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Our Mackie Mix8 Review

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For a lot of people, the cost of buying and setting up an audio mixer is prohibitive. Because we understand this, we decided to give you our Mackie Mix8 review.

The Mix8 provides all the features you need to get great sound at a price that’s within reach of most musicians and bands. It can be used as your primary sound system or as a secondary mixing surface for recording tracks into your computer.

With Mackie’s Mix8, you get professional audio quality without breaking the bank. You’ll enjoy the high-headroom, low-noise performance from its rugged metal chassis and two legendary preamps with phantom power for studio condenser mics; 3-band EQ on all channels; 2 stereo 1/4″ line inputs; pan, level, and overload indication on each channel; Main L/R outputs plus separate control room out with independent volume control make it easy to set up any live or recording situation.

It is perfect for any church, school, or venue needing a small mixing board.

What is the Mackie Mix8?

The Mackie Mix8 is a powerful compact mixer with a quality that’s built like a tank. With 8-channels, 2 mic/line inputs with studio-level audio quality, phantom power for studio condenser mics, and 3-band EQ on all channels, the Mackie Mix8 can fit into any small space and output high-quality sound to make your shows unbeatable.

This Mackie Mix8 is the perfect mixer for any budget. Great for live performances or DJs, it features 8 channels with studio-level audio quality that give you plenty of options for all your sound sources. It’s also got 2 mic preamps and 3-band EQ on each channel so your sound always can’t get any more precise! It has everything you need to get classic mixes in a compact form factor.

Top benefits of the Mackie Mix8

8 Channels

The Mackie Mix8 is an 8 channel mixer designed for a variety of uses. Many people use it for DJing, and it can also be used in live performances to help provide quality sound for your audience or rock the house at your next gig. It is fairly compact at only 6″ wide, making it a small mixing board that you can easily fit into any tight space.

2 Mic Preamps

The Mackie Mix8 has 2 mic preamps to allow you to plug in and amplify your microphones for use with the mixer. The preamps give your signals the ability to reach higher volumes so that you can really rock out at gigs or have crystal clear sound when recording projects into your computer.

3-Band EQ on Each Channel

There is a 3-band equalizer on each channel to help you fine-tune your mix. You can use the equalization to boost or cut out frequencies, and you can tailor it to fit what sounds best for either live performances or when recording on your computer.

Built Like a Tank

Mackie Mixers are known for being made like a tank. They have a durable metal chassis and usually come with rubberized feet to keep it in place when you’re rocking out in live performances or recording for your next project. Having a built-in metal casing also helps reduce any damage and keeps your mixer looking sharp.

Phantom Power for Studio Condenser Mics

Phantom power is used for condenser mics to help power the internal components. Without phantom power, you won’t be able to use studio-quality condenser mics on your channel that need this feature. The phantom power not only allows these high-quality microphones to work, but also helps maintain their integrity in sound so that you can get great performance when recording or playing live.

Mackie Mix8 Review Of The Pros and Cons


  • You can connect 2 mics on the mix8
  • The 3 band EQ is helpful to finely tune your sound
  • It has phantom power for studio condenser mics


  • Too small to be a main mixer
  • Doesn’t have enough channels for larger venues

My experience with the Mackie Mix8

I had never used a Mackie mixer before. I had heard great things about them and thought I should give it a try. I looked for one that would be affordable and found the Mackie Mix8. It had 2 mic preamps, 8 channels, and phantom power for studio condenser mics.

I plugged in my mics and started playing with the EQ to find the perfect mix. After that, I turned on the phantom power so it would be easier to use with other condenser mics. It seemed to be a great mixer, perfect for my small needs and live outdoor performances.

Concluding Our Mackie Mix8 Review

Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer with Studio-Level Audio Quality

The Mackie Mix8 is the perfect mixer for your live sound needs within limits.

Whether you’re a solo performer or in a band, this compact mixer will give you everything you need to get great-sounding mixes with minimal fuss. It’s got two mic/line inputs with studio-level audio quality and three-band EQ on all channels, so it can handle vocals and instruments alike. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a ton of voice control – just press the button to instantly change your vocal timbre from bright and lively to deep and rich! It just is too small for some applications.

You’ll love how easy it is to create professional-sounding mixes right out of the box with this small format mixer. The Mix8 features Mackie’s signature “built like a tank” construction care of its rugged metal chassis, making it durable enough for life on the road while still being lightweight at only 8 pounds (3 kg). Plus, Mackie’s legendary preamps ensure that every input sounds pristine without any unwanted noise or distortion – even when using high volumes!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Mackie Mix8 Review

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