Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 Review: An Ultra-Light Micro Bass Head

Our Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 Review

A powerful bass head is an important piece of equipment for any bassist and Gallien Krueger has a reputation for producing some of the best bass heads on the market. For more than five decades, they have devoted themselves to producing high-quality bass heads that offer not only power but also flexibility.

This means that any bassists who choose heads such as the Fusion 800 will enjoy incredible precision and control when performing and practicing.

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gallien krueger fusion 800 review an ultra light micro bass head

What Is the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800?

The Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 is a member of the MB Series heads. They are all designed to offer top performance while still being incredibly lightweight and small enough to remain incredibly portable for use on the go. They fit easily into any average gig bag but still offer the control that you expect from Gallien Krueger products.

With 800 watts of power, the Fusion 800 is the most powerful head in this series. It was first released in 2012 and is the most recent and logical step in this bass amp series. It features incredible power and control with the durability and ease of use that musicians have come to expect from the MB Series heads.

Who Is this Bass Amplifier Designed for?

The low weight of just five and a half pounds, durable chassis, and small physical size of the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 makes it an obvious choice for gigging and touring musicians. It is the perfect size to throw in a gig bag and is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road without being damaged. This means that while it does a great job in the studio, the Fusion 800 offers the durability that musicians crave when they are on the go.

Not only is the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 designed to be the perfect bass amp head to take on the road but it also offers all of the power necessary to fill a huge venue with great bass sounds. It perfectly captures all of the tones of the bassist and offers great gain adjustments so that musicians can change and update their tone and sound as desired. This is great for professional and advanced musicians who know what kind of tone they want but even beginners will enjoy the extra control that the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 offers them.

What’s Included?

As is typical with this type of equipment, the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 ships by itself. This means that musicians need to have on hand their basses and all other equipment that is necessary to power and run the Fusion 800.

Primary Features of the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800

One great feature of the Fusion 800 is that it has a unique tube design that was inherited from the 800RB. This design is very special because it actually varies the EQ bandwidth. This results in a great musical response even when the equipment is used in extreme settings. Other wonderful features include:

  • Preamp gain control
  • Active four-band EQ
  • Contour control
  • Passive/active switch
  • SpeakON speaker output jacks
  • Class D power amp
  • Balanced XLR DI output

This is a small but mighty piece of equipment that offers more than 100 watts of power per pound. Even though it is smaller than a lot of alternatives, it offers plenty of power to handle venues or churches of any size.

The preamp uses three 12AX7 tubes that are running at high voltage. Additionally, it has two gain and master volume controls that are operated by a footswitch, which means that musicians can easily adjust their sound and tone with just a tap.

Bass players of all abilities and musical styles will appreciate that there are so many different textures and tones that they Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 offers. These different sounds ensure that the Fusion 800 is able to easily exceed expectations.

Sometimes equipment can overheat during live shows but not the Fusion 800. It has temperature-controlled fans that run to keep the amp nice and cool during longer shows. These fans only blow the necessary amount of air so that dust and noise intake are reduced and musical quality isn’t compromised.

Alternatives to the Fusion 800

While the Fusion 800 is the obvious choice of many musicians, it may not be right for you. One great alternative that is worth considering is the Gallien Krueger Mb 500. This smaller bass amp head is a much lower price, which is great for beginners or churches who are on tighter budgets. Even though it doesn’t offer the same high power as the Fusion 800, it has great features such as a built-in limiter and 10 dB pad.

Another wonderful alternative is the Orange OB1-500 bass amp head. This is a ramp-mountable head with footswitch operated blend and gain controls, three-band EQ, and plenty of control for bassists. It’s a 500-watt head, which means that it is a little smaller and less powerful than the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 but still offers great sound control that works in most situations.

Conclusion: Is the Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 a Good Choice for You?

Gallien-Krueger Fusion S 800 800W Ultra Light Bass Head

The Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 is an incredibly powerful bass amp head that is great for live shows and works well in venues of any size. Musicians who are constantly on the go will appreciate how incredibly portable this equipment is and how easily it can be packed up and taken on the road. It’s also a great option for use in locations where it will be set up permanently, such as in a church.

Thanks to the power and control that the Fusion 800 offers, it’s a great choice for any bassist who is ready to refine his or her sound and is looking for equipment that will offer the control that he or she needs to do so. It’s an advanced bass amp head but surprisingly easy to use, which means that most musicians will be able to perfect their sound when using it. As long as it is in your budget, the Fusion 800 is a great option for most people who play bass guitar.

We hope our Gallien Krueger Fusion 800 review has been helpful.

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