Mackie SRM550 Review – Professional Quality Sound For Advanced Musicians

The Mackie SRM550 is an excellent option for advanced musicians. The sound quality of this speaker system is professional-grade, with a wide range of frequency responses and high-quality drivers to create the best possible acoustic experience for you. This model also includes a number of other features that are perfect for both live music performance and studio recording. We’ll take a closer look at these features below!

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mackie srm550 review professional quality sound for advanced musicians.

Our Mackie SRM550 Review

There are a lot of speakers out there, but not many can do what the Mackie SRM550 does.

It’s easy to get lost in all of the choices and features when you’re shopping for a powered speaker. The SRM550 is different from other powered speakers because it gives you professional-grade sound quality at an affordable price. 

This 2-way, 1,600W powered speaker in an all-wood cabinet has everything you need to take your performance to the next level. Plus its built-in DSP lets you quickly adjust settings like feedback suppression, speaker voicing, alignment delay, and more with simple controls. You can also hook up your digital audio player or computer via USB, RCA inputs, and XLR/TRS combo input.

What Is the Mackie SRM550?

The Mackie SRM550 is a 1600-watt 12-inch powered loudspeaker with a high-definition audio processor, which results in a very professional sound and a lot of clarity. You get a lot of flexibility and high-tech features all inside of a unit that is extremely well-made and built to last. If you appreciate the quality of a Mackie loudspeaker and traditional wooden cabinet construction, this is a great two-way loudspeaker that won’t disappoint. The SRM550 complements other Mackie SRM models and has a Class D amplifier type rated at a total of 800 watts RMS, which includes 400 watts each for the LF and HF sections.

The SRM550 loudspeaker can be used as a main or a monitor, and when paired with custom transducers that are professional grade, you get gig-level volume and then some. It provides high-definition audio processing, which includes acoustic correction DSP that produces great sound and optimization tools such as an accurate feedback destroyer and application-specific speaker modes for convenience. It also has a two-channel mixer with Wide-Z inputs, meaning it can handle any signal easily. With the SRM550, you get great durability and amazing sound, even though this is a portable and compact loudspeaker.

This is also a very well-built loudspeaker with top-notch construction that includes a 15 mm poplar cabinet, high-durability black paint, 18-gauge steel grille that is powder-coated, one handle on each side of the unit, a 60-degree monitor angle, and fly points that include 3 M10 x 1.5 x 37.0 mm. It is all wood and internally braced, which makes it a great loudspeaker to have when you’re on the road a lot and want to make sure your equipment lasts even after taking the usual on-the-road abuse and wear and tear. After all, the last thing you want is to suffer from equipment that breaks just because it is handled too much.

Top Benefits of the Mackie SRM550

With a 12-inch high-output LF driver and a 1.4-inch titanium dome compression driver, the SRM550 loudspeaker also offers the following benefits:

  • Acoustic correction developed at EAW with people experienced with touring
  • Front-ported to provide maximum low-end extension and oomph
  • Precision two-way digital crossover capabilities
  • Includes stereo RCA inputs that provide easy connection to any music source
  • Accommodates everything from mics to guitars and even mixers, all with a simple twist of the gain knob

You also get an integrated two-channel mixer that includes dual Wide-Z inputs, as well as an automatic one-button feedback destroyer that quickly and easily gets rid of all types of nasty and messy feedback.

This loudspeaker is perfect for DJs, soloists, public speakers, and musicians of all types. If you’re a singer/songwriter, you can simply plug it in and leave the mixer at home. This is certainly a very versatile loudspeaker that can accommodate nearly anyone, and the Smart Protect DSP is also there so that the speaker is protected and able to last for many years to come. Best of all, you can press a simple button and take advantage of a speaker mode that allows for voicing that is specific to the application. What this means in practical terms is that whether you need the loudspeaker for a monitor or any other reason, it will accommodate you every time.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what the stats are, but the bottom line is that this particular loudspeaker is high-tech in design, built like a tank, reliable, and consists of components that are meticulously made so that you always get expert sound and volume regardless of what you do with it. You also get a frequency response of 55 Hz to 17 kHz (-3dB) and 49 Hz to 20 kHz (-10dB). The maximum peak SPL is 132 dB, which is quite impressive, and you get a crossover point of 3 kHz. While the dispersion is 90 x 50 degrees, again, these are numbers that prove what a high-quality loudspeaker system this is.

Regardless of what you intend to use this loudspeaker for, you won’t be disappointed. At a cost of around $650, it is a bit pricey to some people, but it’s worth this much and more once you consider what it offers in return. This is a loudspeaker system that is getting a lot of rave reviews. It offers a lot of durability and flexibility, so you’ll find you can enjoy this in numerous applications, whether you’re a DJ, musician, public speaker, or anyone else who needs a good sound system component. This 1600-watt high-definition loudspeaker is also super easy to use because all you do is plug it in and you’re all set.

Mackie SRM550 Review of the Pros and Cons

The Mackie SRM550 powered loudspeaker has a 3.9-star rating (out of a possible five stars) on Amazon, and a full 75% of the reviewers gave the product either four or five stars. Here are some of the pros and cons of this amazing loudspeaker.


  • Made with excellent materials and built to last
  • Maximum peak SPL of 132dB
  • High-definition audio processor that gives you professional sound and excellent clarity
  • Pair with customized transducers for gig-level volume and then some
  • Frequency response of 55 Hz to 17 kHz (-3dB) and 49 Hz to 20 kHz (-10dB)


  • Some claim the board went out after around three months
  • Some complained it was not reliable and the results were not always good

Customer Reactions

  • “It delivers a nice immersive bass sound whether you’re indoors or outside.”
  • “Great room-filling bass.”
  • “This is the best woofer on the market.”
  • “Delivers a smooth, clean, sound that allows you to feel totally immersed.”
  • “The louder it gets, the better they sound.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use this loudspeaker with a home theater system?

A: Yes, you can. You’ll need an RCA to XLR output to do this.

Q: Does the speaker have a cooling fan in it?

A: Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Q: How big is the loudspeaker?

A: It is 18.9” x 24.7” x 18.3” in size and weighs 36.7 pounds.

Q: Does the loudspeaker work with the 15 BST top?

A: Yes it does, and it works with other tops as well.

Q: Can you use 220v power with this loudspeaker?

A: No, it has to be used with 100-120v.

Conclusion – Mackie SRM550 Review

Mackie’s SRM550 loudspeaker offers a clean, full sound and excellent volume regardless of the size of the venue. It has all of the quality components of a loudspeaker that costs a lot more and the durable components that help it last for a very long time. The unit itself has internal bracing, an all-wood outside, and a steel grille that all combine to make this one loudspeaker that can take a lot of abuse and keep on going. You get several options when it comes to mounting, including fly, floor, and pole mounts. If you want a crisp, clear loudspeaker that provides you with everything you’ll need for your performance to be a success, this is it.

Mackie SRM550 Review

If you want to take your music to the next level, the Mackie SRM550 12-inch loudspeaker is what you need. It is powerful and sturdy and always provides you with a sound that is professional and clear, regardless of what type of music you practice.

Thank you for reading our Mackie SRM550 Review!


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