JBL EON612 Review

Our JBL EON612 Review

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jbl eon one compact review

You’ve been using a cheap PA system for years, and you’re ready to upgrade. But you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive mixer or speaker. You are the person we wrote this JBL EON612 review for.

The JBL EON612 is the perfect solution – it’s powerful enough for small venues, yet portable enough to carry on long trips as well. It sounds great with your guitar and vocals but also works perfectly with a DJ setup at events. Plus, it can be used in conjunction with existing sound systems so that two sources can be played simultaneously! 

The JBL EON612 is affordable without sacrificing quality or performance. Use this PA system anywhere from home recording studios to live worship services – its wireless Bluetooth control makes setting up easy too!

JBL is known for creating top-rated, quality speaker systems and the EON612 is no exception. This complete PA system includes a 12″ 2-way speaker which can pump out 1000 watts of power with bass frequencies down to 32 Hz. The enclosure is sturdy but lightweight, and its built-in amplifier delivers clear sound right at your fingertips!

What Is The JBL EON612?

The JBL EON612 is designed to be the ultimate portable speaker, ready for any performance at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re playing guitar and singing or spinning tunes from behind your turntables, this sturdy PA system packs enough punch to keep an entire crowd entertained.  

The 12″ woofer has a frequency response down to 32 Hz, so the lows are booming and defined. The 1″ horn tweeter adds a splash of clarity to the mix, making every note stand out in the crowd – even when playing records!

Despite its power, this PA system is surprisingly portable. It has a built-in mixer with wireless Bluetooth control so that you can make adjustments on the fly without having to stop your performance to hook up a laptop or instrument. Plus, it’s extremely loud!

Top Features Of The JBL EON612

This JBL EON612 review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the top features that make this a true performer:

Sound Output

Extraordinarily loud output, with 1000 watts of power. The 12″ woofer pumps out low frequencies down to 32 Hz. A horn tweeter provides brilliant clarity.

Amplifier With Bluetooth

No extra mixer is needed. The built-in amplifier has Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from a smartphone or other device without hooking up any wires.

2-Channel Mixer

The amplifier also doubles as a 2-channel mixer, with microphone and line inputs for connecting a variety of instruments.

Compact & Portable

Weighing only 33 pounds and with a built-in handle, this system can be carried to any gig and set up in minutes. Once you’re done, simply throw it over your shoulder and carry it home again!

JBL EON612 Review Of The Pros And Cons


  • At 1000 watts of power, this JBL EON612 review wouldn’t be complete without taking note of the fact that it’s loud enough for any gig. Whether you’re playing at an event, cafe, or homegroup, this PA system will be heard and enjoyed by everyone.
  • The built-in amplifier and wireless Bluetooth control make it extremely convenient to use. You can adjust the sound without having to carry around a laptop or cords. Plus, it handles both microphone and instrument/DJ setups with ease!
  • The compact size makes this PA system extremely portable as well – 33 pounds is light enough for anyone to lift and take on the road.


  • The biggest drawback of the JBL EON612 is that it’s loud enough to be heard but not quite powerful enough to rattle windows. However, this isn’t necessarily a drawback for most musicians and DJs!

My Experience With The JBL EON612

I’ve used the EON612 at a few different gigs – weddings, outreaches, and performances. It’s loud enough for a full band or DJ set but I wish the low frequencies were a little lower.

However, this is no surprise because there really aren’t any speakers on the market that can produce super-low frequencies without adding in extra components. Even though it doesn’t shake my bones and rattle my windows, I still love using this speaker! The sheer volume of sound alone has made me a fan.

The built-in Bluetooth and mixer make this system extremely convenient, plus the portability more than makes up for any lack of low-end power. The compact size is a must if you’re going to be carrying this speaker between performance locations. It’s light enough that almost anyone can haul it around without getting worn out!

Frequently Asked Questions About The JBL EON612

What kind of power output does this have?

The peak power is 1000 watts, and the RMS power is 500 watts.

Is this a PA speaker or a subwoofer?

This is a PA speaker with two channels.

How long is the warranty?

This JBL EON612 review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that a one-year warranty comes standard when you buy this PA system. If anything does go wrong, you can make a phone call and have it fixed in no time!

What kind of connections are there?

The speaker has inputs for microphone, instrument, and RCA devices. There is also a connector for the power cord.

Is there any EQ control?

Yes, this speaker has built-in controls for dialing in the sound that’s right for you.

Concluding Our JBL EON612 Review

JBL Professional EON612 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 12-Inch

Are you a musician looking for the best sound possible?

The EON612 is a 1000 watt PA speaker that comes with solo and stereo 1/4″ inputs. There is Bluetooth streaming so you can control the sound from your phone or another device, plus EQ controls so you get the best sound possible every time!

This total redesign of the EON platform leverages the latest technologies in cabinet materials, acoustic science, and ergonomics to provide unparalleled performance for both live sound reinforcement applications as well as installed sound systems.

The JBL EON612 is a 1000 watt PA speaker that comes with solo and stereo 1/4″ inputs which makes it perfect for any gig from weddings to homegroups. It has Bluetooth streaming so you can control the sound from your phone or another device, plus EQ controls so you get the best sounding music every time!

This compact size also makes this system extremely portable – light enough that almost anyone will be able to carry it around without getting worn out! If you’re looking for an affordable self-contained PA system with great quality sound, the JBL EON612 is one of my top recommendations!

Thank you for taking the time to read our JBL EON612 Review

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