Best Church Nursery Paging Systems For Your Children’s Ministry

Finding The Best Paging System For Your Nursery Or Children’s Ministry

While parents leave their children in the church nursery in good faith that they will be taken care of during the service, sometimes the only person who can calm a child down and ease their fears is their parent. Nursery attendants need to be able to get in touch with parents quickly and easily so that the parent can take care of the child.

Rather than leaving a screaming child alone or bringing them into the sanctuary to try to find the parent, using a nursery paging system is a good idea. These systems make it easier than ever for the nursery attendant to quietly and immediately page a parent when their help is needed. Instead of calling their cell phone, which can be disruptive to other parishioners and interrupt the service, being able to silently page parents on a pager is a much better option.

Every church needs to make sure that they invest in the best pager system for them, which is why it’s so important to consider not only a budget option but also the best overall and best bang for your buck.

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best church nursery paging systems for your children's ministry

Pagertec Long Range Pager – Best Overall

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Church Children’s Ministry Pager?

The best overall nursery paging system is going to be one that is not only easy to use but also durable and long-lasting. Knowing what features to look for when shopping will prevent a church from overspending on something that they don’t need.

Durability – some pagers are resistant to both shock and water, which means that they are much more durable than other options on the market. While not all churches will run into problems with shock or water, this extra durability gives parents peace of mind during outside church events.

Auto-Locate – it’s very common for parents to accidentally walk off with their pagers, which can be really expensive for the church. An auto-locate feature is the best way to prevent this from accidentally happening and ensure that the church keeps track of its pagers.

Battery Life – while most pagers won’t be used for more than a few hours at a time, problems can occur when pagers are handed out to parents for back-to-back services or events. Opting for pagers that have a really long battery life will prevent them from failing when they are away from the charger.

Why We Chose The Pagertec Long Range Pager Over Others

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Churches who have a larger budget and are interested in buying the best nursery paging system will definitely want to consider the Pagertec Long Range Pager system. While it is a little more expensive than other pager systems, it is packed with great features that make it an obvious choice for larger churches that have a very busy nursery to use. Not only are there a lot of pagers to hand out to parents, but the durable transmitter can easily communicate with them from far away. With a durable chassis that is designed to withstand drops without being damaged, these pagers are perfect for use in most any church.

This paging system also has a branding section where churches can print some information about the nursery or about the church. This is a great way to provide information about the pastors, the nursery staff, or warnings about not traveling too far away from the pager base so that the pager will still communicate. While this space can be left blank, many churches love being able to use it to communicate with parents.

What We Like and Dislike About The Pagertec Long Range Pager

There are a lot of great pros to buying the Pagertec Long Range Pager. This is a powerful system that has an impressive range of up to two miles, making it a great choice to use not only inside a church but also for outside events.

The Pagertec Long Range Pager also comes with 30 pagers included. Because of the high number of pagers, larger churches can easily provide multiple parents with the equipment they need to stay in contact with their children.

Additionally, this system has powerful batteries that can last for up to 48 hours on a single charge. While some smaller churches won’t need batteries this powerful, they do allow larger churches to use them all day long without problems.

Finally, this system has an anti-theft feature that will prevent parents from accidentally walking off with the pager.

Every nursery paging system has a downside, and one downside of the Pagertec Long Range Pager is that these pagers are a little larger than others on the market, which can be cumbersome for parents.

Additionally, this system is a little more expensive than other systems, putting it out of budget for some churches.

PagingPro P100 – Best Budget

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What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Nursery Pager?

When you’re shopping for a nursery paging system that is the best bang for your buck, then you want to make sure that you still choose a system that is high quality and won’t fail the nursery attendant in an emergency. Make sure to consider the following things when shopping.

Battery Charging – a failing battery can cause an emergency when a child needs their parent. It’s a good idea to opt for a nursery paging system that relies on rechargeable batteries for the best results. Many systems automatically charge the batteries when the pagers are inserted into the unit, ensuring that the batteries are always fresh and ready to go.

Prompt Modes – some paging systems have various prompt modes, including vibrations, LED lights, and buzzers, which will ensure that parents are notified of an issue with their child without bothering other people during worship.

Transmission Distance – longer transmission distances are important for nurseries in larger churches as this will ensure that the paging system base and pagers are able to easily communicate with each other. Smaller churches don’t need to worry as much about the transmission distance if their nursery is closer to the sanctuary.

Why We Chose The P100 Over Others

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It can be tricky to find a great nursery paging system that is perfect for churches on a budget, but the PagingPro P100 is powerful and reliable, making it a great choice for most churches. Thanks to how easily the nursery attendant can enter the pager number and send a page in an emergency, it’s a fast and reliable way to let parents know that there is an issue with their child. Not only that, but the pagers are all clearly labeled, which means that there isn’t any concern over accidentally paging the wrong family when there’s a problem.

When used inside, this paging system has a range of up to 330 feet, depending on the design of the church and how many walls are in between the pagers and the base. Used outside, however, the PagingPro P100 has a range up to 3,080 feet, which means that this system is great for larger church events that are held outdoors. Since it’s easy to change the prompt mode on these pagers, parents never have to worry about disturbing other worshippers during solemn events.

What We Like and Dislike About The PagingPro P100

There really is a lot to like about the PagingPro P100, especially when you are working with a smaller budget. One great feature that this paging system offers is that it comes with 16 pagers. This is great for larger churches that have busy nurseries.

Additionally, this paging system has built-in rechargeable batteries in each of the pagers, ensuring that they are always completely charged and ready to go when parents take them.

Thanks to the ability to select the prompt mode, parents can opt for a buzzer during noisy church events or turn it on silent during Sunday services.

Finally, the PagingPro P100 is incredibly easy for the nursery attendant to use and relies on one-button calling to page parents in an emergency.

There are some downsides to the PagingPro P100, and one is that this paging system doesn’t have a very reliable range, especially when used indoors. This means that it may not be the best option for larger churches.

This paging system also tends to go through batteries quickly, which means that nursery attendants need to be sure to keep the pagers charged as much as possible.

Retekis Pager System – Best Bang for Your Buck

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Church Paging System?

Any great nursery paging system requires a little research before buying to ensure that the church purchases the best option. A great bang for your buck will be a high-quality system that won’t break the bank, so make sure that you consider the following things when shopping.

Multiple Pagers – some paging systems only support a few pagers, which means that busy nurseries in larger churches won’t be able to hand out pagers to all families. Very large churches will want to look for systems that they can easily expand for the best results.

Budget – when shopping for a pager system that is the best bang for your buck, then you must make sure to take into consideration the budget of the church. It can be a little tricky to find a nursery paging system that is reliable and durable, but won’t break the bank.

Pager Size – some nursery paging systems have very small pagers that can easily be lost, while others are so large that they are a hassle for parents to carry. Finding the right size pager takes a little work, but will keep parents from being frustrated.

Why We Feel You Should Consider These Pagers

The best budget paging system is clearly the PagingPro P100. Even though it is much less expensive than other options on the market, it doesn’t lack in features. In fact, larger churches can easily expand this system with up to 999 pagers, ensuring that all parents can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Churches that have a larger budget and are looking for the best overall paging system will want to consider the Pagertec Long Range Pager system. This powerful system has an impressive range of up to two miles and features some of the most durable and reliable pagers on the market today. The bright LED lights and fast recharging batteries make this a great option for any church.

Finally, the Retekis Pager System is clearly the best bang for your buck when you are looking for the best mix of budget and features. It is one of the easiest systems to use and is built to be durable and last for a long time. Thanks to the ability to change the paper on the pagers, churches can update it with information about services, the nursery, or contact information for emergencies.

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