Fender Twin Reverb Review – The Church Guitarist’s Standard

Fender has long been synonymous with quality, and when you are shopping for an amp that isn’t only powerful but is also rugged and strong, then this is an option that you will want to consider. Not only does this amp provide you with all of the rich and powerful tones that you desire, but you can enjoy the clear sound quality that is unmatched by many other amps on the market.

Our Fender Twin Reverb Review

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Fender Twin Reverb Review

What Is the Fender Twin Reverb?

Made by Fender, the 68 Twin Reverb amp is a powerful amp that is designed to offer you incredible sound clarity, as well as great tonal flexibility. By using the amp with optional pedals, guitarists will be able to customize their sound for something that is truly unique.

In 1968, the Twin Reverb amp received a facelift but didn’t lose any of the power and incredible control that it provided. The 68 Twin Reverb offers updated control over your music without losing any of the great design that you love from older Fender amps. This means that this amp looks as attractive as it plays.

This amp has been on the market for a few years and hasn’t undergone many design changes. At 64 pounds, it’s a significantly heavier option than some of the other amps that Fender has, but this means that you never have to worry about the amp being knocked out of position when you are playing.

Who Is the Fender Reverb Designed for?

Larger amps offer a lot more power and control over your sound, which is great if you are going to be performing live. While they can be used by beginning and intermediate musicians, only more advanced guitarists and bassists will be able to get the most control and power out of their new amp.

While this amp can be used for studio work and for practicing, it really shines when used for a performance. It is sure to provide you with the power and sound that you need when playing at church, but you won’t lose the warm and deep tone, no matter how loud you play.

This amp isn’t difficult to use, but it’s best for a musician who is dedicated to playing a lot and is ok with the higher price tag. Due to the increased cost of this amp, it’s easy to see why beginning musicians or more casual guitarists will pass it by in favor of one that is less expensive.

What’s Included with the Fender Reverb?

Like most amps on the market, the Fender 68 Custom Twin Reverb doesn’t come with a lot of different accessories. It comes with the power cord that you need to plug it into the wall as well as a two-button footswitch. This footswitch is easy to operate and very intuitive so that musicians don’t have problems with it.

In addition, to make sure that you can protect your new amp, which is an expensive investment, the Fender Reverb ships with a fitted cover. This cover is important and will help to keep your amp from being damaged by dust and debris. Without a fitted cover, amps can become dirty and the sound quality will be affected and can even be knocked into or kicked, which can greatly compromise the quality that you enjoy.

Primary Features of the Fender Reverb

The Fender Reverb is packed full of amazing features that help to set it apart from other amps on the market. In addition to quickly gaining onset that increases the touch sensitivity, this amp boasts:

  • Hand-wired tube sockets
  • 85 watts
  • Dual 12” speakers
  • Silverface look
  • Fender tube-driven tremolo and reverb
  • 64 pounds
  • Two-channel design
  • Reduced negative feedback
  • 6L6 power tubes

Besides producing a loud and clear sound when you are performing, this amp does a great job with low end and mid sounds. While other amps can sound a little thin and make it difficult for you to enjoy the deep and clear tones that you crave, you won’t have that problem with the Fender Reverb.

While the retro appearance is something that a lot of people love, many retro amps don’t offer the power that you desire from a newer model. The Fender Reverb is the perfect combination of power, retro feel, and usability.

Alternatives to the Fender Reverb

While the Fender Reverb is an incredible amp that most people will love using, it is a little expensive, and if it is out of your price range you will want to consider something in a lower price range. The Fender Blues Deluxe is a great amp that offers many of the same features and specs as the Fender Reverb but on a budget. While you won’t get the same booming sound, you can still capture deep tones with this amp and save a fair amount of money.

The Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb is another great alternative, although the price is the same. This amp has tremolo that sounds about the same as the Fender Reverb and offers two channels, four inputs, and a number of tubes to provide you with power and clarity.

Conclusion – Should You Buy the Fender Reverb?

Fender '65 Twin Reverb 85-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

When you invest in the Fender Twin Reverb you will be buying an amp that is not only durable and tough but also designed to help capture all of your notes and provide you with a rich and clear sound. This amp is powerful enough for regular use in front of large crowds and will amaze you with how easy it is to use.

There are some complaints of the amp making rattling or buzzing noises when it is turned on, but these complaints are few and far between. Fender is known for being a high-quality company that is able to produce incredible instruments and equipment. For that reason alone, as well as all of the benefits that you’ll enjoy with this amp, the Fender Twin Reverb is one that you want to consider if you are going to be playing live at church and want to really set yourself apart from other musicians.

We hope our Fender Twin Reverb review has helped you.

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