Gretsch G6118T Review – A Gorgeous Hollowbody Guitar

Our Gretsch G6118T Review

Every guitarist knows the pleasure and joy of playing on a high-quality instrument but finding one that not only looks but also sounds great can be tricky. No matter if you play in a band on Friday nights or are a member of a church praise band, having a reliable guitar that looks and sounds amazing is important.

A guitar that is built for live performances is not only durable, but it is also designed to stand out from the crowd. This means that even when played as part of a large band, the guitarist can still be heard. The Gretsch G6118T is a great guitar for anyone looking for a reliable hollowbody guitar with tons of power and great features.

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gretsch g6118t review – a gorgeous hollowbody guitar

What Is the Gretsch G6118T?

This 18-pound hollowbody guitar is designed for long periods of playing on the stage and for being an aesthetically appealing instrument.

It’s a fairly recent addition to Gretsch instruments, but the modern features of this guitar are masked by the attractive design.

Thanks to the power that this guitar offers, it’s great for live music. It was designed for live music, although it can be used for recording and practice. It will really shine when used as a part of a powerful and skilled live band.

Just listen to this guitar in action!

Who Is this Guitar Designed for?

Modern guitarists who are in the market for a powerful hollowbody electric guitar that is still an improvement on past instruments may want to consider the Gretsch G6118T.

It’s designed to offer a full and open sound while still being loaded with great features that make it easy to control sound and volume. The exceptional control that musicians have over the Gretsch G6118T make it a great option for more advanced musicians who are familiar with fine-tuning their sound.

While beginners may have their eye on this impressive guitar, the higher price tag that it comes with, as well as the impressive controls, can make it a little difficult for newer musicians to handle.

Praise bands looking for an instrument that will stand out and make the guitarist the lead will love the Gretsch G6118T, knowing that the cost of this instrument reflects the quality of workmanship.

What’s Included?

Such as most electric guitars, the Gretsch G6118T ships by itself. Unlike many guitars, however, the included stock strings are high quality and don’t need to be replaced right away. This is great for musicians who want to be able to play their guitar right away without having to invest in new strings.

It’s important for musicians to have a powerful amp on stage with them when playing this instrument so that it can really shine. By investing in a high-quality amp, as well as the necessary cables to use the amp, musicians will have complete control over this guitar.

Primary Features of the G6118T

The maple design of the Gretsch G6118T is one thing that really sets this great sounding guitar apart from other instruments. Maple is known for being bright and lively, and the body of the Gretsch G6118T adds to the great tonal quality of this instrument. Other great features include:

  • String-thru design makes it easy to change strings on this guitar
  • Rocking bar bridge
  • Stabilized tuning, thanks to the Bigsby tailpiece
  • Great pickup control
  • Impressive futuristic aesthetics
  • Highly sensitive humbucker
  • Two volume controls as well as one tone control for perfect sound every time the instrument is played
  • Arched maple body for a clear, bright, open, and snappy tone

One of the most obvious perks of this guitar is that it offers incredible sonic flexibility. The humbuckers on the Gretsch G6118T are high-quality pickups and deliver an impressive tonal range. The deep and rumbling low end is a gorgeous contrast to the high end and glossy and bright midrange.

Musicians can enjoy a perfect and balanced warmth, brilliance, and bite when playing the Gretsch G6118T. It’s easy to fine-tune a sound for any type of music, thanks to the master tone control.

Alternatives to the Gretsch G6118T

The Gretsch G6118T is a wonderful guitar, but the high price tag that it comes with can be a deterrent to some musicians.

Musicians looking for something that is a little more affordable, but still a great guitar, will want to consider the Gretsch G5655TG. This electronic guitar has a single-cutaway maple body, which means that it offers the same bright and clear sound of the G6118T.

An even more affordable option is the Gretsch G2622. This is a center block electric guitar that boasts impressive Broad’Tron BT2S pickups. The double-cutaway body style of this guitar is not only attractive but makes it easy to carry and to play for long periods of time. Musicians will be able to slide their hands far up the neck to easily play higher notes.

The Bigsby inspired tailpiece is based on Paul Bigsby’s original design. It’s incredibly easy to use this tailpiece, which adds a vintage feel to the guitar and is also very easy to use.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider this Hollowbody Guitar?

Gretsch G6118T Players Edition Anniversary - 2-Tone Copper/Sahara Metallic

There are few guitars that are nearly as enjoyable to play or impressive looking on stage as the Gretsch G6118T. This gorgeous electric guitar is designed to sound and look great, making it a wonderful choice for any guitarist who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to the high-quality design of the Gretsch G6118T, it not only looks great, but it’s easy to control and sounds amazing, as well.

Any guitarist who is able to afford the Gretsch G6118T and is interested in standing out on the stage will want to consider this great guitar.

It’s designed to be an instrument that really stands out, and it manages to do that. Not only does it feel great to play, but because of how easy it is for musicians to control its sound, any guitarist will be able to coax a unique and individualized sound from this impressive instrument.

Thanks to its great sonic flexibility and smooth vibrato action, this guitar is a dream to play.

We hope our Gretsch G6118T review has been helpful.

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