The EV ZLX-12p – An In-Depth Review

If you are in the market for a high-quality PA speaker, then you have undoubtedly heard about the EV ZLX-12p. This is one of the most popular speakers on the market today because it has so many features that make it stand out from its competition. It’s important to know what separates this product from others before making your decision. I will be reviewing some of these features and providing an in-depth review of how they work, as well as discussing some things that might not be so great with this model.

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the ev zlx 12p an in depth review

Our EV ZLX-12p Review

Sound reinforcement is a serious business, and you want to make sure that your speakers are of the highest quality.

The EV ZLX series offers high-performance sound reinforcement in a lightweight package. These PA speakers provide superior sound quality for live performances at small venues or as stage monitors.

With their patented split-baffle design, these 12″ two-way loudspeakers deliver clear highs and punchy lows with minimal coloration—perfect for any application where dependable audio performance matters most. Plus, they’re built tough to withstand the rigors of life on the road without sacrificing portability. And with top handles and pole mounts onboard, these versatile speakers can be placed just about anywhere you need them—from stages to club booths to conference rooms!

What Is the EV ZLX-12p?

The Electro-Voice (EV) ZLX-12p is a 12-inch speaker that was designed to deliver great sound at a price people can afford. The speaker sells for under $400 and gives you the power and performance that are usually found only in much bigger and more expensive speakers. It is the perfect speaker for both small and mid-sized venues, so it can be used by DJs, musicians, and public speakers, to name a few. This is a two-way full-range, a 1,000-watt speaker that sounds great and looks great, and at less than $400, it is affordable for nearly everyone.

You can place the speaker on the floor or on a pole, whichever works best for you, and if you’re in a bigger venue, you can simply add another speaker to the mix to accommodate your needs. Indeed, this speaker may be portable and compact, but the sound is not. The sound with this speaker is phenomenal and is perfect for all sorts of events, including weddings, conferences, board meetings, and so much more. Electro-Voice is a reputable company that has been making high-quality electronic equipment for a very long time, so you can count on them to provide you with excellent speakers for your sound system.

The speaker is so good that you’ll think it was made just for you. With a crisp, clean sound and a very user-friendly setup, it won’t take long for the setup to take place, which means you’ll be making music before you know it. It is a great speaker for mid to high vocals, but it can accommodate anything you’re using it for. It is also a very sturdy, well-built speaker that has a grill made out of 18-gauge steel and coated with black powder. It looks good, sounds good, and can last through lots of wear and tear and even a little bit of abuse!

Top Benefits of the EV ZLX-12p

The EV ZLX-12p 12-inch speaker is an exceptional speaker that is also very versatile and reliable. You get an LCD display that allows you to see what’s going on at all times and preset buttons that make it super easy to get set up every time. The enclosure is made out of polypropylene to keep it in great condition year after year, and you also get a 12-inch woofer and 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver for the ultimate in performance and strength. You can place the speaker on a pole or on the floor, and if you have the desire to attach it to the wall, all you need are a few brackets that are sold by EV.

The frequency response of this speaker ranges from 50Hz to 20kHz, and you can even enjoy a maximum decibel level of 126, which is impressive for a speaker in this price range. The split-baffle design allows for the perfect driver time alignment, and pole mounting is made much easier thanks to the high/low grip design. Of course, one of the most important features of this speaker is its compact, portable size. At just 14” x 14” x 24” and a weight of 34 pounds, it is easy to transport this speaker from one location to another, making it great for people who tour or travel with the speaker on a regular basis.

The speaker even comes with recessed handles that make distributing the weight of the speaker evenly much easier to do. Because of this, you can easily transport the speaker wherever you need to go, whether you only travel locally or you travel all over the country on a regular basis. You even get a front LED display for “power on” and “limit” indications, which makes the speaker very simple to learn and to work with regardless of your level of expertise. With a custom-built Class D amp module and powerful DSP, you’ll feel like the sound was made specifically to meet your needs.

There’s no doubt about it – the EV ZLX-12p speaker is in a class by itself. Not only is it affordable for everyone, but it is made with high-quality components and tested so that it works the way it should for a very long time. While it doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, it does have the capability to hook up to various types of equipment, including microphones and even iPhones. It is definitely made for today’s high-tech world and the first time you listen to its sound, you’ll realize how smart you were to choose this speaker. If you need a great speaker at an affordable price, this is the one for you.

EV ZLX-12p Review of the Pros and Cons

When it comes to this speaker, Amazon customers rated it a 4.7 out of a possible five stars, with 93% of reviewers giving it either four or five stars. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this amazing speaker.


  • 1,000-watt, two-way speaker
  • Perfect for both small and mid-sized venues
  • Very user-friendly setup that takes very little time
  • Reasonably priced at under $400
  • Designed for great performance and sound, as well as for people on a budget


  • Some say the speaker intermittently fails
  • Some complaints about “popping” sounds
  • Some claim it sometimes smells bad

Customer Reactions

  • “They are a great value for both beginners and pros.”
  • “Incredible sound – killer sound!”
  • “They deliver superb quality on both mid- and high-end vocals.”
  • “I am very happy I got this speaker as opposed to another one I was looking at.”
  • “This is a great speaker, especially when you consider the price.”

Frequently Asked Questions About The EV ZLX-12p

Q: Is this a lightweight and easy-to-transport speaker?

A: Yes, it is. It is only 12 inches high and weighs a mere 34 pounds. It also comes with recessed handles that distribute the weight of the speaker evenly.

Q: Is the speaker set up for Bluetooth sound?

A: No, there is no connection for Bluetooth.

Q: Can you mount this speaker on the wall?

A: Yes, you can, but you will need a bracket system to do so, which is also sold by EV.

Q: Is there a connection for a microphone?

A: Yes. The speaker has an XLR/1-4” input for microphones or line-level devices.

Q: Can you hook up the speaker to an iPod or iPhone?

A: Yes, you can. You can also use any 3.5 mm cable and plug it directly into the speaker. It is easy and gives you a very clear sound.

Expert Opinion

I have been working with EV products for over 40 years. Some of the first bands I was a part of used EV speakers in their PA systems. They are a great speaker for portable setups or small to medium venues. They are not the very best but they are a workhorse and do well for those that want an upper mid-tier speaker system. I can confidently recommend these speakers to the average size house of worship.

Conclusion – EV ZLX-12p Review

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12p 12-inch speaker is a high-quality speaker that is very affordable at around $390. It is made for small to medium venues but if you buy a second speaker, it can easily accommodate a much larger venue. With a frequency response of between 50Hz and 20kHz, you can enjoy a sound of up to 126 decibels if that’s what you need. Of course, the main advantage of the speaker is that its sound is extraordinary even though the price is very reasonable. Regardless of what you need a high-tech speaker for, the ZLX 12p speaker by Electro-Voice is one purchase you won’t regret. There are just too many good things about the speaker to be disappointed by it.

EV ZLX-12p Review

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