The EV ZLX-15BT PA speakers are the perfect addition to any church or music venue. These speakers come with a built-in mixer and can be used as a standalone system, but they also work well in conjunction with other equipment such as amplifiers and digital mixers. They will easily fill up your room with sound without distorting it! But will they work for you? That is what we hope you will learn in this review.

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an in depth review of the ev zlx 15bt

Our EV ZLX-15BT Review

The EV ZLX-15BT is a portable PA speaker that can be used for live performance, presentations, and more.

When it comes to audio equipment you have two choices. You can either buy an expensive piece of gear that only delivers mediocre sound quality or you could invest in something like the ZLX-15BT which offers excellent sound quality but at a reasonable price.

EV designed this product with the musician or presenter in mind who needs high‑quality Bluetooth audio streaming as well as background music or musical accompaniment during their presentation. This unit has everything they need to deliver great-sounding audio without breaking your budget!

What Is the EV ZLX-15BT?

Electro-Voice has always manufactured high-quality electronic equipment at reasonable prices, and this 15-inch Bluetooth speaker is one of its best. Perfect for both DJs and musicians, this loudspeaker produces a solid sound that helps you look and feel like a professional even if you’re just starting out in your career. The Bluetooth feature alone is worth buying the speaker, but it offers much more than this. In fact, once you learn about all of the professional-sounding features it has, you’ll start to wonder how you ever made it this far without such a great speaker.

The ZLX-15BT speaker is perfect for both monitors and mains and can be used for musicians, DJs, public speakers, and many others. It is made mostly for small venues but can be doubled if you’re performing in a bigger facility. The multipurpose sound means you can use it for a variety of musical sounds. This is a 15-inch speaker that is still compact and fairly lightweight, and the setup is very user-friendly to accommodate everyone regardless of their level of experience. Simply put, the ZLX-15BT speaker by EV is a high-quality, high-tech Bluetooth speaker that can accommodate your needs regardless of what those needs are.

Priced at just $550, the speaker is also affordable, and therefore, it is easy for people with all budgets to get access to it. It is a rugged, very sturdy speaker that can take a lot of abuse and keep on going, and it even has an enclosure that is made out of polypropylene to protect it even further. Regardless of what you need it for, this speaker is a top-notch speaker that provides great sound and an easy way to transport it from one gig to another. You can purchase two of the speakers for an even bigger sound, or just use one and still get an amazing, very full sound.

Top Benefits of the EV ZLX-15BT

When you consider the features of the Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT loudspeaker, it becomes obvious why it is such a popular one. First of all, it is a 1,000-watt Bluetooth-powered speaker that is compact and streamlined to make transporting it from one location to another much easier. It weighs just 38 pounds and stands at 27” x 17” x 15” in size. While it is a bit heavy, it is much lighter than many other speakers with the same sound. It also has a very user-friendly setup that allows even non-techies to set it up and start using it in no time.

There are two connectors included on this speaker. One is a 3.5 mm input and the other one is an XLR link output. You can hook up a microphone or even hook it up to a television set if your TV has the right phono plugs and cables. The enclosure is made out of polypropylene and it has a grill made out of 18-gauge steel and covered in a black powder coating, which in practical terms means that this is a strong speaker that you can put through a lot and still rely on it to work right. The Class D amp also provides for a decibel level of up to 127, which means you get a crisp, full sound every time.

Even better, the speaker provides a frequency response of 55Hz to 18kHz, while the frequency range runs from 42Hz to 20kHz. This means you get a lot of choices when it comes to the sound and loudness of the speaker, allowing you to decide for yourself which option to use when you’re on stage or at your next conference. The speaker also has three handles that distribute the weight evenly when you want to transport it from one location to another, making it easy to do this. You can use the speaker for everything from background music to musical accompaniment, so it is very versatile indeed.

The QuickSmart DSP feature means you get best-in-class processing, and while it is made for small clubs and practice venues, you can always buy a second speaker and expand the sound if you wish. In fact, whatever you need this speaker for, it can accommodate you. It is a streamlined, very efficient loudspeaker that provides you with everything you need for great sound regardless of what you’re using it for. The ZLX-15BT loudspeaker is affordable and compact, efficient, and delivers a professional sound, so this is one speaker you will never regret purchasing.

EV ZLX-15BT Review of the Pros and Cons

The EV ZLX-15BT 15-inch loudspeaker has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon (out of a possible five stars), with 87% of reviewers giving the product either four or five stars. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying this loudspeaker, along with a handful of reviews from real-life customers.


  • Comes with an 18-gauge steel grill with black powder coat for strength
  • Very compact, lightweight, and user-friendly
  • Class D amp for up to 127 dB
  • Comes with two connectors: 3.5 mm input and XLR link output
  • Reasonably priced and versatile


  • Some complained about problems with the XLR ports not working properly
  • Some claim the power output is weak
  • Some claim the speaker didn’t work right when they got it

Customer Reactions

  • “Holy crap – these speakers rock!”
  • “The speakers sound good and also have great sound carry.”
  • “The speakers have many different features that are perfect for mobile DJs.”
  • “An excellent Bluetooth speaker and super loud!”
  • “I like every single thing about this speaker.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you connect the ZLX-15BT speaker to your TV?

A: Yes, you can, but only if your TV has left and right phono plugs that use the red and black stereo cables, or if you have a television set that has Bluetooth capability.

Q: Does the speaker come with a cord?

A: Yes, it does. In fact, you have to plug it into an electrical socket for it to work.

Q: Does the speaker come with an app that I can install on my smartphone?

A: No, it does not.

Q: What can you do with the 3.5 mm jack that’s part of the speaker?

A: The 3.5 mm jack is very versatile and is controlled through Input 1.

Q: Does the speaker come with batteries?

A: No, it does not. You have to plug it in for it to work.

Expert Opinion

In 1979 I saw my first set of EV PA speakers. As a budding professional musician, I was impressed. Over the years EV speakers have been a staple in my pro audio diet. I have used them when planting churches and in smaller and medium-sized churches. I always knew I could rely on them to produce quality sound when I needed it.

They are not the very best or top of the line. You probably won’t find them in giant megachurches or large concert venues. They are, however, tremendous for those that are not trying to get the very best, (and the headaches that come along with those types of speakers) but instead are just trying to produce good music and vocal quality in a general assembly of people.

I never hesitate to recommend EV speakers to the churches and other venues I work with.

Conclusion – EV ZLX-15BT Review

The ZLX-15BT loudspeaker is a high-quality speaker that can accommodate performances, DJs, and public speakers, among others. Best for small or medium venues, you can add a second speaker for a much bigger sound, and it is easy to transport from one gig to another because it is fairly lightweight and compact. Whatever you need the speaker for, it will not disappoint, and it even comes with two connectors that include a 3.5 mm input and an XLR link output.

EV ZLX-15BT Review

Priced at around $550, the ZLX-15BT Bluetooth speaker has an amazing sound and an affordable price, and its ruggedness and sturdiness mean it is built to last for many years to come. If you need a speaker that works as well as the big boys but doesn’t cost a fortune, this is the speaker you should be considering.

Thank you for reading our EV ZLX-15BT review!


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