Mackie Thump 12BST Review

Our Mackie Thump 12bst Review

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Mackie Thump 12BST Review

The Mackie Thump 12BST 12-inch speaker is perfect for many houses of worship because it provides just the right amount of sound without being overbearing or too powerful. With smaller churches and synagogues, you simply don’t need super-large speakers for sermons and live productions, but you still need a good enough speaker to produce great sound with enough power so that everyone in attendance can hear everything.

With 300 watts of peak power amplification, your music will have never sounded better, so if you need something in between a tiny 10-inch speaker and a large 18-inch speaker, this one could be just perfect for you. Following are some of the many advantages it offers to organizations of many sizes and types.

What Is the Mackie Thump 12BST?

The Mackie Thump 12BST speaker is a 12-inch low-frequency, high-output driver that makes the deep bass sound even more phenomenal than it usually does. It’s priced at around $400 and is therefore affordable for everyone, and you can enjoy a great high-frequency response due to its 1.4-inch titanium dome compression driver. The speaker is perfect for small and even medium-sized venues and produces professional sounds that your attendees will love.

At just under 30 lbs and only 14” x 14.1” x 24.2” in size, this is a great speaker to take to remote and off-site performances. It is sturdy enough to last through everything you put it through when you’re on the road, and it’s the perfect speaker for people who want to take their musical productions to the next level. Considering how little you will pay for it, you’ll be amazed at how great the sound is.

Who Is This Speaker Designed for?

While this is a powerful speaker, it might not do great for people in larger houses of worship or venues, but it’s perfect for small- to medium-sized locations. It is perfect for churches and synagogues because of its 12-inch size, even if you never leave your facility for any of your productions.

It offers advanced power and comes with a one-year warranty for the peace of mind you deserve, but its powerful sound is its biggest asset.

It is also good for organizations on a budget, which includes a lot of houses of worship. If you’re a church or synagogue, you deserve to get a great speaker without breaking your budget, and this speaker by Mackie lets you do just that.

What Is Included in the Purchase of This Speaker?

The Mackie Thump 12BST 12-inch PA speaker comes with everything you need to put it together immediately and begin using it, so you won’t have to go out and purchase other expensive products just to be able to use it. The speaker comes with built-in music streaming, a digital mixer, speaker linking, and wireless control, and you get a lot of power and control along with it. Just take it out of the package, plug it in, and begin enjoying all of its benefits. The display screen is a touchscreen to make it even easier to use, and you can use the remote control to operate the speaker from other locations. There is even a Mackie app you can download to your smartphone if you’d like to operate the speaker that way.

Primary Features of This Speaker

The Mackie Thump 12BST speaker offers a brand-new design that consists of Dynamic Bass Response technology that gives you a super-fast transient response to deliver lots of chest-thumping low-end sound than ever before. Other features of this speaker include:

  • 4-inch titanium dome compression driver that is great for extended high-frequency response
  • 12-inch high-output woofer and low-frequency, dynamic peak power amplification for professional sounds
  • 1300 watts of very efficient Class-D power – LF of 1000 watts, HF of 300 watts
  • DSP bass boost makes for the ultimate in sound regardless of the output
  • Switch-mode power supply with Power Factor Connection (PFC) for the best performance in any AC line condition

With this speaker, you get wireless Bluetooth control and streaming for both mobile applications and live sound. It also comes with a built-in three-channel Wide-Z mixer with three-band EQ per channel, application-specific speaker modes, wireless control, and the ability to control everything through the Thump Connect app that you can download to your smartphone. The LCD touchscreen also makes it easy to get the perfect settings, which means you can get just the sound you’re looking for every time you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the speaker easy to transport from one area to another?

A: Yes. The Mackie Thump 12BST speaker weighs just under 30 lbs and can be easily carried on and off the stage or even to remote or off-site locations.

Q: Can you mute the individual channels if you need to?

A: Yes. With this PA speaker, you can mute each individual channel or mute all of them at the same time – it’s up to you.

Q: Can the speaker accommodate unstable AC power?

A: Yes. These speakers come with a Power Factor Correction feature to keep everything in check and the sound consistent, and it accepts wall power from anywhere in the world once you have the right power cord.

Our Final Thoughts

The Mackie Thump 12BST PA speakers are great for small- to medium-sized houses of worship and other organizations, as well as all types of broadcasts and broadcasting conditions. You can use them for more than just your sermons or classes because they are also perfect for backyard barbecues, weddings, bars, rehearsal studios, and much more. These are indeed high-quality speakers that will not disappoint, and because they are so reasonably priced, you can easily purchase more than one of them if your needs start to grow.

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