Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE Review: Gorgeous and Powerful

Our Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE Review

Known for producing some of the highest quality guitars in the world, Cordoba creates beautiful Spanish-inspired instruments that are as attractive as they are playable.

If you are looking for an incredible acoustic-electric guitar that features a full and bright sound that is easy to coax out from the instrument then you may want to take a look at the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE. This guitar is great for showcasing your musical skills and provides plenty of control and power for any musician, making it a perfect choice for a guitarist who wants to improve their playing and is going to be performing.

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cordoba fusion orchestra ce review gorgeous and powerful

What Is the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE?

This incredible acoustic electric guitar is a member of Cordoba’s Fusion series of instruments. These are high-quality hybrid or crossover nylon string guitars that have been specially created to feel like you are playing a steel-string acoustic. They have slimmer dimensions than other similar guitars, which makes them easier to hold and to play, and the radiused fingerboard provides them with more playability.

Thanks to the domed soundboard and bracing pattern, the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE is built in the traditional Spanish way but produces a fresh and bright sound at the same time. Because of the style and body of this guitar, it is reminiscent of older Spanish guitars, but it features the resonance, warmth, and body that musicians have come to love from nylon string guitars, which makes it a wonderful blend of old and new and puts a lot of power and control in the hand of any guitarist lucky enough to play it.

Who Is This Guitar Designed For?

This gorgeous guitar may look priced out of range for intermediate musicians, but it’s actually perfect for any intermediate to an advanced guitarist who is looking for a certain sound and wants to improve their performances and recording. While it can easily be played by a beginner, the higher price tag on this guitar may give some musicians pause, which is why it is normally played by more accomplished guitarists.

Guitarists will love the soft and bright tone when it is played as an acoustic, but this guitar really shines when it is plugged into a powerful amp and turned up. This allows every note to be clear and bright and can make this guitar stand out in a crowd.

The design of the neck and the fretboard allows musicians to play quickly and to practice for improvement. Musicians who are in the market for a gorgeous instrument that will grow with them as they practice will want to consider the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE.

What’s Included?

The Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE ships with a highly padded gig bag, which is great for musicians who want to be able to store their instrument and take it with them on the go without worrying about it being damaged. Because the bag is so highly padded and can be carried by the handle or worn as a backpack, it’s easy to take the guitar with you.

This guitar doesn’t have the hardware for straps, so guitarists who want to wear their instrument on stage will need to invest in both the hardware and a strap. A capo is a great idea as well, as it will make playing easier.

Finally, if you are going to perform with the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE, then you need to make sure that you have a high-quality amp. Lower quality amps will tend to buzz and won’t allow you to really showcase the scale and richness of this instrument.

Primary Features of the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE

Cordoba is known for paying attention to the smaller details when designing and producing their guitars, and the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE is no different. It’s an incredible blend of modern touches and traditional materials that results in an instrument that is fun to play and produces unbelievable sound. Some of the amazing features included in this guitar are:

  • Two-way truss rods
  • Savarez Corum Alliance strings
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 4-band preamp EQ
  • Onboard tuner
  • Mahogany binding
  • 6” scale length
  • High gloss polyurethane finish

One thing that musicians really love when they invest in this guitar is that the entire range of the instrument is strong and full. Unlike some other acoustic electric guitars where the higher notes will sound thin and the lower ones tend to sound hollow and even echo, the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE has an incredible range with notes that are all rich.

Thanks to the preamp, users have complete control over their gain and volume when playing. It also acts as an onboard tuner, which makes this instrument a little more accessible to beginners.

One complaint that some musicians have reported with the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE is that it tends to have high action. This is to help prevent musicians from dealing with fret buzz.

Alternatives to the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE

The Takamine GC5CE-NAT is a great alternative to consider, especially if you are concerned about the higher price tag on the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE. This great guitar features a similar style and fan-bracing. Even though it is a little lower price, it still has a powerful preamp system with a built-in tuner for complete sound control.

If you are looking for a guitar that has a different appearance and will make you pop when performing, then look at the Taylor 214CE DLX. The sunburst design of this guitar is sure to make you stand out, and it offers a similar tone to the Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE, although the notes aren’t going to be quite as bright and crisp.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider the Fusion Orchestra CE?

Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE Crossover Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar, Fusion Series

This guitar is an incredible price for such a well-designed and impressive instrument. Thanks to the powerful onboard electronics, guitarists will be able to have complete control over their sound. Additionally, the attractive design and wood type are gorgeous.

The frets are specifically designed to allow musicians to play this instrument for long periods of time without getting tired. It’s a great choice for anyone who is going to be playing on their own at home and wants to really feel their music, but it especially shines when used on a stage. Because this guitar is perfect for performances, it is an investment piece for any praise band and will quickly be the stand-out instrument on Sunday mornings, which makes it an obvious choice for anyone committed to their music.

We hope our Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE review has been helpful to you.

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