How To Install A Webcam

How To Install A Webcam?

Having a webcam is becoming more of a necessity than anything else. As we move into a world where most things can be done online, you will need to install a webcam, whether it be for work or play. With that said, in this article, we want to look at how you install a webcam.

Whether you are on PC or Mac, webcams are typically plug-and-play devices. Plug and play means that all you have to do is plug the webcam into your computer. Windows or iOS will automatically detect the device and run a setup wizard. In some cases, you might need to install the device’s software.

In this article, I want to go through a step-by-step method of installing your webcam just in case you are having any trouble. First I will discuss what you need. Then I want to talk about windows and Mac devices separately. So, for everything you need to know about installing a webcam, keep reading.

how to install a webcam

Installing A Webcam: Here’s What You Need

Before you go out and get a webcam, I highly recommend that you check to see how many free USB slots you have in either your Mac or your PC. You will typically need one free slot. With that said, here is a list of things you need when trying to install a webcam:

  • A PC, Mac, or laptop with an available USB slot. If you do not have an available USB port, you might need a USB hub.
  • A USB webcam.
  • A place to mount the webcam. This is typically done on the monitor.
  • The software needed for the webcam (If applicable).

It is not often that webcams need third-party software. However, if you notice that yours requires it, all you have to do is type in the webcam model into Google, and you should find the software.

Also, the software could have features that you would otherwise not have, so it is always recommended to check whether or not the webcam you have comes with any software.

Installing A Webcam In 12 Easy Steps: Windows PC

Luckily, Windows makes installing third-party devices as easy as they can. Most devices will be plug and play, which means all you have to do is plug them in, and they work. With that said, you might have to take a few extra steps when installing your webcam. These steps include:

  1. Unbox the webcam and unravel the USB cable.
  2. Mount the webcam on your monitor.
  3. Make sure that your windows PC is on.
  4. The USB cable might need to be plugged into the webcam in some cases. In this case, you would usually need to plug the cable into the back of the webcam.
  5. Plug the webcam into an available USB slot on your PC.
  6. Wait a few seconds.
  7. Windows will say “getting device ready” or something similar.
  8. Wait for Windows to prompt you that the device is ready.
  9. Go to the Windows search bar, type in “Camera,” and select it.
  10. Now you can see if the camera is working.
  11. If your laptop has a built-in webcam already, the camera app might use that one as a default.
  12. Simply change the default camera.

If windows cannot detect the device, go to Google and search for the model of your webcam. You should be able to find the third-party software needed to run the webcam. It is extremely rare that you need to use the software.

How To Install A Webcam On Mac

Installing your webcam on Mac is as easy as it is on windows. However, there is a problem that many people face. You can solve the issue quickly if you know what to look for. With that said, let’s take a look at nine easy steps that you can take to set up the webcam on Mac:

  1. Get the camera ready.
  2. Mount the webcam on your monitor. Most people put the camera on the top-middle of their monitor.
  3. Make sure that your Mac is on.
  4. If your webcam has the USB cable plugged in, skip this step. If not, you need to plug the USB into the webcam first.
  5. You have to plug the webcam into an available USB slot on your Mac.
  6. Wait a few seconds.
  7. Apple will automatically pick up the device.
  8. Go to the software that you want to use the webcam on.
  9. Skype will typically use the new camera as default. However, some software requires that you select the new camera in an options tab called “Video.”

You might run into a problem web apple is not detecting your new webcam. This is usually a software issue and has nothing to do with the hardware. Don’t rush to return the webcam, but instead follow these steps:

  • Go to your privacy settings.
  • Select the camera option from the privacy settings page.
  • Mac will allow you to select which apps are allowed to use the new camera.

As long as you get through those steps, you should have your new webcam working on your Mac in no time.

Installing A Wireless Webcam

Don’t worry if you want a wireless webcam but are worried it might be too technical to set up. A wireless webcam will connect either via Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi network.

This article on the Windows support website explains in detail how you can connect a Wi-Fi webcam to your Windows PC. The method is almost identical if you are on Mac, so the article will be helpful for you as well.

If you are connecting a Bluetooth camera, things get a bit easier. First, you need to check that your PC has Bluetooth. If your PC or Mac does not have Bluetooth, you can buy a Bluetooth dongle. Once you have that, you follow the instructions that come with your specific model. Once the devices are paired, the steps are the same as those we listed above.

Final Thoughts – How To Install A Webcam

I understand that setting up peripherals such as webcams may seem simple for many people; however, I also understand that things can get intimidating for many people. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are confident enough to get a webcam and set it up yourself.

Thank you for reading our article on How To Install A Webcam!

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