Celestion G10 Greenback Review: Upgrade Your Amp Speakers With These Babies!

Our Celestion G10 Greenback Review

As a designer and importer of loudspeakers, Celestion understands the sound quality that their customers want. That is one of the reasons why they sell the Celestion G10 Greenback.

After being started in 1924, Celestion grew rapidly until the depression. After that, Celestion kept making speakers until 2006, when they stopped manufacturing their own speakers and began importing and designing ones from China. They are known for producing speakers that are designed to meet the needs of their customers and to allow musicians the ability to make adjustments to their sound equipment for the best possible tone.

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celestion g10 greenback review upgrade your amp speakers with these babies!

What Is the Celestion G10 Greenback?

The G10 Greenback is a guitar speaker that, while only 10”, offers the power and reliability of a larger 12” speaker. It was developed to try to recapture the great and full sound of their 1970s 10s, which was a speaker that had a meaty and rich tone. While it doesn’t have a lot of output, the G10 Greenback has a very creamy and delightful mid-range tone, as well as a smooth top-end.

This means that when this speaker is used in smaller combos, it adds a lot of sound quality and class to your music. It can also be combined with a 4 x 10, which results in a full-bodied tone that is deep and offers a lot of low-end thump. Because of how versatile this speaker is, it is a great choice for a lot of musicians who are looking to adjust their tone and want to use a high-quality speaker to do so.

Who Is the G10 Designed for?

Any musician who is looking to change the tone of their guitar and improve their speaker will want to consider the G10 Greenback. This speaker gives you the classic British tone that so many people love. Anyone who likes the distinctive growl and warm body of British music will enjoy this speaker. Because it fits easily into an amp and doesn’t require any skill to be used, it doesn’t matter how advanced a musician is, as a musician of any level can enjoy the G10 Greenback.

It produces sparkling highs and has a solid tone, no matter what chords or notes are played, which makes it perfect for all styles of music. Unlike some speakers that are really only designed for blues or rock, the G10 Greenback works wonderfully in all situations. It’s incredibly articulate and responsive, so musicians never feel like they have lost any control over their sound.

What’s Included?

Just like most speakers that you can buy to install in your amp, the G10 Greenback ships alone. There are no special parts or additional pieces that you will need to buy to install it in your amp, which makes replacing your current speaker easy.

Musicians only need to have an amp on hand that they want to update to use this speaker. It obviously can’t be used on its own but is a fast and easy to way to update almost any amp and enjoy a crisp and bright British sound.

Primary Features of the Celestion G10 Greenback

Not only is this speaker very easy to install in an amp, but it instantly updates and improves the sound, resulting in an amp that almost has a custom tone. It is hands down, the best way to turn a basic amp into one that is not only powerful and responsive but also improves the sound of your music when playing. Some of the features you’ll love include:

  • 30 W
  • Eight ohms
  • Only weighs5 pounds
  • 95 Hz to 5.5 Hz
  • Classic British sounds
  • 10”

One thing that most users love about this speaker is that it does away with any fuzziness or distortion when you are using your amp. Unlike some other speakers that tend to sound fizzy or glassy, the G10 Greenback produces a clear and bright tone, which is a great way to upgrade any amp that you have in your home.

Additionally, any harsh or dull sounds from your amp can quickly be adjusted thanks to the addition of this speaker. Unfortunately, in-amp speakers aren’t always very high quality and can result in a dull sound that is flat and uninspired. The G10 Greenback sounds incredibly fresh and bright, making it a great option for any musician, no matter if they play at home or are a member of a praise band at church.

Alternatives to the G10 Greenback

One alternative that you may want to consider if you aren’t sure if the G10 Greenback is right for you, is the Celestion Rocket 50 speaker. This speaker is great for smaller combo amplifiers and is available in eight ohms. Even though it is a little smaller than the G10 Greenback, it still offers plenty of power and a rich and full tone, which sounds wonderful in most situations.

Another great alternative to consider is the Eminence Legend BP102-4. It is a 200 W, five-ohm speaker, but is surprisingly powerful. It’s designed to be used with a bass guitar or pro audio applications and is a great mid-range speaker that can be used in both vented and sealed enclosures. Additionally, it works well in both multi and single driver designs.

Conclusion – Is the Celestion G10 Greenback Right for You?

Celestion G10 Greenback Guitar Speaker 16ohm

Any musician who has an amp at home that doesn’t produce the sound that they want can benefit from the G10 Greenback. Celestion is known for making high-quality speakers, and this one is no different. It is a wonderful way to update the sound of any amp and will instantly clear up any muddy or dark tones and make them clear and bright.

Known for being not only powerful but also producing some of the best sounds of any speakers on the market, this speaker is a great choice for musicians of all skill levels. It’s surprisingly easy to install and makes a huge difference in overall tone quality, which is great for live performances.

We hope our Celestion G10 Greenback review has been helpful to you.

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