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Computer systems today are not just for the elite. Nowadays, they can be found in churches and used to spread messages of faith across many borders. I am a pastor at one such church that is now on its way into the digital age. In my case, it was difficult deciding what computer system would work best with our needs and even harder knowing how to implement them once we had made up our minds about which ones were right for us! But like all good adventures – this too has been wonderful so far…

Like me, you are probably faced with decisions like…..

  • Apple Vs. PC.
  • Does it have USB 3 inputs?
  • Does it have enough memory to run a church media system or a church live stream system?

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Church Computers – 5 Great Options For Media And Office

Moreover, of course, since we are small and on budget, there’s always the price to think about- do I want an affordable option that is still powerful in what they can offer for my requirements as well as meeting our needs at this time without having any future obsolescence worries that would force us into upgrading sooner than necessary because their processor won’t work anymore; or should I go ahead and spend more money now knowing these products tend not only to last longer but also provide better customer service when something does need fixing).

Instead of running off and doing the research and calling it “job done.” I figured I would try to be a blessing to you and share with you what I learned about the different computers available for a budget church computer system

Here are the eight computers that might be a good choice for you and your church.

Church Computer System Buyers Guide

Some people might think that shopping for a church computer system is enough of a pain without having to worry about the different things you need it to do. But luckily, we’re here with some tips and tricks on how to find one that will suit your needs perfectly! A lot goes into finding what kind of features are necessary when searching for an appropriate laptop or desktop model: so keep these in mind before purchasing anything.

Apple Vs. PC

Apple has been the computer of choice for many people over the years. However, my volunteers have all grown up on PC and are most familiar with that operating system. This is why I made our decision to go with a Windows-based machine instead of an Apple product so they could be more productive while at work without having to learn something new as well as complicated software programs in order to run church presentations like PowerPoint or other media applications we use during services.


In order to successfully deliver a high-quality media presentation, you need the right amount of RAM. Going for just enough memory will cause sluggish presentations and poor response times when switching slides. This is also true if your goal is live stream video quality or upload speeds!

In order to succeed in delivering an effective sermon outline, it’s important that you have adequate computer resources available. If your presenter or pastor has less than 4GB of free space on their system hard drive they may experience delays during transitions between one slide and another as well as slower performance due to insufficient processing power which can lead them into other problems such as unresponsive graphics cards from using too much physical memory rather than virtual memory (RAM).

Most of the software says that you can get by with 4 GB of memory but 8, 16 or more is recommended.

USB 3 Inputs

USB 3 input ports are the future of signal transfer for PCs. With live streaming systems, many camcorders and capture cards start to use USB 3 because it allows more data to be transferred from one device to another.

If you are looking for a computer that can handle all of your digital needs, look no further. You’re in luck because if the inside tab is black then it means they have USB 2 input on their computers and blue tabs denote that this particular machine has a USB 3 port!

Why I Picked These Computers For You To Consider For Your Church

When I was selecting a computer for our church’s media and live stream, memory was the number one consideration. Ever since my experience with computers that are low on memory trying to run modern programs, it has always frustrated me when volunteers use these machines because they can be very frustrating as well. That is why each of these computers has enough memory so we don’t run into any issues running today’s software

The second consideration I had was video outputs. Many churches need a computer for their media ministry. Some churches send a video signal to the front of the sanctuary, to the pastor’s personal monitor, and have more than 1 monitor in their media booth. In my church, we have 2 monitors in back at the media and 1 at the front of the church.

Video outputs is one of the most important elements to consider when buying a computer for your church. You need to choose between sending signals out with HDMI cables or DVI cords. Most churches will use these two types of monitors, and both have their advantages/disadvantages depending on how many screens you want in front of people during services. If I had it my way we would just go full HD because TVs are so inexpensive now, but that’s not always realistic!

The rest of the features depend on what your needs are.

So without further ado, here are the eight church computers that I think will be a good choice for your church media or video recording project.

5 Great Church Computers

Final Thoughts On These Computers For Your Church

Well, there you go. Five great church computer recommendations for you. I hope that my work and research helped you narrow down your choice for a church computer system for your multi-media or live stream system.

Thank you for reading our article on Church Computers

Church Computer Options

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