Our Orange PPC412 Review

A great speaker cabinet can really set your performance apart from others, and Orange Music Electronic Company is known for producing some of the most powerful, durable, and reliable speakers available on the market.

The Orange PPC412 is no exception and is loved by musicians around the world thanks to its great sound, reliability, and how easy it is to use. Since being founded in 1968, Orange has continually pushed itself to create the best musical equipment on the market, and its speaker cabinets continue to impress.

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orange ppc412 review take your amp to the next level with this cabinet

What Is the Orange PPC412?

This closed-back speaker cabinet is incredibly durable and produced to provide a clear tone for all musicians. Like other Orange speakers, the Orange PPC412 has a durable build that prevents it from suffering any damage during performances or when in transit, and the incredibly heavy weight ensures that it won’t bounce around on stage.

In addition to the weight keeping it stable, there are skid design feet that will help prevent the cabinet from rocking or shifting position. This is great, as some speakers do tend to move position when they are turned all the way up.

Who Is This Speaker Cabinet Designed for?

This speaker cabinet is designed for any musician who is looking to improve their sound quality without sacrificing clarity. The great thing about the Orange PPC412 is that you can enjoy louder sound while still enjoying the punchy bass, incredible definition, and great British tone that you desire. Unlike other speaker cabinets, the Orange PPC412 doesn’t result in a muddled sound and will produce clear and consistent notes no matter what type of music you are playing.

It can be used for practice and for recording, but the Orange PPC412 is at home on stage where it can really shine. It’s here that the full highs and lows of this speaker can really be appreciated and where users can crank it up to its highest volume without worry. Backed with 240 W of power, it’s easy to see how intermediate, advanced, and professional musicians will really be able to enjoy the pure raw power of this great speaker cabinet.

What’s Included with the PPC412?

What you see is what you get when you order the Orange PPC412. Like most other speaker cabinets on the market, it doesn’t come with any additional components or accessories. This isn’t a problem, however, as it will easily attach to the rest of your equipment, plug in, and turn on so that you can start using it right away.

Primary Features of the Orange PPC412

The Orange PPC412 is known for being one of the top cabinets for your Orange amps and is able to handle all of the loud and rambunctious music that you want to play when using this equipment. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing process that is used to create the Orange PPC412, it has been built to last, just like your Orange amp is. Some of the incredible features that you will enjoy with this high-quality piece of electronics include:

  • 240W output
  • 16 ohms
  • 13-ply 18mm birch plywood for stability
  • Skid design feet
  • Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
  • Closed back
  • 103 pounds

The skid feet on this cabinet don’t just prevent it from shifting position and moving during performances. They are also designed to ensure that the equipment stays coupled to the stage. Acoustically speaking, this means that musicians will enjoy a much better range definition, as well as tighter bass response, due to the foot design. No matter what type of music is being played, the instruments will sound significantly better due to this design.

Thanks to the new coil and cone assembly, the Orange PPC412 is able to recreate the sound of the Celestion Blue. With improved performance and the ability to handle the extra heat produced by your power equipment, it’s easy to see why this cabinet is chosen by so many professional musicians.

One problem that some users have with the Orange PPC412 is the higher weight. It can be difficult to lift and to move this speaker cabinet since it weighs 110 pounds, even though it does have handles built into the sides of the cabinet to make it a little easier. Knowing this, some musicians plan ahead with a dolly to be able to move it as easily as possible.

Alternatives to the PPC412

While the Orange PPC412 is a great speaker cabinet, it may not be right for you. If you are looking for a reliable alternative, then you will want to consider the Orange PPC212-OB cabinet. This Orange cabinet has the same high-quality construction and builds as the Orange PPC412, but a much lower price. The open back design is attractive and there are 120W of power in this alternative.

Another great option is the Orange 2x12 V30 Cabinet. With 16 ohms and 120W of power, this closed back speaker cabinet is another affordable alternative. It is not nearly as heavy as the Orange PPC412, but it still offers amazing power and control, which is great for musicians of all skill levels.

Conclusion – Should You Think About Buying the Orange PPC412?

Orange Electric-Guitar-Amplifier-cabinets (PPC412-A)

The Orange PPC412 is an incredibly powerful cabinet that will provide all of the power and control that you need when playing live music. Due to the raw power that it has, it is not ideal for quiet situations, such as at-home practice, but it really shines when it is allowed to be cranked up. No matter if you are playing outside for a festival or revival or setting up the stage for praise band on Sunday when you rely on the Orange PPC412, you won’t ever have to worry about people not hearing you or your sound is muddled.

The higher price tag of the Orange PPC412 does set it out of range for some musicians, but if you have the budget to afford it and are looking for a speaker cabinet that will provide you with all of the sounds that you want, then it is a great option and one that you will want to consider.

We hope our Orange PPC412 review has helped you.

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