PTZOptics Vs BirdDog

PTZOptics Vs BirdDog

When you’re looking for a good PTZ camera, you’re often going to encounter brands such as PTZOptics and BirdDog. Both of these companies make very good cameras that are among the most popular options on the market. How can you decide which of these cameras is worth your money, though? It’s best to look into the details about what each of them has to offer.

Read on to explore the PTZOptics and BirdDog cameras in greater detail. You’ll be able to learn about the features that they offer as well as some things that make the cameras distinct from one another. After you’ve read everything, you should be able to determine which camera you like more. It will likely come down to what you’re looking for out of a good PTZ camera.

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PTZOptics has earned a reputation as a truly great company that offers high-quality PTZ cameras. This PTZ camera is going to give you the ability to shoot full HD video at 1080p with 60FPS. It ensures that your video always looks as smooth as possible, and you’ll even be able to shoot reliably in low-light conditions.

The included 12x zoom allows you to get very good close-up shots, too. This is an NDI-compatible camera that is going to give you the latest options. Being able to get a cutting-edge PTZ camera like this without having to spend an exorbitant sum of money is nice.

When it comes to operating this camera, you’ll be able to move it around and make it zoom in without worrying about noise too much. It has great noise-reduction technology that makes panning the camera or tilting it no problem. You should have no problem using this camera for whatever professional purposes you have. It’s also great to know that getting things set up won’t be difficult.

This camera was designed to be easy to set up, and it’s definitely among the most user-friendly PTZ cameras out there. You can get it working in just minutes, and you’ll be able to set it up on your smartphone whether you’re using Android or iPhone. Getting the camera to work on a Mac or PC will also be easy, and you’ll have many advanced control options using peripherals. You can get very advanced control of this camera using an IP joystick controller or a serial joystick controller.


If you’re impressed with the PTZOptics camera, then you should also be very pleased with what BirdDog has to offer here. This is a full NDI camera that offers the latest and best of what PTZ cameras can do. If you’re looking for the highest quality video that you can get out of a 1080p NDI PTZ camera, then BirdDog has you covered. You can enjoy 1080p video at 60FPS and everything will look brilliant.

This brand does a great job of focusing on offering you good features that can make your video better. For example, you’re able to use a full color matrix so that you can customize things to your liking. Having a fine degree of saturation and hue control at your fingertips gives you many creative options to consider. You’ll also be able to play around with 72 levels of gamma positions from negative to positive, and having that level of control over things is great.

You already know that PTZOptics makes their cameras very user-friendly, but BirdDog has also done a good job here. They have a Cam Control app that gives you the ability to easily get your camera dialed in just how you want it to be. All you need to do is load your BirdDog Cam Control app on a Windows 10 machine that is on the same network as your camera. It’s really easy to use the camera like this, and you can tell that they put a lot of thought into it.

This camera outdoes the PTZOptics in certain ways as well since it offers a triple output of NDI, SDI, and HDMI. It has the same zoom of the PTZOptics camera by offering a fantastic 30x zoom feature. This camera will work amazingly well for capturing sports, and that gives you more to consider than most standard PTZ cameras. It’s also worth noting that you can power this camera using standard Ethernet or you can use an included power adapter.

PTZOptics vs. BirdDog

The PTZOptics vs. BirdDog battle isn’t as cut and dry as you would expect it to be. In many ways, the BirdDog PTZ camera does perform better than the PTZOptics camera, but it doesn’t win across the board. For instance, you might notice that the PTZOptics camera is a bit quieter than the BirdDog camera overall. The PTZOptics camera is made with noise-reduction in mind, but that doesn’t seem like it was a concern when BirdDog was designing their camera.

When you’re using the BirdDog camera, you’re only going to be able to hook it up to a Windows 10 machine to get it working with the Cam Control app. PTZOptics is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. You might gravitate toward the PTZOptics camera if you aren’t a Windows 10 user.

PTZOptics might be the best camera to choose when you’re looking to get a great camera that doesn’t cost a ton of money. You will have to pay around $600 more to get a BirdDog camera as of the time of this writing. Whether the advanced features of the BirdDog camera is worth the extra cash is up to you to decide. Both cameras work amazingly well in different ways, but you might find that they are good for different purposes.

You should think about how you’re planning on using this camera before determining which one is best. The BirdDog does have some advantages, but it also comes with a higher price and fewer compatibility options.

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