JBL Control 30 Review

Our JBL Control 30 Review

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jbl control 30 review

If you want to make your outdoor event a success, you need the right speakers. That is why we have written this JBL Control 30 review so you can decide whether or not these speakers are the right ones for you.

The JBL Control 30 is an excellent speaker for any outdoor event because it can handle high volume levels without distorting and has a wide range of sound. It’s perfect for listening to music or watching movies or doing outdoor outreaches on warm summer days. 

This speaker is easy to use and portable so that it can be taken anywhere outdoors where there’s space for people to gather together. You’ll love how good this sounds, especially when compared with other speakers in its price range!

The JBL Control 30 is an excellent speaker for any outdoor event because it can handle high volume levels without distorting and has a wide range of sound.

You’ll love how good this sounds, especially when compared with other speakers in its price range! You’ll get a lot of value and years of great performance from the JBL Control 30.

What Is The JBL Control 30?

This is an extremely high-power indoor/outdoor speaker that was designed to provide the best sound possible for a wide range of different entertainment applications. It can be used indoors or outdoors, for parties, in meeting rooms, out on a deck or patio, or anywhere else you need good quality music.

The JBL Control 30 is very well made and durable, so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it before any problems start cropping up. The included warranty will keep your costs down because it covers both parts and labor for one full year.

As long as you are willing to take care of the speaker properly, you really shouldn’t have any complaints about the sound quality or power output it offers. It has a 93 dB sensitivity rating which means that you don’t need as much power to drive it, and it is capable of handling 500 watts of RMS power. This speaker was designed for people who want clear, high-quality sound where quality is important.

What are the Features of The JBL Control 30?

The JBL Control 30 has several features that you’ll love. We’re going to give you an overview of these features so that you can decide whether or not this speaker is right for your next outdoor event.

The 3-way Coaxial Loudspeaker System

This speaker has a very versatile design that makes it suitable for a wide range of different applications.

It’s perfect if you want to play amplified music during your outdoor event or have an outdoor movie night where everyone can hear the sound clearly. This speaker will be perfect if you need something small and inexpensive but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Computer Optimized Coaxial Design

The JBL Control 30 has a computer-optimized coaxial design. It was designed for musical precision in the midrange frequencies.

This speaker will reproduce voices clearly so that you can hear what’s being said and enjoy all of the words in any song. The sound is well-balanced and accurate, which is perfect for a broad range of different applications.

Computer Optimized Horn Design

The JBL Control 30 was also designed for high fidelity in the treble frequencies so that it sounds better than other speakers. It will reproduce these frequencies with extra clarity so that you’ll be able to enjoy every facet of the music.

Computer Optimized Cabinet Design

This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is! The JBL Control 30 has a computer-optimized cabinet design. This means that all of the internal components are spaced and arranged in such a way that the sound quality is as good as possible.

The result is better clarity, more accurate bass response, and wider frequency ranges, which will make your music sound fantastic. You’ll enjoy every single song you put through this speaker.

Pros And Cons Of The JBL Control 30


  • This is a powerful speaker that can handle high volumes without getting distorted. Even when the volume is turned all the way up, you’ll be able to hear everything clearly.
  • The included warranty will remove some of your stress about using it because it covers both parts and labor for a full year. This speaker was also designed with durability in mind, so it should be able to handle everything that you throw at it.
  • The speaker is weatherproof so you can use it outdoors without a problem. You may want to choose an enclosure for the Control 30 before you install it outside, or purchase an outdoor cover if you want more protection from rain and debris.
  • You’ll save a lot of money because the speaker is very affordable.


  • They are a little heavy for portable speakers
  • They are passive speakers and not powered speakers.

What Customers are Saying About The JBL Control 30?

Customers love the overall sound quality of this speaker, as well as the useful features that it has. It’s small and compact while still offering many power options, which makes it versatile and useful in a variety of different settings. People have really been happy with how clean the highs sound is even at high volumes, and they also like that the speaker is very well-built and should last for a long time.

However, other customers are really frustrated with Harman’s supply chain issues due to their reliance on globalization. Harman is the parent company of JBL. As a retailer, I concur. Harman has dismally failed their retailers and customers and went as far as to raise prices during this pandemic even though they had no product to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions About The JBL Control 30 Speaker

JBL Professional Control 30 Three-Way High Output Indoor/Outdoor Monitor Speaker, Black

Where is the speaker shipped from? 

The JBL Control 30 will be shipped directly from a US-based warehouse to you.

What items are included with my order? 

Your order should come with the JBL Control 30, as well as manual and warranty information.

How much power does it use? 

The speaker runs off your amplifier’s power. It depends on your amplifier.

Does this have active or passive speakers? 

The JBL Control 30 are passive speakers. 

How many watts are they?

They can handle up to 500 watts.

Conclusion Of Our JBL Control 30 Review.

The JBL Control 30 is an indoor/outdoor monitor speaker that uses high-power components, computer optimized horn and coaxial component design, patent-pending cabinet building techniques, and a complex network to achieve smooth high fidelity performance. It has extended bandwidth and well-controlled defined coverage from a compact loudspeaker. This means it will sound great in any environment!

You can use the Control 30 indoors or outdoors because of its weather-resistant construction. Plus, with SonicGuard® overload protection, you won’t have to worry about blowing out your speakers when they get too loud! And with an 8-ohm transformer, you can hook up this bad boy to just about anything!

Finally, the 250mm (10in) fiberglass / Kevlar cone LF woofer provides deep lows without compromising on clarity. All these features make the JBL Control 30 one of our most popular outdoor monitors yet!

This speaker is perfect if you need something small yet powerful for your next outdoor event. You won’t sacrifice quality because it has an amazing frequency response range, and the computer-optimized design helps to give you pure, clean audio.

You’ll be able to hear every little detail of your music with the Control 30!

And this speaker is also very affordable, despite having so many great features built into it! You won’t find another monitor like this for such a low price. We highly recommend the JBL Control 30 monitor speakers because of their high-quality sound at a low price!

Thank you for taking the time to read our JBL Control 30 review.

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