Canon XA15 Review – A Powerful Professional Camcorder

Our Canon XA15 Review

Churches who want to be able to create professional-quality videos of weddings, youth gatherings, and other events will benefit from investing in a high-quality camera.

Rather than spending a lot of money and time hiring outside videographers, when a church is willing to invest in equipment for their own use, then they can easily handle any needs that may arise. While there are a lot of different camcorders on the market for sale, and some of them are very good, the best is the Canon XA15.

This powerful camcorder is able to produce incredible videos, even when used by an amateur. In the hands of a professional, it can easily create works of art.

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canon xa15 review – a powerful professional camcorder

What Is the Canon XA15?

Released in 2017, the Canon XA15 is one of three incredibly powerful portable pro and prosumer camcorders. It, along with the Canon XA11, is considered to be more of a pro-level camcorder, which means that it not only comes with a higher price tag but also some more impressive features.

While the Canon XA15 may seem similar to the XA11, it has a BNC HD/SD-SDI jack that is designed for output only. This is what raises the price and makes it cost more than the XA11.

This small feature may not be enough for some people to be willing to pay the extra amount for the camcorder, but users who need that additional output will be thrilled to have access to it.

Who Is this Professional Camcorder Designed for?

This camcorder was designed for professionals or skilled consumers who want to be able to create gorgeous works of art when filming. It is designed to make it easier than ever for users to have the power of creation at their fingertips.

Thanks to the incredible resolution that it offers, as well as the high-quality sound, this camcorder is perfect for making home movies or church video productions.

Just take a moment to watch all the things this camcorder is capable of.

What’s Included?

The Canon XA15 comes with almost everything that you need to use this camcorder with confidence. Not only does it come with a rechargeable battery pack, but it also ships with a powerful charging cord.

This ensures that the Canon XA15 is always ready to record a full day or night of action, which is perfect for large church events.

Primary Features of the XA15

Being able to see what you are recording is a key feature with any camcorder, and the Canon XA15 has an exceptional LCD touchscreen. It features 460,000 dots, which means that it’s able to produce clear and bright replicas of what will be recorded. With a 100% field of view, as well as 1.56 million dots of resolution, users enjoy the impeccable focus. Other great features include:

  • 20x high definition optical zoom lens
  • HD/SD-SDI output
  • 3” LCD touchscreen
  • Tiltable electronic viewfinder
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Optical image stabilization

The zoom speed can be set to constant or variable speeds, which allows users to have perfect control over the way that their final product turns out.

Additionally, there is an eight-blade circular aperture design. The purpose of this design is to reduce and avoid the common starburst effect that light sources can cause in some non-circular aperture designs. The Canon XA15 does this very well, resulting in a high-quality image without annoying bursts of light.

The Wide DR Gamma mode helps to suppress any overexposure in brighter areas, resulting in seamless tone gradations and smooth detail. Additionally, this does a wonderful job removing any highlights that appear too bright or blown out.

Professionals who want to have complete control over operating this camcorder will love that it has five assignable buttons. These buttons can be tailored to meet the needs of the user.

Finally, users will enjoy amazing freedom thanks to the multiple inputs and outputs that the camcorder offers. This makes it easy to connect the Canon XA15 to various pieces of equipment or to add headphones or a microphone for better sound quality and control.

Alternatives to the Canon XA15

The Canon XA15 is, arguably, one of the best professional camcorders on the market, but users or churches who don’t have all of the necessary accessories to operate this equipment may find it frustrating.

A better option may be the Canon XA11. This is a slightly less expensive model that can ship with a bundle that includes a bag, memory card, memory wallet, card reader, spare battery, filter kit, and cleaning kit.

A slightly more powerful Canon is the XF405. Of course, this does mean that this camcorder comes with a higher price tag, but that is worth the additional features and raw power that it offers.

With dual DIGIC DV 6 image processors and a 1” 4K UHD CMOS image sensor, it’s easy to see how any user can easily capture professional-quality video with this camcorder.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy with this Professional Camcorder?

Canon XA15 Professional Camcorder, Black

The Canon XA15 is a powerful camcorder that is surprisingly easy to use, thanks to all of its great features. This means that even amateurs can operate the camcorder and enjoy professional results that are sure to impress.

The high cost of the Canon XA15, however, can be a turn-off for a lot of people or churches, especially ones that have a much smaller budget.

The clear images that users can capture with the Canon XA15, as well as the incredible control over brightness and blowouts, make this a clear winner in terms of quality.

Churches who need a professional piece of equipment that will allow them to create gorgeous movies of youth gatherings, weddings, or live streaming are sure to love the Canon XA15.

The price tag notwithstanding, this professional camcorder is a great option for any church looking to document their church family and events. As long as there is money in the budget for this powerful equipment, it is sure to please.

However, the Canon XA11 may be a more affordable option for users or churches who don’t need the additional output terminal jack.

We hope our Canon XA15 review has been helpful.

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