning your instrument, and the three LED lights make tuning fast and easy. Not only can you tune out loud, but when you are on stage you will enjoy the mute function for quiet tuning in private. Other great features include:

  • 100 preset programs
  • Easy interface
  • 103 modeling effects
  • Ability to save 20 user programs
  • Use up to eight effects simultaneously
  • Expression pedal
  • Two-way power
  • Built-in chromatic tuner

Not only can guitarists choose from 100 different effects when designing a custom tone, but the VOX Stomplab 1G makes it easy to either start a new tone from scratch or choose to edit existing sounds. There are more than 40 amp choices to choose from, resulting in an incredible combination to choose from.

It’s easy to stack up to eight different effects when sculpting and creating a custom tone, and the VOX Stomplab 1G contains an unbelievable amount of pedals, amps, and effects that you can use to find your own sound.

The easy layout is one thing that really attracts new musicians to the VOX Stomplab 1G. The 10 different categories make it possible for musicians to quickly find the style and sound that they are looking for without worrying about knowing the exact name. This is one reason why the VOX Stomplab 1G is great for beginners.

Alternatives to the Stomplab 1G

If you really like the VOX Stomplab 1G but are worried that the price may be a little high for you, then the DigiTech RP55 is a great option to consider. This processor can be battery operated and has 11 amp types and five cabinet types. In addition, it features 20 studio quality effects for the best possible sound from your guitar.

A slightly more powerful option is the Zoom G3. This features three separate LCD displays, allows for creation and storage of 100 tones and features a looper function. With more than six hours of operation on just four AA batteries, this powerful piece of equipment provides plenty of control and power. It also ships with software that allows you to edit and share your settings.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider the VOX Stomplab 1G?

VOX StompLab 1G Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal for Guitar

Not only is the VOX Stomplab 1G sleek, sophisticated, and small enough to be put in a gig bag for use on the go, but it is one of the most powerful and user-friendly pedals that you can buy. It is loaded with advanced features that make it a favorite among professional musicians. It is also simple enough to use that novices won’t struggle when operating it.

If you are looking for a pedal that is easy to use, allows you to sculpt your tone, and offers you incredible power and control over the sound of your guitar, then the VOX Stomplab 1G is worth a second look. It is designed to be easy to use but to still provide you with the raw power that you have come to expect from VOX products and equipment.

We hope our VOX Stomplab 1G review has been helpful.

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