JBL EON612 Powered Speakers – A Comprehensive Review

The JBL EON612 is a speaker that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s powered by an onboard amplifier and offers exceptional sound quality for its price range. This comprehensive review will take an in-depth look at all the features of this product, so you can decide if it’s right for your needs!

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jbl eon612 powered speakers a comprehensive review

Our JBL EON612 Review

Do you need a portable PA system for your next event?

The JBL EON612 is the perfect solution. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and has all the features you need to make your next event a success.
Desire: You can easily set up this speaker in minutes with its built-in handles and 5-way user-definable parametric EQ. Plus it comes with Bluetooth controllable DSP so you can use it as an active monitor or subwoofer too!

The 12″ woofer provides deep bass response while proprietary waveguide technology provides high-frequency clarity beyond human hearing range (20kHz). A 1000W peak class D amplifier powers this speaker through any performance situation.

What Is the JBL EON612?

The JBL EON612 is a powerful speaker that offers a portable design and two-way multipurpose self-powered sound reinforcement, which in practical terms means that the sound is phenomenal. It is a 12-inch speaker that is also reasonably priced, so whether you use it for personal or professional purposes, you won’t be disappointed. It allows you to hook the speaker up to either an iPhone or Android phone, so it’s a very versatile speaker that you can do a lot with. But mostly, the EON612 is a speaker that produces great sound and doesn’t cost a fortune, two features that a lot of people can relate to.

The acoustic technology includes a waveguide design and special fluting that allow the speaker to produce numerous sound frequencies with little to no distortion. Because of this, you can take advantage of a 110-degree coverage pattern and consistency in between the on and off axis. This, in turn, makes for an excellent sound experience for everyone in the audience – not just the people in the first few rows. You get Bluetooth integration for both iOS and Android devices, and you can use this feature to adjust volume, EQ, and recall presets from those devices.

Who are these speakers made for? Anyone who needs a high-quality speaker that sounds great and is easy to use. This can include mobile DJs, public speakers, both amateur and pro musicians, and even individuals who just want a great-sounding speaker to use as they listen to their favorite music. The setup is user-friendly and allows you to use the speaker within minutes after getting it out of the package, and because it is so easy to maneuver, you can move it from room to room or from one location to another with ease.

Top Benefits of the JBL EON612

Of course, it is the great features of this speaker that make it so extraordinary. This includes four ergonomic handles that make it easily transportable, a super-easy and fast setup, a full 110 degrees of sound coverage, and you can even stack the speaker as a stage monitor, or use it as a stand-alone speaker. This is truly a very versatile speaker that is especially useful for live vocals or performances with acoustic instruments. The measurements of the speaker are roughly 26” x 15” x 12.5”, and it weighs only 33 pounds, making it easy to maneuver regardless of what you intend to do with it.

With this speaker, you get modes such as main, monitor, speech, and sub, not to mention a maximum SPL output of 126 dB. It has a frequency range of 48Hz to 20kHz, as well as a frequency response of 57Hz to 20kHz. It has a system power rating of 1,000 watts at peak and 500 watts continuous, but all of these numbers – while impressive – mean only one thing: that this is a high-tech, great-sounding speaker that anyone can use and enjoy. The coverage pattern is 100” x 60”, and you also get multiple setup configurations to get more personalized results.

With a Bluetooth v4.0-compliant interface, you can connect both iOS and Android phones to control the speaker with your smartphone, where you can do things such as control the master volume, define the parametric EQ, adjust the five-way, and save and recall all of your user presets. JBL has made this speaker not only super-advanced technologically, but also very simple to use despite your level of experience with speakers. With this speaker, you get the absolute best sound regardless of the application, and it even comes with two XLR-1/4-inch combination inputs, as well as one male XLR loop throughout.

The speaker comes with both a power cord to use it electrically and room for a lithium-ion battery in case you want to use it that way. The ergonomic and portable design makes it a piece of cake to handle, and the 1,000-watt Class D amp gives this speaker an unbelievable sound every time. Even better, at a cost of around $470, most people can afford to have an amazing speaker without breaking the bank. It has a 12-inch woofer and comes with a bass reflex cabinet, but the main thing you should remember about this speaker is its great sound and affordable price.

JBL EON612 Review of the Pros and Cons

The EON612 speaker has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon (out of a possible five stars), and 79% of the reviewers on the site gave the product either a four-star or five-star rating. If you’re curious about some of the pros and cons of the speaker, here they are:


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to transport
  • Reasonably priced at only $470
  • Has a system power rating of 1,000 watts peak and 500 watts continuous
  • Four modes include main, monitor, sub, and speech


  • Some complained that the speaker gets “fuzzy” when the volume is maxed out
  • Some claim they could never get the Bluetooth feature to work
  • Some complaints about a rattling sound after just a few months

Customer Reactions

  • “The EQ with the Bluetooth is great.”
  • “We are indeed very satisfied with this purchase.”
  • “We are so happy with this version of the EON.”
  • “The speakers really pack a great punch for their size.”
  • “These are excellent speakers – the best sound and quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you stream music on these speakers from your laptop?

A: No, you cannot. The only way to enjoy music with this speaker is to use the Bluetooth capability.

Q: Can you hang this speaker up on the wall?

A: Only if you have the right accessories, which aren’t included in the package. Specifically, you’ll need a wall arm mount.

Q: Can you use/connect the aux cable?

A: Yes, but only if you use either the 1/4-inch or XLR connector at the end of your auxiliary cable.

Q: Does it come with a remote control?

A: No, but if you download the JBL app, you can control certain functions through your smartphone.

Q: Is there a socket on the bottom of the speaker to mount it on a pole?

A: Yes, there is. In fact, you can use the speaker with any standard PA speaker stand.

Expert Opinion

Once again I want to make sure that when people are thinking of purchasing JBL speakers that they understand that they are not the same speakers as yesteryear. Ever since Harman, the parent company of JBL, decided to change focus and mass-market their speakers, the quality has declined. They are no longer a top-of-the-line speaker manufacturer. They are mid-tier. I am not saying they are bad. They are just not great as they used to be. And Harman has cut corners by using Chinese parts in the speakers. So, although they are less expensive, they are also not the quality that built the brand.

These speakers are fine but don’t expect to please the audiophile in your church. I have a pair of JBL speakers in my church as mains. In all honesty, my Mackie Thump12’s that I use as monitors, sound better. So just remember, you get what you pay for, even if it has the JBL label.

Conclusion – JBL EON612 Review

Whether you sing in a piano bar or love hosting parties on your college campus, the JBL EON612 speaker is the perfect one to choose. Setup is a breeze and getting a professional sound is always a piece of cake. The versatility of the speaker is unlike most other speakers in this price range, so regardless of what you’re looking for in a speaker, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

JBL EON612 Review

The truth is that this speaker is worth every penny you pay for it and more. It is a high-quality, high-tech speaker that is easy to use and very affordable. But best of all, you’ll appreciate the speaker because it has a sound that is usually found only in speakers that have a much higher price. Regardless of what you need a good speaker for, this is one purchase you won’t regret because it can compete with the big boys every time.

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