MXR Booster Mini Review – Turn It Up With This Great Little Pedal

Our MXR Booster Mini Review

Co-founded in 1972, MXR has released some incredibly popular and powerful pedals. They are responsible for recreating vintage models and are famous for releasing limited runs of certain pedals.

Thanks to their commitment to quality and their ability to create pedals using premium components, they are known for producing durable and reliable equipment. Their Booster Mini is known for being not only incredibly easy to use, but also for producing quality sound control when performing, practicing, or recording.

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mxr booster mini review turn it up with this great little pedal

What Is the MXR Booster Mini?

While the MXR Booster Mini may just look like a regular pedal, it provides two unique benefits in one. It not only provides you with all of the boost that you can find in other pedals and amps, such as the MXR Micro Amp, but it also gives music a very subtle gritty edge. This, along with some musical compression, results in a very unique sound.

It has been developed to have a very lightweight housing, as well as volume and tone controls that are surprisingly easy to use. Since the volume offers up to +25 dB of boost, the MXR Booster Mini offers you all of the extra volume that you could want. Additionally, the MXR Booster Mini features an internal preamp level trim pot. This adds a lot of gain to the sound and is great for increasing the drive for humbuckers.

Who Is This Guitar Pedal Designed for?

The great thing about the MXR Booster Mini is that it can be used by any guitarist who is looking to change up their sound without a lot of effort. The MXR Booster Mini is easy to connect and to use, and since the knobs are so easy to adjust and to control, even beginners will find that they can adjust their volume and tone without any problems.

Thanks to the onboard tone control, musicians can adjust their treble end as desired, either subduing or sweetening it to best meet their needs. Since the MXR Booster Mini can be used along as an EQ pedal and as a booster, which is great for musicians who aren’t able to invest in a lot of equipment. However, even though it can be used alone, the MXR Booster Mini is great for tone stacking. It can be then be used to add new layers to your sound, resulting in something new and different with very little effort.

What’s Included?

Like most guitar pedals, the MXR Booster Mini ships along, without any accessories, but that’s because you don’t really need accessories to use it. While you will need cables to connect your instrument to the MXR Booster Mini, that’s all that you have to have on hand, which means that you can set it up and start using it right away.

Primary Features of the Booster Mini

One of the greatest features of the MXR Booster Mini is the small design, which allows you to easily take it with you on the go to any gig. In addition to being highly portable, the MXR Booster Mini features a strong and rugged chassis designed to look great and to protect all of the powerful internal components. Other features include:

  • Perfect for tone stacking
  • Compact size
  • Internal trim pot
  • Brushed metal enclosure
  • Tone control dials
  • Boost signal up to +25 dB
  • Internal Echoplex Preamp

The music tone control on the MXR Booster Mini is great because it easily removes any high-end harshness of your tone or music and smooths any unwanted frequencies, resulting in a soft and gentle tone that is pleasing to listen to.

The MXR Booster Mini is great for tone stacking. This makes it possible for musicians to really control their sound without worrying about any feedback or static from their instrument. More advanced musicians who are working hard to create a custom sound or tone will appreciate this feature and enjoy making the most of it to customize their playing.

There are some musicians who are frustrated with the Echoplex circuit in the pedal. The Echoplex is first in the pedal’s signal, but if the EP volume is up too high, then it can negate the microamp. When this occurs, there is an increase in volume, even if the Micro Amp is turned down, which can result in tone degradation. The best way around this issue is to adjust the Micro Amp and the EP together to find the sweet spot for the music you want to play.

Alternatives to the Booster Mini

If the price of the MXR Booster Mini is a little steep for you, then you may want to consider the TC Electronic Spark. This is another mini booster pedal, but it is about half of the price. It still offers 20 dB of clean boost so that you can improve your core tone and it is easy to turn off and on without a lot of delay. The level control knob allows you to choose between a pristine boost or to push your instrument to peak performance.

Another great option is the MXR M133. This powerful micro amp is simple and intuitive but is great for boosting your signal without a lot of effort. It’s great for adjusting between the difference of two guitars or can even provide a permanent boost if desired.

Conclusion – Is the MXR Booster Mini Right for You?

MXR Booster Mini Guitar Effects Pedal (M293)

Overall, the MXR Booster Mini is an incredibly powerful effects pedal. Even though the tone knob is a little subtle, it is highly effective and is great for carefully adjusting tone without huge jumps and changing. Thanks to the affordable price and how easily it can be hooked up and used, it’s a great option for beginning musicians, musicians on a budget, and churches.

The MXR Booster Mini provides a lot of power and control over your sound, allowing you to adjust it on the fly, which is great for live performances and will ensure that you can easily punch up the volume of your guitar and vary your tone without any difficulty. For this reason, if you are looking for a great and reliable pedal, you may want to consider the MXR Booster Mini.

We hope our MXR Booster Mini review has been helpful.

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