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Our Mackie Mix5 Review

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A small format mixer, like the Mackie Mix5, can be a great choice for many applications, but there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know which one is best. That is why we have taken the time to write this Mackie Mix5 review.

With the Mackie Mix5, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality or performance. This compact mixer delivers high-quality audio and professional features at an affordable price. It’s built like a tank and sounds amazing! 

The Mackie Mix5 gives you everything you need in a small format mixer while maintaining the same level of sound quality as larger mixers in this class. You get four studio-grade preamps, two aux sends, two-band EQ on all channels, and more than enough inputs for your mics and instruments. And every channel has its own dedicated gain control!

What is the Mackie Mix5?

The Mackie Mix5 is a 5-channel budget mixer that provides professional performance, without the pro price. This small-format mixing board has been engineered for straightforward applications and can include one mic and other sources with ease.

It has great sound with features including rugged metal chassis, four of Mackie’s legendary preamps, two aux sends, two-band EQ on all channels, and more than enough inputs for your mics and instruments.

There will also be dedicated gain control on each channel! The unit powers studio microphones as well if needed by providing phantom power so you can have high-quality sound at any time during your mix. Every channel then has its own XLR input and its own control knob for that channel’s gain.

Top benefits of the Mackie Mix5

Rugged and reliable design built to last

Mackie Mixers are known for being durable and the Mix5 is no exception. It features a rugged metal chassis and has been engineered to be a tough as nails mixer, without adding unnecessary weight or size. This compact mixer can fit in all types of spaces with ease!

This unit features phantom power so you can use studio condenser mics when needed.

Phantom power is used with the mixer to power a condenser microphone from the mixer. Condenser mics are great for professional applications and deliver amazing quality sound, but they need phantom power to operate.

Provides professional performance at an affordable price

The Mackie Mix 5 is economical, compact, and loaded with the quality features you need for your small format application. Sound is as important as any other feature, so this mixer has been engineered to offer studio-quality sound at an affordable price! There are plenty of mixers on the market that will be much more expensive but won’t necessarily deliver better performance.

Great sound quality with four studio-grade preamps,

The Mackie Mix 5 has 4 great preamps for your studio microphones. The first benefit of these preamps is the sound quality. You won’t have to worry about additional noise or buzzing on your audio, because with four pres, you get more gain before distortion sets in and cleaner sound overall.

Mackie Mix5 Review Of The Pros and Cons


  • Professional sound quality
  • Rugged and reliable design built to last
  • Extremely compact and portable for the utmost convenience.


  • Only 5 channels, but this shouldn’t be a concern for most applications.

My experience using the Mackie Mix5

I got my first Mackie Mix5 about six months ago and I finally decided to use it. I had been really worried that it would not be a good mixer for the price, but I’m so glad that I got rid of those fears and finally used it. The sound quality was amazing and it was extremely simple to set up. This is an amazing budget mixer!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mackie Mix5

How do you use Mix5?

You use Mix5 by plugging in your mics, instruments, or other sound sources to the inputs. Then using the gain knob and then adjusting your other EQs, pan/balance, etc. you mix your sound.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to get Mix5?

I’d recommend getting Mix 5 if you want great sound quality on a budget

How long is the warranty for a Mackie Mix5?

The warranty for the Mackie Mix5 is 1 year.

Does Mackie Mix 5 have phantom power?

Yes, Mackie Mix5 does have phantom power.

Concluding Our Mackie Mix Review

Mackie Mix Series, 5-Channel Compact Mixer with Studio-Level Audio Quality (Mix5)

The Mackie Mix5 is a small format mixer that sounds great and maintains audio quality from any source.

The Mackie Mix5 features four of Mackie’s legendary preamps, as well as their signature “built like a tank” construction care of its rugged metal chassis. It’s perfect for straightforward applications that incorporate a single mic with other sources. And it sounds great!

Mackie has been making mixers since 1973. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of small format mixers, and their Mix5 is one of their most popular models. It features four legendary preamps with plenty of headroom to accommodate any input source. The Mix5 also includes an ultra-low noise design and high quality components throughout that ensure your sound will be clean and clear every time. If you’re looking for a new mixer, look no further than the Mackie Mix5!

You can’t go wrong with this mixer! With its rugged metal chassis, it’ll last forever. And if anything ever does happen to it, just send it back to Mackie – they have an incredible warranty program in place so you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacements anytime soon!

Plus, there’s nothing like hearing your music come through on these amazing-sounding preamps – they’re what make this mixer worth every penny!

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Mackie Mix5. It is a great product that sounds amazing and has an incredible warranty program in place for any issues you may have with it. If you’re looking for a convenient mixer that will last through years of use, this might be what you’ve been waiting for!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Mackie Mix5 review.

Source: Mackie

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