Our Cordoba 45 Limited Review

As one of the leading manufacturers of electric and acoustic guitars, Cordoba Music Group is known for producing high-quality instruments that are as attractive as they are functional.

What really sets their acoustic guitars apart from others on the market is that they are designed in a Spanish traditional method, which results in handmade, lightweight, and resonant instruments. They vary widely in size, color, style, and tonewood, but they are all designed to provide the best playing experience possible.

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cordoba 45 limited review a gorgeous acoustic guitar

What Is The Cordoba 45 Limited?

The Cordoba 45 Limited is a traditional classical guitar that features a solid spruce top with black and white ebony on the sides and back. It’s made in Spain and designed to appear very classic, but with a modern and visually striking spin, thanks to the ebony.

Thanks to the spruce top of this guitar, it has a clear and crisp tone, and the ebony ensures that the bass is robust and full, with great sustain. When you play this amazing guitar you will enjoy a classical instrument that has been designed not only to produce clear and lovely notes but also to provide you with the depth that you need to really feel the music in your soul. This guitar has only been produced for a few years, and it allows demanding musicians the chance to own a gorgeous piece of work.

Who Is This Acoustic Guitar Designed For?

This gorgeous acoustic guitar is designed for more advanced musicians who are ready to invest in their music. It provides incredibly clear sounds and notes, and thanks to the wood used in its construction, it offers a robust sound. Additionally, since the neck has such fast action, it’s perfect for musicians who have a lot of speed and control when playing.

If you have been playing acoustic guitar for a long time and are ready to invest in a showstopping instrument, then this is a great option. It’s best for advanced musicians, as most beginners will not have the money to invest in this guitar or may not want to make such a large purchase without first improving their skills.

While beginners certainly can enjoy playing the Cordoba 45 Limited, they may not be able to enjoy the fast action of the neck or really make the most of their time playing it. Its incredible construction and high-quality hardware ensure that it will always sound great, but it will sound much better in the hands of a more advanced musician.

What’s Included?

You won’t have to worry about replacing the strings on your new guitar, as they are incredibly high-quality and can be played right away. In addition to shipping with great stock strings, the Cordoba 45 Limited ships with a Humicase Protégé wood case.

These cases are incredibly high-quality and feature 7-ply construction. The deluxe locking hardware is made of chrome, and the inside of the case is soft and plush with a storage compartment. Thanks to the built-in humidification system, this case does a great job protecting your guitar from humidity and also from being damaged during transport or storage.

Other than the case and amazing strings, this guitar doesn’t come with other accessories. Musicians will want to invest in a high-quality capo so that they can adjust their tuning without worrying about damaging the neck of their guitar.

Primary Features of the Cordoba 45 Limited

The Cordoba 45 Limited is packed with amazing features that ensure that you will enjoy clear and bright tones whenever you play this instrument. While you do have to take time to play the guitar due to the spruce top so that you can ensure the best sound possible, that’s the only real issue that you may run into. Otherwise, you are sure to have your expectations exceeded thanks to the following:

  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Gold plated tuning machines
  • Savarez strings
  • High gloss finish

While the beauty of this guitar is sure to make it stand out from any others, one thing that is particularly wonderful about it is the robust sound. Even the bass, which can sound thin in some classical guitars, sounds powerful and resonant and is very firm, which ensures that this guitar can hold its own when played with other instruments.

One issue that some musicians have reported is that there are some sanding issues around the linings and some glue seepage under the interior braces. However, the exterior of this guitar is phenomenal, and since most people don’t stare into the sound hole of a guitar, this is not a big problem.

Alternatives to the 45 Limited

It’s always a good idea to have an alternative in mind when looking at instruments, and while the Cordoba 45 Limited is an incredible guitar, its high price tag may make it out of reach for some musicians. In that case, the Cordoba C7 CD is a great alternative. It offers the same incredible clear notes as the 45 Limited but has a lower price tag due to the use of rosewood in place of ebony.

Another great alternative is the Cordoba C9 CD/MH guitar. With a Canadian cedar top and mahogany on the sides and back, this guitar looks great and sounds amazing. The rosewood fingerboard allows for fast action and incredibly clear notes, no matter your skill level.

Conclusion – Is the Cordoba 45 Limited a Good Choice for You?

Cordoba Guitars 45 Limited Acoustic Classical Guitar, Full-size

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that is sure to improve your sound quality and is high-quality enough to help you push yourself to better your musical abilities then the Cordoba 45 Limited is a good choice. It is definitely an investment, but musicians who are ready to better themselves and need a higher quality instrument that will match their abilities will want to consider it.

While any musician playing this gorgeous instrument will be able to stand out in a crowd, it is best suited for individual performances where it can really be the start. For this reason, while it isn’t the best choice for use in a praise band, it can be quite stunning for a solo performance on Sunday mornings.

We hope our Cordoba 45 Limited review has been helpful.

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