PRS SE Kingfisher Bass Review – An Attractive Bass with Throbbing Sound

Our PRS SE Kingfisher Bass Review

Everyone knows that a great bass helps to keep the rhythm of the music and ensures an even tone and beat, but many musicians don’t spend a lot of time finding the right instrument for their needs.

PRS Guitars has been known for a long time to create high-quality instruments that are designed to excel both in the studio and on the stage. The PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is no exception and is a powerful and reliable instrument that is great for almost any musician.

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prs se kingfisher bass review – an attractive bass with throbbing sound

What Is the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass?

The PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is the epitome of design and careful consideration, proving that PRS is one of the top bass and guitar companies in the world. Even though they are known more for their guitars, their PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is a clear contender for being one of the best mid-priced basses currently on the market.

Released in 2014, this bass may have a familiar shape and look, but the updated and modern sound is sure to catch the listener’s attention.

The gorgeous see-through finish of this bass extends up through the neck and along the back of the body. With tidy wiring that is compact and high-quality, musicians won’t have to worry about updating their bass or performing any major modifications.

Who Is this Bass Guitar Designed for?

This bass was designed for any bassist who craves power and flexibility. It performs just as well in the studio and during practice as it does on the stage, making it a contender to be a favorite with any musician who plays it.

Thanks to how easily the strings can be adjusted to ensure that they are the right height, this bass sounds great in the hands of beginners, as well as more advanced musicians.

Of course, the price tag of the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass can be daunting, but it speaks to the overall quality of the instrument. No musician who is willing to pay for this high-quality bass will neglect it, which ensures that it lasts for years to come.

While beginners can certainly get a lot of use from the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass, intermediate and more advanced musicians may find that they have better control over the sound and will be able to enjoy more versatility by varying their plucking technique and position.

Just take a second to listen to this bass.

What’s Included?

The PRS SE Kingfisher Bass ships with a soft gig bag, which is perfect for transporting this instrument, but doesn’t offer the best support and protection. This can be a problem if the bass is tossed carelessly in the back of the car or is dropped when being put in storage.

In addition to investing in a hard case, which is always a good idea with any bass or guitar, musicians will also want to make sure that they purchase a durable amp and any necessary cables.

Since the bass is the backbone of any song, it’s important that this instrument can be heard over others in the band.

Primary Features of the SE Kingfisher Bass

The neck of the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is constructed from walnut and maple. By mixing these two kinds of wood, PRS was able to provide more tonal balance to the instrument, as well as adding additional strength and support. Other great features of this bass include:

  • Ash body is durable, provides great tone, and a comfortable weight
  • Professional PRS humbuckers ensure a rich and fat tone
  • The neck-through design ensures even sound and balanced tone
  • Thru-body stringing are great for improving the timbre and sustain
  • Chrome hardware stands out from the instrument and was chosen to last for a long time

The extra-long fingerboard and extra-wide footprint of the pickups allow bassists to enjoy an impressive balance when playing. The spacing takes a little getting used to for some musicians, but others instantly enjoy the ability to create a cutting and clear sound that never turns muddy.

Thanks to the high-quality electronics included on this bass guitar, it is easy for musicians to adjust their tone and volume. They can easily create a unique and perfectly customized sound that is different from other musicians, helping them set themselves apart.

The swamp ash body is gorgeous to look at but tonally is also very impressive. It provides a lot of resonance and produces a balanced sound that is great from the highs to the lows, making it a great choice for any style of music.

Alternatives to the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass

There’s a lot to love about the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass, but one of the best alternatives on the market is the PRS KE4TC SE Kestrel bass. This bass is often compared to the Kingfisher but has a slimmer neck and a more approachable profile. It also produces a deep popping sound when playing lower notes that are throbbing and highly enjoyable.

The high price tag of the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass can make it difficult for some musicians or praise bands to afford this great instrument, leading many to look for an alternative.

The Schecter CV-4 is a bright and glossy bass with an ash body and a maple neck. The lightweight tuners make it easy to enjoy a perfect sound every time this bass is played.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider this Bass?

PRS SE Kingfisher Bass Faded Blue

While the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is a gorgeous instrument, it is also so much more than that. It produces exceptional sounds and tones, from booming and throbbing low ends to highs that are sweet and present.

The end result is an incredible range and tone that is refreshing and sounds perfect on the stage, as well as in the studio.

Such a versatile instrument always comes with a higher price tag, and the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass is no exception. Bassists who are just getting started playing may want to consider something in a lower price range.

However, bassists who know the value of a high-quality instrument and want to impress when playing gigs or on Sunday morning will love the power and control that the PRS SE Kingfisher Bass affords them.

We hope our PRS SE Kingfisher Bass review has been helpful.

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