Finding The Best Lavalier Microphone For Your Church

The Countryman B6 wireless lavalier microphone is designed for use with Sennheiser transmitters and offers omnidirectional pickup. The compact size makes it suitable for use on stage or in many other settings.

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Best Lavalier Microphone For Churches And Pastors

Who is the Countryman B6 Lavalier Mic Designed For?

Lavalier mics are most commonly used for public speaking, church services, and theatre. These situations may require you to keep your hands free.

It should be mentioned that the Countryman B6 is designed for use with Sennheiser transmitters. If you use a different type of transmitter, you may run into compatibility issues.

However, Sennheiser makes quality transmitters that should meet your needs.

While the B6 does a great job of capturing sound and is suitable for many different uses, it may not be best for live music recording. It is mostly intended for public speaking, preaching, and theatre.

The Countryman B6 is one of the best choices for discreet mic operation. It is not a hidden mic. However, it is small enough to blend in during church services and other live events.

What Should You Look for in a Lavalier Microphone?

Besides the price, choosing the best lavalier microphone includes a few additional considerations, including:

  • The size and design of the mic
  • The pickup pattern
  • The range or proximity
  • Transmitter compatibility
  • Overall performance and sound quality

If you need to keep the mic hidden or partially concealed, you should look for a small microphone that easily blends with clothing. For example, the Countryman B6 mic includes multiple colored caps that can be switched out to better hide the mic.

Lavalier microphones are typically either omnidirectional or unidirectional. Unidirectional mics or cardioid mics need to be pointed toward the speaker. Omnidirectional mics can pick up sound from all directions, making them versatile and easy to rig.

The range may also be important. Lavalier mics are either proximity mics or transparent mics. Proximity microphones focus on close-up sounds and reject background noises. A transparent microphone does not reject the background noises and features a gradual drop off.

Lavalier microphones connect to a wireless transmitter. The most-commonly used transmitters include body-pack transmitters that you fit into a back pocket or strap to the waist. If the mic is not compatible with the transmitter, you may run into issues.

The final considerations include the overall performance and quality of the mic. For these details, you either need to test the mic for yourself or rely on the reviews and customer feedback.

Why Did We Choose the Countryman B6?

The Countryman B6 microphone is the best lavalier mic, thanks to its sound performance and sensitivity. With the B6, you can capture clear sound from the speaker in most settings. It also has a high sensitivity, with +0dB standard gain.

The rugged design is another reason that this is a top choice. The Countryman B6 is designed for repeated use in any environment. It has a waterproof design that protects it when recording outdoors and a rubber exterior that protects it against electric shock and impact damage.

The omnidirectional pickup pattern is also reason to think about choosing the Countryman B6. With an omnidirectional mic, the mic picks up sound from all directions.

You do not need to worry about whether the mic is pointed in exactly the right position. When connecting a lavalier mic, you may not always have a lot of options for placing the mic. The omnidirectional pickup ensures that the performer is heard clearly.

What We Like and Dislike About the Countryman B6

The primary benefits of the Countryman B6 include the moisture-resistant design, colored caps, 3.5-mm connector, and sound quality. The moisture resistant design shields against moisture and water, allowing you to wear it outdoors.

The B6 microphone also comes equipped with several different colored caps. These caps are interchangeable, allowing you to match the cap to the color of the clothing that the performer is wearing. By changing the cap, the mic may blend into the clothing better. This makes the microphone less noticeable during your pastor’s message.

The 3.5-millimeter connector ensures that the microphone remains connected to the transmitter. This feature is helpful, as the speaker may need to move around frequently. This activity increases the risk of the mic getting disconnected, which can happen during live performances. However, this is less of a risk with the Countryman B6.

The sound quality is also exceptional for a lavalier microphone. While you may not want to use this microphone for professional vocal recording, it is suitable for live performances in churches, auditoriums, lecture halls, and other settings where you need to have quality sound.

Some people may not be happy about the price. At more than $300, this is a costly piece of equipment. However, you get what you pay for.

The other potential issue is connectivity. This is a wireless transmitter that is designed for use with Sennheiser transmitters. If you do not use Sennheiser transmitters, you may need to consider a different lavalier mic or contact the company to find out if the mic works with your transmitter.

Final Thoughts On This Lavalier Microphone

The Countryman B6 microphone is the best lavalier microphone due to its quality. This includes the quality of the design, sound, and durability.

You will likely get a lot of use out of this mic before you discover any flaws in the design. It is also covered by a warranty, which shows that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of the mic.

One of the only issues is the price. The B6 costs over $300, making it about twice the price of some of your other options. However, for this price, you are getting a higher level of sound quality. You did search for the best right? It is hard to match the performance of this tiny mic without switching to a standard studio mic.

It also comes with a carrying case and clothing clips. The carrying case protects during transport, while the extra clothing clips help you secure the microphone to the performer.

In the end, the Countryman B6 is the best lavalier microphone. It provides quality sound, despite its small appearance.

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