Focal Shape 65 Review – An Incredibly Versatile Studio Monitor

Our Focal Shape 65 Review

Focal-JM Lab has long been a pioneer of creating new and powerful loudspeaker designs that work well for musicians of all skill levels and abilities. They are known as being one of the leaders in loudspeakers in Europe but are quickly becoming known around the world thanks to their commitment to quality and their impressive manufacturing.

Any musician looking for a speaker that is durable, powerful, and intuitive to use will want to consider a speaker from the Focal-JM Lab, and their Shape 65 is no exception.

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focal shape 65 review – an incredibly versatile studio monitor

What Is the Focal Shape 65?

The Shape line of monitors was designed to improve nearfield monitoring. They have a new tweeter dome and woofers and there are three monitors in this collection. They are designed to provide precise stereo images and incredible acoustic transparency, they have incredible settings that have been optimized for use in smaller rooms.

The Shape 65 is the reference of this line and is dedicated to nearfield monitoring even though it also has incredible monitoring quality in all frequencies. Unlike other monitors that are designed for nearfield monitoring, the Focal Shape 65 is packed with five great innovations that were designed to improve acoustic transparency. The other two monitors in this line, the Shape 50 and the Shape 40 offer great functionality as well, but the Focal Shape 65 is the flagship and has the best control and highest sound quality of the three.

Who Is this MonitorDesigned for?

The Focal Shape 65 was designed specifically to meet the needs of musicians requiring nearfield monitoring. It is perfectly optimized for use in smaller listening rooms, although it can work well in some larger spaces, depending on the setup of the room and the music being played. It’s great for smaller studios, music composition workstations, and editing suites. It also works really well when used in a mixing studio.

The slightly higher price tag of the Focal Shape 65 will likely put it out of reach of some beginning musicians, but it is a great choice for intermediate or advanced musicians looking for a higher-quality studio monitor. The higher price tag is justified; however, by the quality of components used in its construction, as well as the many different settings that it offers, making it easy for users to enjoy the best sound quality.

What’s Included?

Like most studio monitors, the Focal Shape 65 ships by itself. This means that you need to have on hand all of the other equipment that you are going to use with the Shape 65 so that you can start using it right away. It’s a good idea to have on hand your amp, your instrument, your computer with editing software, and any cables that you need to connect everything.

Primary Features of the Focal Shape 65

One thing that a lot of musicians really love about the Focal Shape 65 is that it has mounting mechanisms on the underside and back of the loudspeaker. These make it really easy to install it in a number of ways, which is great for versatility. Other great features include:

  • Flexible listening position due to the low tweeter directivity
  • No port. It can be placed near a wall
  • Includes many settings for perfect sound integration
  • Offers accurate control
  • Includes threads for wall and ceiling mounts
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • A frequency response of 40 Hz to 35 kHz
  • Dual passive radiators to reduce distortion and extend bass response

Unlike some other monitors that have problems with the magnetic field, the Focal Shape 65 has a stable magnetic circuit. The Neutral Inductance Circuit Technology designed by Focal-JM Lab offers a clear sound that is free of most distortions.

The flax sandwich cone took years to develop, and is worth the wait, as it provides a boost during an acoustic performance. These cones produce a very natural sound and have very low coloration. They offer a great rich tone in the midrange register and have a very tight bass, which is great for a lot of genres of music.

Alternatives to the Shape 65

If you love the Focal Shape 65 but are looking for a studio monitor that has a slightly lower price tag, then you may want to consider the Neumann KH 120A. This powerful active monitor is bi-amplified and features a 5 ¼” throw woofer, as well as a 1” titanium fabric dome tweeter. It features precision manufacturing for the best sound quality and tolerance and is surprisingly compact and rugged considering how powerful it is.

Another wonderful option is the Focal Solo6 Be. This is a more expensive, but also a more powerful studio monitor that has a 6.5” woofer and 1” beryllium inverted-dome tweeter. It has a great frequency response and is known for offering incredible power, making it a better option for musicians who are going to be playing live music for large crowds and want to ensure that they can easily be heard over ambient noise in the room or arena.

Conclusion – Is the Focal Shape 65 Worth Considering?

Focal Professional Shape 65 Studio Monitors - Dark Walnut

There are a lot of really great things to love about the Focal Shape 65. It’s an incredibly powerful studio monitor that is perfect for use in small rooms and won’t ever cause sound distortion, which can definitely be a problem in some instances. Thanks to the high-quality components of this monitor, such as the flax sandwich cone, it offers great sound quality throughout the entire range of music that you are going to play.

Not only does it sound great, but the Focal Shape 65 is really easy to set up and to use, which is wonderful for musicians who don’t have a lot of experience with using studio monitors. The high price tag is a little bit of a surprise to some beginners who are purchasing their first equipment but shouldn’t be a problem for more advanced musicians. If you have the budget and are in the market for a great monitor that specializes in nearfield monitoring, then the Focal Shape 65 is definitely one that you will want to consider for your setup.

We hope our Focal Shape 65 review has been helpful.

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