Fender CD-140SCE Review – An Affordable Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Fender CD140SCE is a high-quality, acoustic guitar used by musicians who are interested in a clear and rich tone from their instrument. If you are in the market for a new guitar and want to buy one from a company known for producing incredible instruments, then you will want to consider this option from Fender.

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Fender CD-140SCE Review

Our Fender CD-140SCE Review

What Is the Fender CD140SCE?

Made by Fender, the CD140SCE is an attractive all mahogany acoustic-electric guitar. This guitar has an easy-to-play neck that allows the musician using it to enjoy complete control over the instrument.

Due to the high quality of parts and materials used in constructing this Fender guitar, it has been made to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear or losing the high-quality sound. Not only are the top, back, and sides all made from mahogany, but the neck features rolled fingerboard edges for incredibly fast and easy playability.

The guitar has a single-cutaway dreadnought body style that is very easy for most people to handle and control and weighs only 10 pounds, so it is not so heavy that it can’t be controlled, even by younger or more inexperienced musicians. This is a relatively new offering from Fender, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t meet their stringent guidelines for design and construction.

Who Is the Fender CD140SCE Designed for?

This is a great starter guitar that is ideal for any beginning musician who is willing to spend a little extra money to get a great instrument that won’t only sound great but will give them a lot of control over their sound.

The Fender CD140SCE is known for providing incredibly deep and rich tones that are smooth and mellow. The way that the guitar is designed means that you can enjoy plenty of bass, which can be tricky for other acoustic-electric guitars to achieve. For this reason, this guitar is great if you are interested in a guitar that provides you well-rounded sound.

Unlike some acoustic guitars that aren’t ideal for live performances, being able to connect the Fender CD140SCE to an amp means that you will have plenty of power when playing live. While you will get plenty of deep and full sounds with this guitar, you can still enjoy crisp highs, and the wide range that you will enjoy will give you confidence when playing.

What’s Included When You Buy the Fender CD140SCE?

Unlike with many guitars that you can buy online, the Fender CD140SCE comes with a high-quality hardshell case. This means that the buyer does not need to purchase a case so that they can protect their new instrument when traveling with it or when it is not in use. The included case is durable and rugged and will protect the guitar from damage. The Fender CD140SCE doesn’t ship with other accessories, so buying picks and a strap will probably be necessary.

Part of the electronics of this guitar includes a built-in tuner. This is ideal for beginners who struggle with keeping their guitar in tune, as they will not need to either purchase an additional tuner or get help from another musician. While simple, this tuner is incredibly powerful and makes staying in tune easy.

Top Features of the Fender CD140SCE

Not only is the Fender CD140SCE easy to play, but the built-in tuner allows beginners to perfectly tune their instrument for the best possible sound. In addition to this handy feature, this guitar also includes:

  • Scalloped X bracing
  • Fishman Presys pickup/preamp
  • Dreadnought body style
  • A light weight of 10 pounds
  • Powerful electronics
  • Tortoiseshell pickguard
  • Mahogany head cap

The solid top of the Fender CD140SCE really sets it apart from the competition and elevates it from a simple guitar to one that is much higher quality. The durability of this top ensures that it will not pull or pick away from the guitar and that it can stand up to a lot more damage than laminate can.

While this guitar sounds amazing as an acoustic guitar, when paired with a durable and high-quality amp, it really comes to life. The Fender CD140SCE has a crisp and vibrant sound that stands out above other instruments. Additionally, even though this guitar excels at crisp highs, it is able to produce very full and rich deeper notes.

Alternatives to the Fender CD140SCE

While the Fender CD140SCE is a wonderful guitar for anyone who is looking for a durable and reliable instrument and is just starting out, if you want a guitar that will offer you a little more power, then you should consider the Martin Road Series DRS1.

This Martin guitar is a little more expensive, but it is durable and offers clear and rich sound. It’s a bit of a more advanced guitar, making it a great choice for intermediate and advanced musicians.

Another great option to consider is the Takamine GN93CE-NAT. this is also an acoustic-electric guitar, and while it is a little more expensive than the Fender CD140SCE, the slim neck, gorgeous rosewood sides, and incredible three-piece maple and rosewood back really set this guitar apart from others.

The Takamine GN93CE-NAT includes a Takamine TK-40D system with a tuner, EQ and gain controls, notch filter, EQ bypass switch, and mid contour switch. This is a very light guitar that is easy to lift, handle, and play and is exceptionally attractive.

Conclusion – Is the Fender CD140SCE Worth the Money?

Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnaught - Walnut Fingerboard - Natural - with Case

When you purchase the Fender CD140SCE you will get a durable, attractive, and enjoyable guitar that is fun to play and to listen to. The included electronics are very high quality and specifically chosen to help make playing and tuning this guitar easier and faster than ever.

The design of the body helps to produce the pleasant and crisp notes that you want, but being able to coax out deeper sounds from the guitar is exciting and will allow you to enjoy a very wide range of music without feeling like you are limited.

Overall, the Fender CD140SCE is a great guitar for beginners and intermediate musicians. While it has a slightly higher price tag than some other beginner guitars, it’s great for practice and for performance and can help you hone your guitar skills.

We hope our Fender CD-140SCE review has helped you.

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