Epiphan Pearl 2 Review – A Superior Video Production System

The Epiphan Pearl 2 is a video production system that includes everything you need to create professional-quality videos. It’s perfect for small businesses and individuals who want to produce high-quality content without the hassle of purchasing expensive equipment.

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epiphan pearl 2 review a superior video production system

How To Choose The Right Video Switcher For Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the right video switcher for your needs, there are a few things you need to consider. In this article, we will outline five essential factors you need to take into account when making your purchase.

Factor 1: The Price Of The Video Switcher

When it comes to choosing the right video switcher for your needs, price is definitely a factor to consider. There are a variety of different video switchers available at various price points, so it’s important to find one that fits your budget and meets your specific needs. Some of the more affordable options offer basic features like switching between channels and playing videos, while others offer more comprehensive features like support for 4K resolution and built-in audio/video editing capabilities. It’s also important to consider what features are most important to you when selecting a video switcher. Some users might want a simple option that they can use without having to learn too much about how it works, while others may want more advanced options that allow them to customize their viewing experience. Finally, make sure you take into account how often you plan on using the video switcher. Some models are designed for occasional use, while others are more versatile and can be used more frequently.

Factor 2: The Features Of The Video Switcher

Next, you need to consider the features of the video switcher. This includes things like support for 4K resolution, built-in audio/video editing capabilities, and more. Not all of these features are necessary, but they can definitely add value to your overall experience. Additionally, make sure you take into account how much functionality the video switcher offers relative to its price point. Some options offer a lot of features at a low price point, while others offer less features but cost more.

Factor 3: The Ease Of Use Of The Video Switcher

Ease of use is key when choosing a video switcher. Ideally, the switcher should be easy to navigate and use, with clear indicator lights and buttons. In addition, the user interface should be easy to learn and use. Many video switchers come with presets or features that make them especially easy to use, such as a dubbed over video feature that automatically switches between the original and dubbed videos.

Factor 4: Support and Documentation

When it comes to selecting the right video switcher for your needs, support and documentation are important factors to consider. Make sure to look for a video switcher that has clear and concise documentation available, as this will make using the tool easy. Additionally, make sure the support team is knowledgeable and able to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

Our Epiphan Pearl 2 Review

Creating live video content is hard, but it’s especially difficult to create an engaging live stream with multiple videos.

Pearl-2 makes creating professional-looking live streams easy and affordable by combining six of your favorite sources into one seamless stream that you can share anywhere!

The Pearl-2 Base Video Mixer from Epiphan allows you to combine up to 6 video sources and 2 audio sources into a single clean HD or 4K output for streaming over the internet. Using the drag and drop interface, simply select which source will be on top, which on the bottom, or even overlay them together for a unique look. Choose between using the default encoding settings provided by Pearl-2 or customize them to meet your exact needs. Control the video recorder with their web-based portal allowing you to record directly onto popular cloud services like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage (GS), Dropbox, FTP/SFTP servers or any other supported storage device.

The Pearl-X is a plug-and-play USB video encoder that works with any live streaming software. It’s the perfect companion to help you get your live stream online quickly and easily while looking professional!

What Is the Epiphan Pearl 2 Base Video Mixer?

The Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer lets you create a masterpiece with each live production, and the best part is, this one tool takes care of your encoding, recording, combining, and switching all at the same time. You can work on up to six video sources and two audio sources at a time, and you can share any type of video at any time and anywhere. If you’re a beginner at this, there’s nothing to worry about because you can configure it in the beginning with a web-based portal and even use the drag-and-drop interface to develop customizable layouts for your live stream.

In other words, Epiphan makes it easy for anyone and everyone to develop great-looking live productions, and you can even control the video recorder and video switcher capabilities by using the touchscreen or the Epiphan Live interface, which is tablet-friendly. Think of the Epiphan Pearl 2 as an all-in-one system that lets you switch, stream, and record in HD with an option to add 4K. This encoder and video-production system lets you do all this and more in one central location, making it both easy and fast to do the work you need to do on your productions.

It is also a very easy system to learn; so easy, in fact, that even beginners can use it with success. It is a video processor, video streaming, video capturing, video recording, video switching, video scaling, audio encoder, and audio embedding device all in just one device. Because of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, you get the latest in live streaming technology to help make all of your productions look professional. In fact, you can even add a remote guest if you like using this protocol, making it super easy to make your productions even more high-tech and impressive.

Top Benefits of the Epiphan Pearl 2 Base Video Mixer

When you need simple but reliable live streaming, the Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer provides just what you need to get that. This includes:

  • Connect up to six sources at once to encode and stream one 4K UHD program; or, you can connect up to six 1080p full HD programs
  • Use it with video sources from SD to 4K, though a separate add-on is required for 4K capability
  • Sixth generation Intel i7 processor
  • Use touchscreen or Epiphan Live to preview and even change the live content in all of your video programs
  • You can see all of your changes immediately in your live video stream, as well as on any display connected to Pearl 2’s 4K HDMI video output ports
  • Use any combination of your video sources connected to HDMI, 12G-SDI or 4K HDMI video input ports, or from your IP cameras over the network
  • Combine, scale, and crop up to six video sources
  • Enjoy built-in attenuation and gain adjustment
  • Simultaneously send live streams to Facebook, YouTube, and many others. Or, stream locally to smart TVs, web browsers, and so on
  • Connect headphones and monitor your audio using the 3.5 mm audio jack mounted on the front, and your on-screen VU meter
  • Use any computer or mobile device on your local network to control all of your streaming and recording
  • Design customized layouts with picture-in-picture simply by using a drag-and-drop editor located in the web-based Admin panel
  • Use customized overlay images, backgrounds, timestamping, and text
  • Integrate with content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS) that include Blackboard, Moodle, Mediasite, and others
  • Use the 512GB solid-state hard drive to hold hundreds of hours of HD recordings

You can also capture embedded SDI and HDMI audio to make professional-level audio from your mixing consoles and sound equipment, or protect your files by configuring automatic file transfer to either a local USB drive (via USB 3.0) or a networked storage area. If you have content you wish to send to a larger confidence monitor, you can do so with Pearl 2’s two 4K HDMI video output ports. All this and so much more is available when you decide you want to use the Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer. It might sound complicated, but even a beginner can learn it quickly because Epiphan made sure the system is easy to learn.

Epiphan Pearl 2 Base Video Mixer Review: Pros and Cons

The Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer only had one review on Amazon, but that reviewer gave it five stars. Below are some pros and cons of this very versatile video mixer:


  • Great all-in-one system for recording, streaming, and so on, of all types of live productions
  • Stream the final program output in any resolution while at the same time recording high-quality ISOs for post-processing
  • Simultaneously live-stream to various content delivery networks and content management services
  • Very user-friendly and easy for beginners to learn
  • No complex programming required to get the results you want


  • A bit pricey for some people at $7,500

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finally, here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer:

Q: Can I publish my live video stream to a large audience easily?

A: Yes, you can do this one of two ways: either by using an enterprise streaming server or using a CDN using either RTSP or RTMP.

Q: What types of CDNs are supported by the Pearl 2 base video mixer?

A: Lots of them, including YouTube, Wowza, Facebook Live, Ustream, Livestream, Akamai, and many others.

Q: Is setting up my network going to be difficult or time-consuming.

A: No, it will not. With Pearl 2’s auto-discovery feature and built-in touchscreen, viewing and configuring your IP address can be done right from the device. You can also access helpful networking tools and access all of these things through the web-based UI offered by Pearl.

Q: Can you switch video sources when you’re live with this device?

A: Yes. The built-in touchscreen makes switching between your video sources and layouts during live production super easy. You can even use the Epiphan Live interface, which is browser-based, from nearly anywhere when you use a mobile device, laptop, or even a desktop.

Q: How difficult is it to share all of my webcasts?

A: You can easily share either unicast or multicast streams with up to 50 viewers when you use any of the streaming protocols available. These include HTTP, FLV, HLS, SAP, ASF, and UPnP.

Epiphan Pearl-2 Specs


Processing ResolutionDCI 4K


Video Input Connectors2 x BNC (12G-SDI)
4 x HDMI (DVI / HDMI 1.4a)
1 x RJ45 (HX / NDI)
Audio Input Connectors4 x 3-Pin XLR Stereo Analog Female
1 x 2RCA Stereo Analog Female


Video Output Connectors1 x HDMI (HDMI 1.4a)
1 x HDMI (HDMI 2.0)
Audio Output Connectors1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Analog Female
Embedded Audio OutputHDMI


HDCP SupportYes

IP Encoding/Decoding

IP VideoH.264:
4096 x 2160 Encoding

Internal Recording

Internal Storage512 GB


Display Size4.3″
Screen Resolution800 x 480


Built-In BatteryNone
Power ConsumptionDevice: 100 to 240 VAC


Operating Temperature32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C


Dimensions11.81 x 9.45 x 3.54″ / 30 x 24 x 8.99 cm
Weight8.4 lb / 3.8 kg

Packaging Info

Package Weight19.8 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)19.1 x 15.7 x 7.9″

Conclusion – Epiphan Pearl 2 Review

There are a lot of great things to say about the Epiphan Pearl 2 base video mixer, but it can be summed up in one word: easy. Indeed, even if you’ve never done this type of work before, this user-friendly system will have you recording and live-streaming like a pro in no time. It isn’t just the ease of use that makes the Pearl 2 system so valuable; it is also the high-tech features it offers, which everyone can appreciate.

Epiphan Pearl 2 Review

For all types of live productions, the Pearl 2 base video mixer is a true miracle worker. It does several jobs at once and even lets you customize the services you need for your production. While it is a bit on the expensive side, you’ll appreciate it anyway once you discover just how valuable the system is. When you want truly professional live productions, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading our Epiphan Pearl 2 Review!

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