Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus Review: Visually Stunning and Fun to Play

Our Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus Review

Known for producing high-quality steel- and nylon-string guitars, Ovation has created guitars with a recognizable shape and design as well as great playability. If you are in the market for a great acoustic-electric guitar that is as impressive to look at as it sounds, then you may want to consider the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus. This powerful guitar offers players a lot of control over their sound and is great for musicians who are ready to learn how to control and adjust their tone and sound when playing.

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ovation celebrity elite plus review visually stunning and fun to play

What Is the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus?

This gorgeous acoustic electric guitar really stands out from other similar instruments not only because it is loaded with great features that give musicians control over their sound but also because of its appearance. The classic multi-soundhole design that was made famous by the original Celebrity Elite guitars has been upgraded on the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus.

Due to the multi-soundhole design of this guitar, you’ll be able to enjoy a balanced bass response and incredibly clear highs. This means that no matter if you are playing live or you want to record, you will enjoy great sound every time you play. This guitar has been designed to offer a new voice with natural tone but is definitely a bit of a throwback, thanks to the consideration of traditional earlier bracing patterns when designing this instrument.

Who Is This Guitar Designed for?

At first glance, this guitar is so visually impressive and gorgeous that many people assume that it is only for more advanced musicians but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This guitar is perfect for any musician who wants complete control over his or her sound when performing, practicing, or recording and is great for musicians of all skill levels.

Not only does this guitar sound great when played as an acoustic but it has incredible power and sound when plugged into an amp. This means that it’s ideal for playing for a smaller and more intimate group but will stand out from a praise band when you have it amped up.

The smooth, fast action on this guitar allows players of all abilities to really push themselves to improve. If you are interested in a guitar that is not only visually stunning but is also a great option for guitarists of all skill levels, then you will want to consider the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus. When you invest in a high-quality amp, then you will be able to really ensure that you get the most out of this powerful guitar.

What’s Included with the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus?

As with many guitars that you buy online, the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus doesn’t ship with accessories. While this may seem frustrating at first, it allows buyers to use their own amps and to make sure that they have straps that are comfortable for long periods of use.

Due to the design of the guitar, you will want to invest in a quality bag or case as you don’t want to damage the preamp or the gorgeous fingerboard.

For live performances, it’s important to buy a great amp and guitar strap. The strap will allow you to move around on stage and a great amp will ensure that everyone can hear your music.

Primary Features of the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus

As with all of the guitars from Ovation, the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus is full of great features that ensure that this guitar sounds as great as it looks. While there are some musicians who have expressed dissatisfaction with the truss rod, this guitar offers great features such as:

  • OP-4BT preamp
  • Stain finish
  • Updated scalloped X bracing
  • Chrome tuners
  • 24” scale length
  • Bright ivory white binding

One thing that most musicians love about this guitar is that it offers an incredibly clear, gorgeous sound. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be playing lower or higher on the neck as you can move easily between chords and notes without worrying about sound quality.

The preamp offers volume and gain control as well as providing an onboard tuner and even a low-battery light. These features make it easy for new guitarists to tune their guitars and to keep them sounding their best.

With fast action and perfect frets, the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus doesn’t need any adjustments after shipping to be played. Simply tune the guitar with the help of the onboard tuner and you can start playing right away.

Alternatives to the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus

If you aren’t sure that the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus is right for you, then you may want to consider the Ovation CE44-5. This is also an acoustic-electric guitar with improved bracing for best sound but has a body made from fiberglass, which results in a slightly different tone than the maple body on the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus. Additionally, the neck is made from Mora, which produces a smooth playing action and sounds great.

Another great alternative to consider is the ADM Full-Size acoustic-electric cutaway guitar. It features a similar round back design and cutaway soundholes but is much easier on the budget. While it won’t provide the same deep tone as the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus, it’s a great alternative if the Ovation is simply too expensive.

Conclusion: Will You Want to Consider the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus?

Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus CE44X-9B Mid-depth Acoustic-electric Guitar - Mintburst

This guitar is a great bargain considering all of the features that are packed into it. The powerful preamp system and incredible cut-away design of the body really make it stand out from other similar guitars. While it can be used by a beginner, it’s definitely not only limited to use by new guitarists.

Because it features such fast action and the frets are designed to be comfortable for long hours of play, the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus allows musicians to enjoy clear, bright sound whenever they play this guitar. It’s a good choice for at-home practice but really shines on the stage.

All in all, the Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus is a wonderful option for any guitarist who is looking to improve his or her sound quality and is looking for a guitar that will stop their fans in their tracks. As the perfect combination of beauty and function, this guitar offers incredible sound and control.

We hope our Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus review has been helpful.

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