Our Canon XF405 Review

Any church that wants to be able to record special events will quickly learn that hiring an outside professional to do the job for them can get quite expensive. Rather than overspending when hiring an outside videographer for youth gatherings, weddings, live streaming, or revivals, churches can take matters into their own hands. There are a lot of wonderful camcorders on the market today, but the Canon XF405 is known for being one of the best.

Investing in this high-quality camcorder is a great way to ensure that any church can make movies for use on their website or for private use inside the church. Professionals and amateurs alike will love the power that the Canon XF405 offers, as well as how easy it is to use.

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canon xf405 review – an easy to use professional camcorder

What Is the Canon XF405?

The Canon XF405 is one of Canon’s professional camcorders. It has been on the market since late 2017 and is one of almost two dozen professional pieces of equipment that they sell. Designed to be compact and portable, which makes it great for on-the-go recording, it’s one of their more expensive options, as it is packed with great features.

Who Is this Professional Camcorder Designed for?

This camcorder is designed specifically for professionals to use, which means that it can be a little daunting for other church members to handle.

However, even though it is specifically designed for professional use, it is relatively easy to understand and to control. This makes it a great option for churches who are interested in high-quality recordings.

However, the high price tag of the Canon XF405 can be a problem for many churches. Because this is a professional camera, it comes with a much higher price tag than other smaller and less powerful options. This high price tag can easily put it out of reach of some churches.

It’s best to make sure that you need the power and control that the Canon XF405 offers before investing in it, as it can easily cause smaller churches to go over budget when shopping.

However, I think you will be impressed with the XF405. Take a look at all it can do!

What’s Included?

Like many similar pieces of equipment, the Canon XF405 ships by itself. While it does come with a battery pack and a charging cord, users who want a case or additional battery will need to buy those separately. It does, however, ship with everything that you need to start using the camera right away.

Primary Features of the XF405

One feature that all users love about the Canon XF405 is that it offers a variety of ways to record audio. This means that you can easily rely on the internal stereo mic terminal, the internal stereo mic, or two XLR terminals. Users have complete control over their audio when using the Canon XF405. Other great features include:

  • 15x optical zoom lens
  • Slow and fast recording
  • 4K UHD, as well as full HD, recording
  • Dual processors
  • Wired and WIFI connectivity
  • Detachable handle
  • Impressive dual pixel technology

Even though autofocus has long been a problem for many companies, Canon nailed it with the Canon XF405. The autofocus makes it easy to produce clear and bright recordings without any out-of-focus areas, which is great for beginners.

Having two SD card slots makes it easy for users to record for very long periods of time without worrying about whether or not they are going to run out of memory.

One issue that some users have with the Canon XF405 is that the variable maximum aperture isn’t the best. The problem with this is that some users will struggle to keep their images and recordings light when they zoom in. Using a constant-aperture lens would make this camera a little more user-friendly for beginners.

Auto image stabilization is a great feature that ensures that users don’t have to worry about a lot of movement and jerkiness on the screen when recording.

One complaint that some users have is that the joystick for navigating the menu is located on the left side of the camcorder. This is not a big deal except that it requires users to use two hands when navigating the menu, which can be tricky.

While there is some noise when recording indoors, with bright light and professional control of the camera, this is very limited.

Alternatives to the Canon XF405

The Canon XF405 is one of the best professional camcorders on the market today, but that doesn’t mean that it is affordable for everyone who needs a great camcorder.

Rather than overspending on this piece of equipment, churches who want the value of a Canon camcorder without the high price tag will want to consider the Canon XA15. This is another professional camcorder in the same vein as the Canon XF405, but it is much less expensive. It still boasts great recording abilities, as well as an impressive 3” LCD touchscreen.

The Sony HXR-NX80 is another great camcorder to consider. It is still lower in price than the Canon XF405 but offers 4K recording. Because of this, any church that invests in this piece of equipment will be able to enjoy clear and bright recordings at all times.

Conclusion – Should You Consider this Professional Camcorder?

Canon XF405 Professional Camcorder

The Canon XF405 is one of the most impressive camcorders currently for sale, but the high price tag can be really daunting for some churches looking for new equipment.

Any church that is serious about being able to make high-quality videos and who wants to take their video production into their own hands may want to consider this camcorder.

However, it’s important to make sure that there is room in the budget for this equipment.

Additionally, while it is easy for a beginner to pick up and use, for the best results, a professional will need to be in charge of the Canon XF405. Some churches simply don’t have a member who can handle this type of equipment and get the best results from it.

Any church that has the budget and a member with the skill set to operate the Canon XF405 will enjoy impressive recordings without having to hire a third-party person to help.

We hope our Canon XF405 review has been helpful.

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