JBL Control 1 Pro C1Pro Speaker Review – High Performance and Reliability

The JBL Control 1 Pro loudspeaker is a high-performance and reliable speaker. It has a modern design, which looks good in any setting. The sound quality is excellent too, with clear highs and solid bass response for an enjoyable listening experience.

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jbl control 1 pro c1pro speaker review high performance and reliability

Our JBL C1Pro Review

You’re looking for a new speaker.

The JBL C1Pro Speaker is the perfect device to fill your room with sound quality that will make you feel like you are at an actual concert. It features professional drivers and a high-quality crossover that gives a faithful and transparent sonic performance, so you can hear every note in crystal clarity. Plus it has variable angle wall brackets enabling multiple uses and angles, so you can place it anywhere!

With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of the screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands. You won’t find another device like it on the market today.

What Is the JBL Control 1 Pro?

The C1Pro speakers are high-performance, two-way professional speakers that are sold as a pair. They provide great sound for small venues and listening areas and can be used by musicians, DJs, or people who just want a better sound when listening to their music. Meant to be used indoors, they are receiving excellent reviews from the vast majority of customers simply because they provide high-quality sound at a price that is affordable for everyone. Regardless of what you’ll be using these speakers for, they won’t let you down because they are built for great sound and longevity.

These are also fun speakers because they are lightweight and compact, which means you can move them from one location to another with ease. They are good for a variety of situations, so you can use them for both personal and professional use. They weigh only four pounds each and are actually the perfect size – not too big and not too small. This makes them a very versatile set of speakers that you can use for everything from broadcast studios to computer workstations and everything in between. They are truly speakers that you can use again and again for numerous purposes.

The speakers are meant to be mounted to the wall, and JBL has even included the brackets you’ll need to mount them properly. These speakers may be small, but they are ruggedly built and made to last for a very long time. They provide up to 87 dB sensitivity, including 108 dB continuous and 114 dB peak maximum SPL. Available in both black and white, they even match your decor because you can choose the best color for your home or studio. In many different ways, these speakers could become the next set of speakers that you decide you can’t live without.

Top Benefits of the JBL Control 1 Pro

The JBL C1Pro speakers have a lot of features you’ll soon consider a must for your home, office, or studio. For one thing, they are perfect for AV applications, recording and broadcasting studios, mobile AV control rooms, computer workstations, and both foreground and background music. If you simply want to listen to your favorite music and have it sound perfect, these speakers can help. The audio output is second to none, and the frequency range of between 80Hz and 20kHz means the speakers can accommodate numerous venues and still sound extraordinary.

The speakers include a very rugged and durable molded enclosure that protects it from a lot of the usual wear and tear. The enclosure houses magnetically shielded transducers that are perfect for use with both video and computer monitors, as well as any other magnetically sensitive equipment. This makes it very sturdy and strong, able to take a lot of abuse and keep on going. The speakers have four-inch woofers and half-inch titanium-laminate tweeters, and best of all, you get a full-range audio sound even though the speakers have a simple low profile.

Of course, their compact design not only makes them aesthetically appealing but also easy to transport in case you need to take them to a different room or location. Each speaker is 9.3” x 6.3” x 5.6” and weighs only four pounds, making them easy to move regardless of where they need to go. They have even incorporated full-range Sonic Guard overload protection into the design of the speakers, guaranteeing network and transducer protection from excessive power surges from your amp. If you want to install them on the wall instantly, JBL has made it easy because they include the necessary brackets so that you can have them set up in no time.

They are also reasonably priced at $170 for the set, and at a maximum decibel level of 114, they are very powerful speakers considering their size. In fact, their compact design can easily have you thinking they’re not that powerful, but never let the small size fool you. JBL is a top name in electronic equipment such as speakers, and with the C1Pro speakers, you will not be disappointed. With a user-friendly setup and a design that is professional-looking, you can expect a lot out of these speakers every time you use them. They are truly high-quality speakers that work for both individuals and businesses.

JBL Control 1 Pro Review of the Pros and Cons

This pair of speakers has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, out of a possible five stars, and 88% of the reviewers gave them either four or five stars. While no product has a 100% perfect rating, these speakers come close, and below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying the pair.


  • Big full-range audio with a simple low profile
  • Comes in a set of two speakers
  • Very reasonably priced at $170 for the pair
  • A total of 150 watts of continuous power handling
  • Sturdy and very well-made


  • Some complained about a fuzzy sound shortly after purchase
  • Some claimed they aren’t “studio monitors” and can’t be plugged into the customer’s interface
  • Some say the sound is “mediocre at best

Customer Reactions

  • “Speakers have a great sound and they were easy to install.”
  • “I was surprised to see how sturdy the design is.”
  • “The sound is crystal clear, the bass is decent and great considering the speakers’ size.”
  • “These speakers really pack a punch when used in a small listening area.”
  • “They’re small, they’re loud, they’re crystal clear, well-made, and the price is right.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this speaker plug into my smartphone?

A: It’s possible, but you have to first connect it to an amp the old-fashioned way with a two-lead cable. You cannot plug it directly into the speaker.

Q: Can you use this speaker outdoors?

A: It’s best not to do this. The speakers are not made for outdoor use. If it’s not a rainy day, you might be able to get away with it, but they aren’t made for outdoor use.

Q: Is there an XLR input in this speaker?

A: No. This is a passive speaker with only ordinary red and black speaker terminals.

Q: Does the speaker have any cable/wiring connections?

A: The speaker has only bare wire screw terminals and that’s it.

Q: Can you hook up the speaker to a PC?

A: The only way you can do this is if you have either an amp or a receiver.

Expert Opinion

In 1981 I bought my first JBL 15″ speaker for my bass cabinet. JBL was #1 back then. However, JBL is not the company it used to be. Ever since Harman, the parent company, decided to turn JBL into a mass-market brand, the quality has gone downhill. I would call them a mid-tier speaker company. Most of the speakers are filled with parts made in China. In 2021 during the height of the pandemic, Harman decided to raise the prices on all their lines of PA equipment, JBL included, even though, they could not supply their dealers with products. This in my opinion was the epitome of corporate greed and tone-deafness to the needs of their customers.

Is JBL a good brand of speakers? Good but not great. Don’t expect the speakers to be of the quality that the brand still has a reputation for.

Conclusion – JBL Control 1 Pro Review

The JBL Control 1 Pro (C1Pro) speakers are great speakers if you’re on a budget but still need high-tech speakers that are multipurpose and reliable. They are sturdy and strong and can handle the wear and tear you put on them, and with a frequency range of between 80Hz to 20kHz, their sound is always second to none. You can use them in your home or even in your mobile DJ business, and whatever you need these speakers to do for you, they will not disappoint.

JBL Control 1 Pro Review

Best of all, the speakers are reasonably priced at $170 for a set of two, and their compact and portable size makes it super easy to transport the speakers from one room or location to another. High-quality, well-built, and reliable, these affordable speakers are perfect for both individuals and musicians alike.

Thank you for reading our JBL Control 1 Pro Review!


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