BenQ EH600 Review – Portable + Wireless

Portable projectors are all the rage these days and for good reason! They’re compact, lightweight, and perfect for presentations on the go. But what about wireless? How does a portable projector fare in this regard?

The BenQ EH600 Wireless Projector is an amazing choice for those looking to take their presentation with them. It features a sleek design that will look great at any meeting or conference you attend.

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benq eh600 review portable + wireless

Our BenQ EH600 Review

Presentations are hard.

There’s a lot of stress and wasted time in the traditional presentation process, especially if you have to set up your own projector or connect an external device. 

BenQ EH600 is the world’s first Android-based wireless business projector that lets you wirelessly display content from any source (PC, Mac, iOS devices) with ease. It also offers over-the-air firmware updates and built-in business apps like the Firefox browser for convenience and productivity during huddle sessions.

What Is the BenQ EH600 Projector?

The BenQ EH600 projector is both wireless and portable, making it perfect for a variety of uses. Both individuals and small businesses will find tons of uses for it, including presentations, business meetings, and much more. The fact that it’s wireless makes it super convenient because it means you don’t have to worry about having a bunch of cables and wires hanging around while you’re maneuvering the projector. It is also compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, which enables you to enjoy wireless mirroring thanks to the easy step-by-step instructions included with the projector.

At 320 watts and 3,500 lumens, this projector produces very bright and vivid images you’ll love, so it works like a projector that costs thousands of dollars. The cost of this one is around $990, which is both reasonable and makes it affordable for nearly everyone. Furthermore, with 1080p resolution, you get professional-looking, clean images regardless of what types of images they are. You can also project directly from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, making it super easy to use even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy person on the planet.

The EH600 projector comes with several built-in apps and even an Internet browser, so in essence, it works much like a computer itself. The wireless mirroring feature is also accomplished without the use of cumbersome software, which means you can have this feature up and running in no time. Whether you’re a small business, a church or synagogue, or even an individual, if you’re looking for a high-quality projector that you can purchase without breaking the bank, this is definitely one you should be considering.

Top Benefits of the BenQ EH600 Projector

The BenQ EH600 wireless projector has a lot of features that make it super convenient and efficient. First of all, it comes complete with several different apps, including Blizz, TeamViewer, and Firefox. Blizz is convenient because it is used for video calls, and it is especially useful in the post-COVID world. TeamViewer is used a lot because it allows you to access the projector remotely, and Firefox is a browser that is often used by both individuals and business owners today. These apps make the projector very valuable and a lot easier to use.

You also get a USB reader that accommodates multiple formats. This means that if you are trying to project something onto the screen, it can accommodate formats such as JPEG, MS Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can even switch between the different formats with ease because the projector is built to accommodate all of them. This is especially beneficial in a business presentation when there are various documents that you’d like to share with the attendees.

With the BenQ EH600 projector, you can enjoy over-the-air updates, which your IT department will love because it makes things a lot easier on them. It also means you can download your updates instantly and without any inconvenience. This projector gives you detailed infographics, perfect alignment, and a 2-watt built-in speaker that brings it all together and makes this a great projector. At 11.65” x 9.5” x 4.72” and roughly 5.5 lbs., it is also a very lightweight and portable, which means you can easily transport it from room to room and location to location should you ever need this feature.

Of course, you can also mount this handy projector on the ceiling or the wall, and as long as it’s on a stable and flat platform, it will work. You get an image contrast ratio of 6,000:1 and a light that lasts up to 15,000 hours, so you can use this projector for many years to come without having to replace anything. It works with both Mac computers and PCs, and the 1080p resolution means crystal-clear images that look professional every time. Whatever you’re looking for in a projector, the BenQ EH600 wireless projector is certainly one that will never disappoint.

BenQ EH600 Wireless Projector Review: Pros and Cons

The good news on the BenQ EH600 wireless projector is that 84% of the reviewers on Amazon gave it either four or five stars. It has an overall 4.3-star rating and comes with the following pros and cons:


  • Comes with built-in apps such as Blizz, TeamViewer, and Firefox browser
  • Comes with a built-in 2-watt speaker
  • Offers 1080p resolution for crisp, clear images
  • Provides over-the-air updates
  • Has an image contrast ratio of 6,000:1


  • Some complaints that the fan is a little loud

Customer Responses

  • “I love that it’s bright and clear even when being used in half-lit rooms.”
  • “For IT people like me, the over-the-air updates make this a breeze.”
  • ‘I love the ease of use and the excellent overall quality.”
  • “I would recommend this projector for all small offices.”
  • “Very easy to set up – I had mine set up in about 60 seconds.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the questions asked (and answered) about the BenQ EH600 wireless projector include the following:

Q: Can you mount the EH600 projector on the ceiling?

A: Yes, the projector is made so that you can mount it on the ceiling, but you’ll need some accessories to make that happen and they are purchased separately.

Q: What is the contrast ratio of the EH600 projector?

A: The FOFO contrast ratio is 10,000:1.

Q: What is the size of the splash screen with the EH600 projector?

A: The EH600 projector can project onto screens up to 300 inches. That being said, the company recommends using only 70 to 150 inches for the best effects.

Q: Can you use the splash screen/launch display on the ceiling?

A: The projector is made to be placed on a flat surface and, therefore, it is difficult to project onto the ceiling and make this happen.

Q: Can you use other apps such as Philarmoniker and Prodigies on the EH600 projector?

A: No, you cannot. The projector comes with certain apps but you are unable to download any other apps onto it.

Conclusion Of Our BenQ EH600 Review

Finding the perfect projector for home or business use just got a little easier with the BenQ EH600 wireless portable projector. It is priced at under $1,000 and offers 1080p resolution, several built-in apps for convenience, and the ability to accommodate formats such as MS Word, JPEG, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint. Its light will last up to 15,000 hours, and it provides bright, extra-sharp images that look like a professional is operating the projector. Speaking of operating the projector, you can be doing so within minutes after taking it out of the package, thanks to the fact that it is so user-friendly.

BenQ EH600 Review

The EH600 wireless projector is perfect for small corporate offices, schools and universities, houses of worship, and so many others. It is made specifically for people who want quality in their projector but who don’t have large budgets. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to look into this top-of-the-line projector. It is definitely a projector to consider if you need one that won’t let you down but also doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. For more information, check out its features and what it looks like online, then decide for yourself if this great projector is right for you.

Thank you for reading our BenQ EH600 Review!

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