Behringer MS16 Review – Great Speakers For Small Events

Our Behringer MS16 Review

Getting the best sound out of your sound setup is always going to be important. If you consider yourself a bit of an audiophile, then you want to be able to have access to speakers that will give you the powerful sound that you are looking for. It is about more than just power too, though. You need speakers that can pick up on the intricacies of the music so that you can hear things the way that they were meant to be heard.

In order to accomplish this, it is a good idea to buy the best speaker system that you can possibly find. Some of the options on the market are going to prove to be pricier than you would like. It is possible to find a great option that does not completely break the bank, though. Powerful speakers with woofers and tweeters to match can be yours at a reasonable price.

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behringer ms16 review

The Behringer MS16 speaker system has been making some noise on the market recently. These speakers are very good at providing you with the best sound possible. They are ideally suited for home studios, multimedia applications, keyboard and vocal monitoring, and much more. They are going to be useful in a professional setting and will also be capable of helping you to simply enjoy music to the fullest.

Who Does This Appeal to?

The great thing about the Behringer MS16 is that their appeal is quite broad. These are going to be useful for several different types of people. As you might expect, anyone who is looking for excellent computer speakers will fall in love with these. If you want to find speakers that offer you an audiophile experience, then you will really be able to make good use of these ones. They produce very robust sounds that will help your music experience to be as good as it can possibly be.

To add to this, these speakers are also very good for professionals. If you are interested in finding speakers that will help you with vocal monitoring or monitoring other types of music, then these will work out swimmingly. They are precise and you will be able to hear all of the fine details with speakers of this quality. Their quality is very interesting considering that the price of the speakers remains reasonable.

Hooking these up to a multimedia setup will produce excellent results. Speakers such as this have the potential to turn movie night into something special and they can make listening to your favorite albums more fun than ever before. Aside from this, people can also use speakers of this quality for certain live applications. They can get loud enough to help you out with a small event or gathering.

A good example of a live application would be setting these speakers up for a church. A church that is operating on a budget could make use of these speakers for playing backing tracks. It will allow you to have the worship music experience that you want without necessarily having to buy really expensive speakers. It should work out nicely for churches that are small or medium-sized but it may not work well for larger buildings.

What’s Included in the Box?

You will basically just be getting the speakers themselves in the box. The power cord is connected to the speaker itself so you will not have to be concerned about that. It is possible that you may need to buy some cords in order to get things set up right. This is a bit of an inconvenience but being that the cords are rather inexpensive, it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker or anything.

Depending on the type of setup that you are trying to achieve, you may need to buy some RCA cables. Think about how you are planning on hooking this up ahead of time before purchasing. You may want to go ahead and order the appropriate cables along with it so that you can get things working right away. Whatever you decide to do, these high-quality speakers should wind up impressing you with their sound once everything is good to go.

The Features Of The MS16 Speakers

The biggest feature of these speakers will be how loud they can get. These speakers can really produce bold sound and will have you feeling very pleased. If you like having the ability to play your music loud, then these speakers will be something that you’ll get a lot of use out of. Of course, the speakers are about more than just playing loud music as the sound quality is also top-notch.

You will be able to enjoy the power of the 4” woofer and high-resolution tweeters. Both of these are powered by two eight-watt amplifiers and they work brilliantly. There is even a separately adjustable TRS microphone input that you can make use of. This allows for vocal monitoring and will be very handy for professional implementations.

These speakers can also be hooked up to a second source at the same time that they are hooked up to your computer. As an example, you can hook these to both a computer and a CD deck through the 1/8” TRS stereo input. It makes things very convenient and allows these speakers to play a central role in your multimedia setup. This can meet all of your entertainment needs if you hook it up properly.

An Alternative to Consider

The PreSonus Eris E3.5 speakers will work as a good alternative. The pricing is very similar and the two speakers are of a very similar quality too. The big difference is that the E3.5 speakers are coming in at 3.5” as opposed to 4”. If you want to have the best experience, the Behringer MS16 speakers are probably the way to go. Even so, these speakers will work nicely too.

They offer a very smooth sound and are easy to hook up to your multimedia center. People have been using speakers such as this to help them enjoy movie nights and video games for a long time. If you need an alternative to the MS16 speakers, then these will do nicely.

Conclusion – Is The Behringer MS16 Speakers Right For You?

BEHRINGER MS16 2-Way Active Personal Monitor System Black

The Behringer MS16 speakers are a steal when you consider how affordable they are. You can take a look at the features and see that they will work nicely for many purposes. Whether you are interested in the vocal monitoring capabilities or you are in need of nice speakers to just enjoy your music, these will work great. You can get high-quality speakers that will get loud without having to break the bank.

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant sum of money to get a good experience. Making use of quality speakers such as this will appeal to professionals and music enthusiasts alike. You can use this to provide backing tracks for your church or many other purposes. No matter what, speakers such as this will prove themselves useful.

We hope our Behringer MS16 review has helped you.

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