Ibanez AS73 Review: Guitar And Art Combined For Beautiful Worship

Ibanez has done a great job setting itself apart as a company that can create high-quality electric guitars. The AS73 is a gorgeous semi-hollow body guitar that is not only fun to play but also sounds amazing. As part of the Artcore collection, this guitar is an affordable option that is not only great for beginners but is also loved by more advanced players all around the world.

Our Ibanez AS73 Review

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ibanez as73 review

What Is the Ibanez AS73?

This is a great semi-hollow body guitar that is designed to be easy to use, have a great tone, and easily hold its tuning so that musicians aren’t constantly struggling with their instrument while playing.

The Artcore models were first released by Ibanez during 2002, and they were an answer to musicians wanting affordable instruments that still sound and look great. Thanks to Ibanez’ persistence and willingness to work hard to create affordable, durable, and reliable instruments geared toward beginners, the Artcore models were always and have continued to be very popular.

The Ibanez AS73 is an Artcore model that features a semi-hollow body, 2 humbucking pickups, and great control over sound quality.

Who Is the Ibanez AS73 Designed For?

The Artcore models were designed specifically for beginning musicians who were unwilling or unable to pay a lot more for higher priced guitars, but who didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality and appearance. Ibanez designed their Artcore models to meet the needs of beginning musicians, but they are durable, reliable, and a great option for more advanced musicians, as well.

Known for being affordable and some of the best guitars for their value, the Artcore models are all loved by Ibanez fans, and the AS73 is no different. It is made from select-grade maple, a set-in mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard. The gorgeous wood used in this guitar and the attention to detail when making it really helps to set the AS73 apart.

Unlike other beginner guitars that will have an unfortunate tinny sound, this guitar has a deep and rich tone, thanks in part to the classic elite pickups. They offer a lot of nuance and fat low-end, which is great for musicians who want to stretch themselves and enjoy high sound quality as well as a full-bodied tone.

Because the AS73 does such an amazing job holding its tuning, it’s a great choice for beginners. They won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting their tuning during practice or performances, which will give them a boost of confidence.

Additionally, this guitar’s body is a little smaller and slimmer than other comparable instruments. Thanks to its smaller size and lighter weight of just over 7 pounds, it’s a great option for petite players or for teenagers.

What’s Included with the Ibanez AS73?

It’s important that you make sure that you buy a case or a bag to protect your new instrument, as it doesn’t ship with either. A quality neck strap and picks are also important so that you can easily move around when playing your guitar. Since picks come in different materials and sizes, it’s up to you to choose the one that will best suit your playing.

One thing that you will love about the Ibanez AS73 is that the stock strings are not only durable, but they sound great, as well. Because this guitar was designed for beginners to be able to start playing right away, you won’t have to worry about immediately investing in new strings.

While you may want to update your strings at a later time, it’s nice to know that the stock strings are all high-quality and that the guitar can be played straight out of the box. Additionally, you need to either have a quality amp on hand or buy one to use.

Primary Features of the Ibanez AS73

The features of the Ibanez AS73 are what will really set this guitar apart from others on the market. In addition to being incredibly attractive and easy to hold and play, this guitar includes:

  • Three types of wood used in construction
  • Classic elite pickups
  • Dual volume and tone knobs
  • Three-way pickup selector
  • Semi-hollow body
  • Dual ACH humbuckers
  • ART-1 bridge
  • Quick Change III tailpiece

The fretboard is generously sized but is very easy to play on, and, since there are marks both on the fretboard as well as dots on the side of the fretboard, it’s very easy for musicians to see where they are putting their fingers. This is a great feature for new players to enjoy and will make it easier to start playing.

Additionally, the durable ACH pickups make sound quality clear and bright.

Thanks to the fast setup out of the box, which consists of just tuning the strings, it’s easy to get started playing. This means that new musicians won’t have to worry about making adjustments before the guitar will sound its best.

Alternatives to the Ibanez AS73

If you are interested in a guitar that looks similar to the Ibanez AS73 but offers a slimmer neck and sure grip III knobs, then you will want to consider the Ibanez 6 String AS53. It also features a semi-hollow body that produces a great sound quality, but is priced a little lower and is also a good option for beginner musicians.

The Ibanez AG75BS Artcore Hollowbody Electric Guitar is another great option. It is the same price as the AS73 but has a full hollow body, beautiful sunburst finish, and very large frets. The fingerboard is also rosewood, but it features best high-neck sustain than the AS73.

Conclusion – Is the Ibanez AS73 One You Should Consider?

Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown

All in all, if you are looking for a great beginner’s guitar that is easy to use, offers tons of power, and sounds amazing, then you will want to consider the AS73. Even though it is geared towards beginners, it’s an enjoyable instrument for intermediate and even more advanced musicians to enjoy playing.

Thanks to the incredible sound quality, attractive appearance, and the way that the body is designed to produce a rich tone, you won’t ever have to worry about not standing out when playing the Ibanez AS73. The quality craftsmanship is evident in all parts of the guitar, and unlike other beginner guitars that are lower quality, this one is made to last for a long time.

We hope our Ibanez AS73 review has helped you.

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