Orange OR15H Review – A Small Boutique Amp

Our Orange OR15H Review

Every great guitarist needs a great guitar amplifier so that they can stand out in the recording studio, as well as when they are performing live on stage.

It can be overwhelming to find equipment that is not only in your price range but also offers the power and control that you want, which is why so many musicians turn to Orange when they have needs.

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orange or15h review – a small boutique amp

Since 1968, Orange has been in the business of creating high-quality equipment for musicians, focusing on a distinctive sound and a recognizable color.

The Orange OR15H is known for being a small and mighty piece of equipment, offering perfect sound control to musicians of all skill levels.

What Is the Orange OR15H?

Released in 2012, the Orange OR15H hasn’t undergone any major restyling, which is not surprising given the power and control that it offers musicians. It is a small and impressive tube head that is designed to offer adjustable output, depending on the situation where the music is being played.

Because the OR15H has all of the great components in it that larger and more powerful pieces of Orange equipment do, it can easily stand on its own.

Who Is this Guitar Amp Designed for?

One of the key features of the Orange OR15H is that it offers switchable output, which really helps to set it apart from other similar options on the market today.

This switchable output makes this a great option for a musician who wants to use their equipment both in the recording studio, as well as on the stage. It is also perfect for quiet practice sessions thanks to the optional 7W of output.

Because this is such a versatile piece of equipment and because it is so easy to use, it’s great for musicians of all skill levels and abilities. Unlike other similar tube heads that are extremely expensive, the Orange OR15H is reasonably priced.

While it may be a stretch for some beginning musicians to afford it, intermediate and advanced musicians, as well as established bands and praise bands, will easily find room in the budget for this equipment. Any musician who wants a little more bounce will love this powerful amp.

What’s Included?

The Orange OR15H ships by itself, which is unsurprising, since that is the industry standard. It comes with the necessary power cord so that users can set it up and start playing right away. However, musicians who want complete control over their sound will want to invest in a few pedals.

Because the OR15H can easily handle any pedal that you want to use with it, investing in pedals is a great way to improve sound and enjoy complete control over your tone and voice.

Primary Features of the OR15H

Musicians know that when they are performing live and when they are recording that they need to have the perfect tone for each song so that they sound their best. The Orange OR15H makes this possible, thanks to the power of its three-band EQ. This makes it easy for musicians to select the perfect tone for each song. Other great features include:

  • EL84 power tubes
  • Switchable output for perfect sound and volume control
  • Easily attach favorite pedals for perfect sound
  • Three-band EQ
  • The low weight of just over 22 pounds

The ability to switch from 7 to 15 Watts, depending on the needs of the musician, as well as the location where they are playing.

It has an expressive sound when the gain control is set.

Impressive low impedance loop that is fully buffered, which makes it easy to use many different cables and effects. Musicians can patch them between the input and output without any fear of a decrease in tone.

The “pics only” styling of the Orange OR15H is a throwback to older Orange amps and helps capture some of the classic feel and flavor of the days gone by.

It can be difficult to find an amp that offers shocking distortion, as well as clean and bright British tones, but the Orange OR15H does this perfectly. This makes it a great choice for musicians who play with a band during the week, but still, show up for Sunday morning praise band practice.

Alternatives to the Orange OR15H

While the Orange OR15H is a great option for a lot of musicians, beginners may balk at the price.

The Orange CR120H is a good option for them, as it does come with a lower price tag. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer all of the control of the OR15H, so that is a trade-off that musicians will have to strongly consider when they are shopping.

For musicians looking for something a little different, the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 20 Deluxe is a good option. This head makes it possible for musicians to select from 20/5/1 watts of power and features both an effects loop and a built-in red box DI. It’s incredibly lightweight, making it great for anyone who is on the road gigging and who wants to bring high-quality gear with them.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider this Guitar Amplifier?

Orange has always done a great job producing musical equipment that is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of musicians without being too expensive, and their OR15H is no exception.

While other similar pieces of equipment can vary widely in price and ability, the OR15H is reasonably priced and great for use in most any situation. This makes it a wonderful option for any musician to consider.

Since the Orange OR15H is so reasonably priced, it’s a great option for beginners, as well as more advanced musicians.

It’s also a great investment piece for any church that has a praise band. It’s easy to move, easy to control, and offers great clean and crunchy sounds, making it as versatile as the musician using it.

As long as you are willing to invest time in learning how to coax the best possible sounds from the Orange OR15H, it is a great option that you will want to consider.

We hope our Orange OR15H review has been helpful.

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