Line Array Speakers For Church Auditoriums – 4 Top Choices

Finding The Best Line Array Speakers For Church Sanctuaries

If you are like me, you are not a pro sound expert. You are a pastor trying to provide the best sound quality for your church services and you have a problem to fix, The people who sit in the front of the church are complaining the music is too loud and the people in the back seem to be hard of hearing because they are complaining that they can’t hear you.

So what you do, or at least what I would do, is turn to the volunteer who is running our sound system and ask them what we can do to solve the problem. He tells you some technical details and finally says something along the lines of “we need some line array speakers.”

At that point, your eyes gloss over and you know this is not going to be some simple fix like providing ear muffs for the people in front and hearing aids for the people in the back.

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line array speakers for church auditoriums 4 top choices

What Are Line Array Speakers?

Line Array Speakers For Church Auditoriums - 4 Top Choices 1
Line Array Speaker Diagram

Line array speakers are a series of PA speakers usually aligned vertically that are pointed towards different points in your sanctuary to provide an even distribution of sound to the entire audience.

As you see in the diagram, the lower speakers are configured to be a little softer toward the people in the front of the church and the upper speakers are pointed farther out and are a little louder. The end result is that there is a small variance in the sound level across the entire room.

Are Line Array Speakers Good?

The question of whether or not line array speakers are good is two-fold. The concept and implementation of line array speakers are very good. This solution to the sound coverage problem in your church is the best by far. However, any speaker system is only as good as the components used in the speakers. You can have a top-notch line array setup and use inferior speakers and components and come out with poor quality sound.

This is why I have ventured out to give you some recommendations on the best line array speakers for your church auditorium. I will provide you with some options that will hopefully be within your budget.

Top Line Array Speaker Systems For Churches

Best Powered Line Array Speakers

One of the things I love about these JBL-powered line array speakers is the simplicity of the setup. Whether you mount them above your congregation or you place them on speaker poles, they are already set up to be pointing in the right direction. You do not have to aim with each individual speaker. Set the bottom one and the rest are pointed correctly.

Being a powered speaker, there is no need for you to provide amplification from a power amp thus reducing the amount of equipment you need for your sound system. With the right wireless system, you don’t even need a snake to send the signal to the speakers.

Most importantly the sound that is reproduced by these speakers is hard to beat anywhere. Yes, they might be out of the budget range of some churches, but they are the best and you get what you pay for.

Alternative Top Active Line Array Speakers

Coming in at almost 800 dollars less than the JBL speakers, the RCF HDL6-A is a great alternative for those congregations that have a tighter budget.

Having the same advantages as the JBL speakers, with setup and the amplifier being included with the speaker, these might be the best for your church.

The only disadvantage is the high-end distortion at loud volumes. However, if you don’t plan on having loud worship, then this won’t be a problem for you. They are configured to be used for vocals and public speaking so that difference might be advantageous for you as well.

They do not cover quite as much area as the JBL speakers, with a coverage area of 100 degrees by 10 degrees, however, this probably won’t be all that noticeable in smaller venues.

Best Passive (Non-Powered) Line Array Speakers

The JBL VRX932LA-1 has the same components as the JBL VRX932LAP recommended above except it is not powered. It is a passive line array speaker. This is helpful to churches that already have their sound system in place and already have power amps for their speakers.

Best Budget Passive Line Array Speakers

This is a great little line array speaker system for smaller to mid-size churches. The flexible design allows you to cover from 15 degrees to 60 degrees making them ideal for church sanctuaries and fellowship halls.

The price point for these TOA speakers is really attractive. They work well for most types of music except possibly rap or rock music which in that case you can add a subwoofer to them to handle the really low bass frequencies.

Overall, for the church that is on a tight budget and needs to fix the problem of echo or sound being too loud or soft in certain areas of their sanctuaries, these line array speakers will solve that problem.


Well, hopefully, I have answered your question about the best line array speakers for church auditoriums. If you found these a little too expensive or don’t think you really need line array speakers, then you might want to check out our list of the best speakers for church sanctuaries.

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