Takamine GC5CE Review – A Great Performing Guitar

Our Takamine GC5CE Review

Church praise bands know how important it is to invest in high-quality instruments and musical equipment, but also how quickly that they can overspend.

Rather than worrying about blowing the budget on one or two instruments, praise band leaders can turn instead to a high-quality company known for producing reliable instruments at an affordable price.

Takamine has been in business since 1062, and just 16 years later they produced an acoustic-electric model guitar. The GC5CE is one of their most popular guitars, and for good reason, as it is affordable and surpasses the expectations of most guitarists.

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takamine gc5ce review – a great performing guitar

What Is the Takamine GC5CE?

Designed in the classical guitar style, the Takamine GC5CE is an obvious nod to tradition. Thanks to both the body shape, as well as the fan bracing in the guitar, it produces a clear tone, as well as great projection, which results in a great sound and impressively strong voice.

This guitar became popular the moment it was released in late 2013.

While there have been many other Takamine guitars produced after the GC5CE, they are all substantially different.

This guitar stands on its own and has not been greatly remade or altered. It’s a great combination of power and control and an ideal choice for many guitarists to choose.

Who Is this Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar Designed for?

This gorgeous guitar was designed to be incredibly versatile, and is great on stage, in the recording studio, or simply when playing with friends during practice. Due to the light and clear sound that it produces, musicians will be able to enjoy clear tones and impressive sound quality.

It’s much more affordable than other similar guitars, making it a great choice for beginners who are not very experienced musicians. While intermediate and advanced musicians will be able to coax a clearer and more attractive tone from the guitar, thanks to the impressive strings and body design, even true beginners will sound great.

What’s Included?

Because the Takamine GC5CE is strung with high-quality D’Addario Pro-Arte Classical strings, it won’t need to be restrung before enjoying it. This is great news for musicians who want to start playing their guitar right away and don’t want to have to take the time necessary to restring it.

In addition to the high-quality strings, this guitar ships with the necessary battery. However, musicians will want to make sure that they buy or have on hand a high-quality guitar amp, cables, and a case.

The amp will ensure that the guitar can easily be heard on stage, and a case is important for any instrument to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Primary Features of the GC5CE

Designed with a slim mahogany neck, the Takamine GC5CE is one of the most playable guitars on the market. Not only is this great for guitarists who want a lot of speed when playing their instrument, but it’s also ideal for musicians who have slightly smaller hands. Other great features include:

  • Solid spruce top with fan bracing
  • Rosewood sides and back
  • Attractive Venetian cutaway for easy access to higher frets
  • Laurel fingerboard on the mahogany neck
  • Inlaid mosaic rosette
  • Attractive glossy finish
  • Gold die-cast tuners
  • Pearl buttons
  • Three-band EQ, a built-in tuner, TP04T preamp

The dovetail neck joint is attractive, but that is not the only purpose that it serves. This neck joint was designed to ensure that the neck is firmly attached to the body of the guitar and that the instrument can produce a clear and unfettered sound.

Thanks to the built-in tuner, gain controls, and three-band EQ in the high-quality preamp system, controlling and adjusting sound and tone on this guitar is easier than ever. This is a feature that beginning guitarists are sure to love.

The gold tuners and the white pearl buttons help to make this guitar stand out. In addition to these features, which show great attention to detail, the guitar has a luxurious and impressive glossy finish. This high gloss finish makes the guitar really pop when under lights on the stage.

The tonewood used on the side and back of an instrument really matters, and the Takamine GC5CE is able to produce rich and deep sounds thanks to its design. This is especially impressive given the lower price tag of this instrument.

Alternatives to the Takamine GC5CE

The Takamine GC5CE is a gorgeous acoustic-electric guitar, but may not be the best option due to the slightly higher price tag.

Musicians and praise band leaders needing to buy more than one instrument may want to consider the Cordoba C5-CE. This is not only a less expensive model but is known for its bright and airy tone, which is great for uplifting songs. The clear notes it offers, as well as the bright appearance of the guitar, make it a welcome addition on any stage.

Another great alternative for musicians who want to stick with a Takamine instrument is the EF341SC. This gorgeous black acoustic electric guitar is more expensive, but that is because of the high-quality features that it offers.

Musicians will love the maple sides and back and the high gloss shine of the instrument. This makes it not only sound great but really stand out on the stage.

Conclusion – Is this Guitar the Best Choice for You?

Takamine GC5CE-NAT Acoustic Electric Classical Cutaway Guitar,Natural

Any musician who is in the market for an affordable and durable guitar that is easy to play and offers fast action will want to consider the Takamine GC5CE.

It’s designed for beginners to enjoy a full and bright sound without any problems. While it sounds great in the studio, the Takamine GC5CE really shines when played on stage.

It’s a high-quality instrument that is more than ready for the demands of touring or daily use. Thanks to the impressive construction of the guitar itself, as well as the great selection of wood and components, the Takamine GC5CE is made to shine.

It offers great versatility, thanks to the Takamine TP-4T preamp, as well as the slim designed neck, allowing any musician perfect control over their sound at a surprisingly affordable price.

We hope our Takamine GC5CE review has been helpful.

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