Our BirdDog P200 Review

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birddog p200 review

You want to stream live video from your camera, but you’re afraid that the streaming quality will be too low. What if I told you there was a way to have high-quality HD streams without breaking the bank? 

In our BirdDog P200 review, we will see if this is the solution to your problem.

We’ve all been in this situation before. You need to get a good picture of what’s happening on stage at an event or during a meeting, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on professional cameras and equipment.

At best, you’ll end up with grainy footage that doesn’t do justice to how awesome everyone is looking tonight. At worst, no one even wants to watch it because the image is so bad they can barely recognize themselves!

The BirdDog P200 lets anyone capture amazing videos. It shoots 30x optical zoom thanks to its true Sony lens module and provides crystal clear images thanks to its backlit sensor which delivers astonishingly high optical image quality.

The P200 is also capable of broadcasting videos in full HD and resolutions thanks to its NDI streaming feature. It’s ideal for sending live video from a camera to a projector in large indoor spaces such as sports stadiums, school auditoriums, and meeting rooms.

With the BirdDog P200, you can broadcast the video to multiple platforms simultaneously. It can send video via USB, SDI, HDMI, and NDI.

The camera can also be run remotely through RS-232 and is compatible with a number of control protocols such as RS-422 and RS-485. All of this makes the P200 useful for many different purposes.

What is the BirdDog P200 PTZ Camera?

The BirdDog P200 is a PTZ network camera with 1080p resolution. It combines Sony’s latest components to provide amazing images in every lighting scenario, with its backlit sensor and 128 presets.

It’s equipped with a 30x optical zoom lens (55-1850 mm) that offers outstanding image quality in addition to high light sensitivity.

The built-in streaming feature lets you broadcast live videos to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Periscope in a matter of minutes. The camera also comes with NDI technology for sending video streams via Ethernet or WiFi over great distances.

Top Features Of The BirdDog P200

The Price

There are several reasons to buy this BirdDog camera over its competition, but perhaps the most significant is its price. At under $3000, you can get a PTZ camera with 30x optical zoom capability.

The Quality Of The Glass

One thing to note is that the P200 uses a Sony lens. Sony lenses are known for giving you a very clear picture and this camera is no exception.

The Backlit Sensor And Vandal-Resistant Dome

This PTZ camera uses a backlit sensor, which means it can provide high-quality images in every situation. This technology makes the device tolerant of low light conditions and affords it a True WDR of 130dB.

Easy To Use For Streaming

This device doesn’t require complicated installation to stream videos. This next-generation PTZ camera has NDI technology, which means you can send video streams via ethernet or WiFi over great distances. You can also stream footage via USB, SDI, and HDMI with this camera.

You Can Run It Remotely Via RS232 And Many Control Protocols

In case you want to use it for surveillance purposes or big events like sports games, you don’t have to stay with the camera the whole time. You can control it remotely through an RS232 or control protocol and a joystick controller or app.

The 30x Optical Zoom And The Image Stabilizer

This camera has a 30x optical zoom, which means you can capture every detail of an object that’s far away from you effortlessly.

Also, the image stabilizer function ensures your images are always smooth and blur-free no matter how far away you are. This feature is essential in bringing out the quality of your video.

Pros And Cons Of The BirdDog P200


  • The camera has a 30x optical zoom, making it easy to capture every detail of objects that are far away from you
  • It comes with NDI technology for streaming video over great distances
  • You can control the PTZ camera remotely through an RS232 or control protocol and a joystick controller or app
  • It uses a Sony lens for high-quality images and a True WDR of 130dB


  • The camera isn’t weatherproof so you can’t use it outdoors

My Experience With The BirdDog P200

While I have used several PTZ cameras, this is the first time I am using one with NDI. I’ve used this camera to stream my videos on Facebook and Twitter. The video quality is amazing.

I have also tested the PTZ presets, which work perfectly. I’m planning to use this camera for an upcoming event at our church in a few days.

I’m really looking forward to using it. I can already tell that this camera will definitely give me the clear video and images I need for my event.

Frequently Asked Questions About The BirdDog P200

BirdDog Eyes P200 1080P Full NDI PTZ Camera with Sensor & HDMI/3G-SDI, Black

What’s The Resolution Of the Camera?

The camera has a 1080p sensor. This means you get an extremely clear picture on your screen or when streaming live videos via any platform.

Does The Device Support NDI?

Yes. This PTZ camera has NDI technology, which means you can send video streams via ethernet or WiFi over great distances. You can also stream footage via USB, SDI, and HDMI.

What Kind Of Glass Does It Use?

The camera uses a Sony lens. This is important because using such lenses in PTZ cameras ensures you get clear images every time. They are also tolerant of low light conditions for True WDR 130dB.

Can You Use This Camera Outdoors?

No, this bird dog camera isn’t weatherproof so you can only use it indoors.

Is There Support For BirdDog’s PTZ Keyboard?

Yes, this device supports the BirdDog’s PTZ keyboard which makes controlling it remotely even easier.

Final Conclusion Of Our BirdDog P200 Review

If you need a camera that can zoom in from far away then the BirdDog P200 is an excellent choice.

The BirdDog P200 is the perfect solution for those who want to see what’s happening on stage or at the other end of a room. With 30x optical zoom, this camera will give you an incredible view no matter where it’s placed. It also has autofocus so your images are always crisp and clear.

This camera is sure to help you get your message out with high-quality video.

If you need a camera that can zoom in from far away then the BirdDog P200 is an excellent choice. The BirdDog P200 has 30x optical zoom, autofocus, and NDI technology for remote streaming of video over great distances to ensure your content reaches its intended audience with clarity.

This PTZ camera comes with Sony optics which are designed for high-quality images so your videos always come out looking crisp and clear no matter how far away you are from the subject. You’ll also appreciate this device’s True WDR 130dB as well as 128 presets.

We recommend the BirdDog P200 if you are looking for a camera that will give you high-quality images at any distance.

Thank you for taking the time to read our BirdDog P200 review.

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