Finding The Best Guitar Amplifiers For Your Worship Service At Church

Finding the best guitar amplifiers for your worship services is not as easy as just figuring out which amp has the most features, best sound, or is the least expensive for what it offers.

Each church and each congregation is different. Just like you wouldn’t use a Marshall half stack with an orchestra unless you were doing some weird version of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” (derived from “In the Garden of Eden”) by Iron Butterfly, neither would you use a Marshall half stack for worship music by Integrity Music filled with horns and keyboards.

The right guitar amp for you will be one that fits your congregation. So I have compiled a list of guitar amps that take this into consideration. It is my desire that you will be able to make a quality decision about a guitar amp after reading this article. So let’s start by listing the amplifier brands that you can trust will provide a quality guitar amp.

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best guitar amplifiers for church worship the ultimate guide

Best Guitar Amp Brands

This list is not in order of quality, but just in order of how I brought to my memory the top brands. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses and I am sure that there are some brands that I didn’t list that are great brands as well.

  1. Marshall – Marshall is a British amp company and is iconic in the rock genre of music. Every rock and roller has dreamed of owning a Marshall full stack.
  2. Fender – Fender is probably the most recognized brand in the guitar industry. Both their guitars and amplifiers have been used by music legends. You never can go wrong owning a Fender Amplifier.
  3. Peavey – Peavey is probably the second most recognized brand. Famous for its amplifiers and sound systems, Peavey delivers high-quality guitar amps at an affordable price.
  4. Vox – Vox is another British amplifier company. Vox made its way across the pond with groups such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and was the amplifier that gave Queen its distinctive sound.
  5. Blackstar – When a group of ex-Marshall employees founded a company to produce effects units and amplifiers, it was obvious that they knew what they were doing. Blackstar is known for producing powerful equipment for musicians that are flexible, musician-friendly, and durable.
  6. Mesa Boogie – Mesa Boogie is an American company that is located in California. They are considered a contender to both Marshall and Fender for their quality and sound.
  7. Orange – Orange Music Electronic Company is a famous English amp manufacturer who produces equipment that is not only easily recognizable due to the bright orange covering on cabinets and heads, but also for its distinctive sound. These amps are the result of years of research and development and are truly powerful, which is surprising to some people due to their smaller size.
  8. Line 6 – Line 6 has built its reputation by focusing on digital technology. They have made a name for themselves in the modeling amp niche. For guitarists that need an amp that is versatile and can play a variety of music genres, Line 6 has become a top contender.
  9. PRS Paul Reed Smith – The brand Paul Reed Smith, commonly known as PRS, not only makes guitars but also designs their own range of amplifiers. PRS is a well-known and much-loved brand amongst professional guitarists.
  10. Roland – Roland is best known for its keyboards and synthesizers, however, Roland makes a very nice line of guitar amplifiers as well. Those that own them love the performance and reliability of these amps.

Best Overall Guitar Amp in 2020

When taking into consideration what would be the best overall guitar amplifier for a church worship setting, I gave predominance to versatility. In my opinion, with the variety of music styles used in church, an amplifier that would be able to handle all the variations is of extreme importance.

Since most churches run all the instruments through a sound system, the amount of power an amplifier has individually was not as important to me.

You can read my complete review of the PRS Sonzera amp here.

Contemporary worship takes a special breed of an amplifier. Because of the influence of Vineyard Music over the years, most contemporary worship music has strong roots in rock and folk music. This takes an amplifier that can handle both distortion for power cords and lead guitar riffs in the modern rock worship songs, but also clarity that can handle an acoustic-electric guitar. Here is the type of music I am talking about.

If your church has this style of worship music then I recommend you check out this amp.

With the 6 voices, this amplifier comes with, you can use different guitars based on which type of worship you are performing at the time.

You can read my complete review of this amp here.

When you are performing with a big band or orchestra, the guitarist has different needs. They need an amp that is going to give crystal clear sound and tone. The guitar is not the main instrument, but one of the instruments in the rhythm section. If your church uses a lot of Integrity music or has a church orchestra, then you don’t need a rock amp. Here is an example of the music I am talking about.

If this is the type of worship at your church, then I recommend you consider this amplifier.

My exposure to southern gospel music started in the 1980s at the church my uncle pastored. It was God’s music according to them. The rest was worldly according to them. I was privileged to play with some pretty good musicians who played in with some of the biggest names in country music.

If your church primarily sings southern gospel songs or country-western hymns, then you need an amplifier that is crisp and clean with the ability to pick up fast picking patterns of the guitarist. Similar to what you see in this video.

I recommend this amplifier.

Best Tube Guitar Amp

Tube amps are special creatures all unto their own. Personally, I am not sure why they are still so popular. I know people claim that they have more depth and sound quality compared to solid-state amplifiers. I just really don’t hear that much difference. However, it is not my job to tell you what is best for you. So if you have your heart set on a tube amp, then I recommend this one.

The Best Fender Amp

I have been playing with Fender amps since 1979. The first amp I used was a Fender Bassman. Fender has a wide variety of guitar amps but if you want my opinion on the absolute best Fender amp, it has to be the Fender 57 Custom Twin.

The Best Guitar Amps For Church By Price

Some people are less impressed by features, sound quality, or style of music. They are budget-minded people and just want to get the best bang for the buck. I understand that. I have been in pastoral ministry since 1988. Your board or church leaders just want to know how much it is going to cost. So here are my recommendations based on price.

Please understand that over time prices change, and so when I have placed them in these price groups, sometimes in the future, these prices will change. I do not want to mislead people and neither does Amazon so these categories are not set in stone. They are just general ideas.

Best Under 500 Dollars

Best Around 300 Dollars

Best Around 200 Dollars

Before listing this amp, please allow me to say that if you are searching for a guitar amp for a live performance that is under $200.00, please stop. This price range is basically for practice amps. Don’t out cheap yourself. You will be happy you paid a higher price for a good amp in the long run.

Ok, enough of the preaching. Here is the final amp of my list.

Deciding On The Best Guitar Amplifier For Your Church

Well, I have provided you with 10 options that hopefully will meet the needs of your church. Praise and worship is an important part of the life of the church. Finding the right guitar amplifier is important. I feel confident that the selections I have made for you will be good ones. They are all high-quality guitar amps and in my opinion, are the best guitar amplifiers for a church’s need.

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