Taylor 110E Review: Your Live Performance Acoustic Electric Guitar

Taylor Guitars is based in California and has long been the top acoustic guitar manufacturer in the US. They specialize in both semi-hollow electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Known for putting their own pickup system on their guitars, Taylor also is able to create guitars with a unique neck construction that offers support to the 14th fret. Using innovation, creativity, and building on tradition, Taylor is known for high-quality instruments.

Our Taylor 110E Review

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taylor 110e review

What Is the Taylor 110E?

The 100 Series Taylor guitars are not only handsome and affordable, but they feature the traditional and patented Taylor neck. This is a slim neck that has a narrower nut width that results in much more comfortable playing. Additionally, the 100 Series guitars have a very thin matte finish on them that allows the sound to resonate out of the guitar.

With onboard ES2 pickups, the guitar has a natural tone that is perfectly amplified and full. The 100 Series, although powerful and offers great sound quality, is thought of as an entry-level guitar, which makes these guitars great for beginning and intermediate players.

Because they are made with real wood, Taylor 110E guitars offer a quality musical experience unlike what you can get when you choose a lower quality guitar. They have been on the market for around 7 years, and their longevity and popularity are a testament to their quality and playability.

Who Is the Taylor 110E Designed For?

This is a great entry-level guitar for new musicians who are in the market for a durable, reliable, and great sounding instrument that they can play. This is the perfect instrument for musicians who are interested in a bright and light sound that will work really well in live performances.

While it doesn’t feature the deep or mid-range tones that some people want from their guitars, the bright and happy sound will cut through any other deeper tones with ease.

Even with regular and hard play, this guitar will stay in tune, which is great for people who practice a lot or who perform. If you are at church playing and want to add brightness and lift to the music that you’re performing, then you may want to consider the 110E.

While more advanced musicians certainly can play this instrument and will get a lot of enjoyment out of the tone, it doesn’t offer a lot of customization besides changing out the strings. For this reason, more advanced players may want to opt for a different guitar.

What’s Included with the Taylor 110E?

The Taylor 110E ships with a travel bag that is great for taking your guitar on the road. Not only will it fit snugly around your instrument so that you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in transit, but it has a durable handle that makes it easy to carry the guitar without worrying about it falling or breaking.

You will need to have a capo, picks, and guitar strap on hand to really get the most use out of this guitar, especially if you want to be able to wear and carry your guitar with you while you’re performing.

Since Taylor uses high-quality stock strings, these don’t need to be replaced right away, especially if you are a new musician. Guitarists who have been playing for a while and know what tone they are looking for may want to update their strings with something higher quality in the future.

Primary Features of the Taylor 110E

Packed with great features, it’s easy to see why the Taylor 110E is such a popular guitar and has been around for a while. In addition to the forward shift bracing pattern and attractive matte finish on the body, these guitars offer:

  • Expression System 2 electronics system
  • Non-cutaway design
  • 20 frets
  • Elixir Phosphor Bronze Medium strings
  • Sitka spruce produces high and light tones
  • Genuine African Ebony headstock overlay
  • Chrome tuners and chrome buttons
  • 2-band preamp EQ

One feature that the Taylor 100E doesn’t have that is surprising, given that it is an entry-level guitar, is a built-in tuner. This can make it a little more difficult for beginning musicians to get their guitar perfectly in tune.

Alternatives to the Taylor 110E

Musicians who are looking for a guitar with a slimmer neck that is a little easier to play will want to consider the Taylor Big Baby. This is a durable guitar with great tone, but it is a little easier for some musicians, especially beginners, to handle. While the lower price and slightly smaller size may concern some musicians, it has a very full voice and is a great option for a smaller instrument that doesn’t sound smaller or diminutive.

Another wonderful option is the Taylor 214ce 200 Series Acoustic Guitar. This guitar is great for more intermediate to advanced players who are interested in a deeper tone from their instrument. Due to the body of the guitar, the 214ce 200 guitar has a wonderful sound that is surprising from one in this price range. While not as mellow as other guitars, and because it features a lighter tone, this guitar is a deeper instrument that rings clearly.

Conclusion – Is the Taylor 110E A Good Choice?

Taylor 110e 100 Series Acoustic Guitar, Sapele, Dreadnought, ES-T

Designed and constructed for beginners, the Taylor 110E is a wonderful choice for musicians who are just learning to play the guitar or for musicians who have been playing for a while but aren’t ready to buy a more advanced instrument.

It features an incredible tone that sounds clear and strong, even in the midst of other instruments, although it will likely be drowned out by electric guitars or electric bass. One thing to consider when looking at this guitar is your skill level as a guitarist, as it is not the best option if you are in the market for a guitar that will grow with you.

However, if you are a beginner or are just picking up the guitar again after a long absence, then the Taylor 110E is a great one to consider, as it is easy to play, looks great, and has a clear and rich sound.

We hope our Taylor 110E review has helped you.

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