EV Evolve 50 Review

Our Evolve 50 Review

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ev evolve 50 review

Portable PA systems are big, heavy, and bulky. It’s hard to transport them and set up a professional sound system for your event. Having experience with portable systems and their problems, we wanted to give you this EV Evolve 50 review so you can decide whether this is the right system for you.

The Evolve 50 is the first portable PA that uses a Bluetooth connection with an app on your phone to control it. This means no more lugging around heavy equipment or dealing with tangled wires when you want to play music at an outdoor festival or outreach! 

With the EV Evolve 50, you can play high-quality audio from anywhere in the range of your phone using their free App. You can even use the app to mix tracks together for seamless transitions between songs without having to carry any extra equipment around! Best of all, this amazing piece of technology weighs less than 60 pounds so it’s easy enough for one person to carry!

EV, short for Electro-Voice, is a company that has been designing and producing professional audio equipment for nearly 100 years. Their products, such as the ones we review here at Easy Church Tech, are sold worldwide to churches, businesses, movie theatres, colleges, and more.

It’s no surprise then that one of their goals in creating this portable PA system was to make an “invisible box” that looks professional and works just as well.

The features they’ve packed into this super-lightweight speaker are amazing, including:

Bluetooth 4.1 connection with Expander Audio bass enhancement technology for high-quality sound Wireless phones and tablets can stream music or record live performances using the free Evolve App Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet User-selectable EQ settings with onboard controls

The Evolve 50 has 1000 watts of peak power and 500 watts of RMS power with a frequency response from 37 Hz – 20 kHz. It contains 4 rugged 3.5″ full-range EV speakers and 1 subwoofer driver with an 8″ woofer The system charges quickly in 2 to 5 hours using a standard USB cable It has a carrying handle, wheels, and a multipurpose tray that works as a desk for the remote control

What Is The EV Evolve 50?

The EV Evolve 50 is an amazingly compact and lightweight portable PA system. It contains all the components you need to play great-sounding music with your own phone or tablet.

You can connect and begin playing wirelessly within seconds, even if you’ve never used a PA system before!

This speaker is perfect for:

Small church worship groups (without a church tech staff) Church band or worship leaders Sound technicians who want to mix their own tracks during an outreach Event planners with multiple speakers for conferences

Because of its impressive features, the EV Evolve 50 works great as a pro PA system in just about any venue that you can imagine. Whether you’re playing on your own backyard porch, using it for a small church event, or setting up for a conference, this speaker will deliver.

Top Features Of The EV Evolve 50


A Bluetooth connection with your phone or tablet quickly and easily connects you to the audio source Large range From 100 feet away, you can play music from your device as long as you’re in Bluetooth range.

Professional sound 

Receive crystal-clear sound from the 4 full-range neodymium drivers and 1 subwoofer Built-in mixer with onboard EQ settings

The built-in 3-channel mixer lets you adjust your sound for different environments, including outdoor events where a lot of sounds bounce off walls, buildings, and other objects.

Three EQ presets: Music, Live, Speech, and Club One

Touch preset buttons let you switch between all four EQ presets with the touch of a single button, so you can easily optimize your sound for different environments.

Phantom power

This PA system features phantom power, so you can use your own condenser microphones. It also has a built-in output delay to synchronize everything together for a consistent sound without any lagging.

EV Evolve 50 Review Of The Pros And Cons


  • Easy to set up and use You can quickly connect with your phone or tablet, even if you’ve never used a PA system before
  • The Bluetooth range of 100 feet is impressive for such a lightweight unit. You don’t need to worry about running a lot of cables to get great sound anywhere you go.
  • The built-in mixer lets you customize your sound so it’s perfect for almost any situation, even out in the backyard where there are lots of hard surfaces that cause echoes or reflections.


  • Some users have reported problems with the Bluetooth connection, including static and stuttering. You may need to update the firmware or adjust your settings for the best performance.

My Experience With The EV Evolve 50

I’ve had the pleasure of using a couple of sizes and models of EV portable PA systems. I’m happy to say that the sound quality from this smaller model is every bit as high-quality as larger units.

If you’re going to be playing more than 100 feet away from your device, it may be worth investing in a longer-range Bluetooth signal.

The Bluetooth is a convenient and easy way to go, but the quality isn’t always perfect. You will definitely want to check out these options if you plan on using this speaker far from your phone or tablet.

My favorite thing about the EV Evolve 50 is how quick and easy it is to set up for any event, even if you’ve never used a PA system before. Just unpack, plug in the power cord and subwoofer cable, turn it on, and then go into your Bluetooth settings to pair your device.

Suppose you have an iPad or other tablet that doesn’t use Bluetooth. In that case, you can easily connect with an auxiliary chord from the 3.5mm jack.

Although the unit is lightweight and compact, it still delivers impressive sound quality for almost any event or situation that you can imagine. I have been impressed with every portable PA system that EV has made so far, and the Evolve 50 is no exception.

Frequently Asked Questions About The EV Evolve 50

How loud is it?

The Evolve is rated at 1000W, which means that it’s loud enough for almost any venue. You will need to speak up if you’re using a microphone in an outdoor space, but the sound is clear and loud.

How easy is it to set up?

It takes less than 10 minutes to set this up, so you can get your music or other sound playing within seconds of opening the box. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use.

What is the Bluetooth range?

The built-in Bluetooth has a range of 100 feet, which is longer than most portable PA systems. You may notice some static or audio disruption if you are more than 100ft. from your device, but this shouldn’t be a problem for indoor events like speeches or performances at the local theater. The sound quality is still good as long as you stay within range.

Is there an input for an MP3 player?

There are 3 inputs for devices with standard RCA connections, which means that you can easily connect a CD player, MP3 player, or another sound system. You’ll need to adjust the volume manually if you are using an auxiliary connection like this.

How heavy is it?

It weighs less than 60 pounds and comes with a convenient handle for easy transport. It doesn’t take up much space in your vehicle, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere.

Conclusion To This EV Evolve 50 Review

Electro-Voice Evolve 50 1000W Powered Column Speaker Array System, Black

The EV Evolve 50 is a powerful, compact PA system that’s perfect for any occasion.

This portable sound system has everything you need to make your event or performance come alive with sound. It features eight 3.5″ full-range neodymium drivers, a 12″ subwoofer powered by a 3-channel amp for high output, cutting-edge components, and tuning, and proprietary waveguides that provide ultra-wide 120° horizontal coverage and array formed 40° asymmetrical vertical pattern control.

With the EV Evolve 50, you can easily operate it via four presets (Music, Live, Speech, Club), three-band EQs five user-programmable presets outputs delay phantom power input level control metering master volume control to optimize gain structure legendary EV audio quality via eight 3.5″ full-range neodymium drivers and a 12″ subwoofer powered by a 3 channel amp for high output cutting edge components and tuning provide full-sized sound in super streamlined plug play format proprietary waveguides provide ultra-wide 120-degree horizontal coverage array formed 40-degree asymmetrical vertical pattern control.

If you’re looking for a portable sound system that’s versatile and easy to use, the EV Evolve 50 is perfect. With 8 3.5″ full-range neodymium drivers powered by 1000W of power, this unit is sure to be loud enough for any event or venue while still producing high-quality audio with cutting-edge components and tuning.

The built-in Bluetooth has an impressive range of 100 feet which means that it should work well as long as your device stays within that range. If you venture beyond, then it will become problematic. (which may lead to some static). If you have questions about how best to utilize this speaker, just ask our team! We’ll help you find the right PA system for your needs, whether it be indoors or outdoors at a wedding reception or outdoor concert.

Thank you for taking the time to read our EV Evolve 50 review.

Source: EV

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