AKG P120 Review

Our AKG P120 Review

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akg p120 review

The AKG P120 is a great microphone for recording vocals, speech, and instruments. 

But it’s not the only option out there. There are dozens of microphones on the market that can do a good job at these tasks. That is why we decided to do our AKG P120 review.

What sets this mic apart from its competition? We’ll tell you!

This condenser microphone has an extremely flat frequency response which means your recordings will be clear and precise without any unwanted coloration or distortion. It also features a low-mass diaphragm which helps create detailed sound with an excellent transient response so your audio sounds crisp and clean no matter what you record with it. And thanks to its cardioid polar pattern, the P120 isolates your source from outside noise so you get crystal clear results every time you use it!

AKG has been around for a long time. They have made some of the most iconic microphones in history, and they are still making them today. The P120 is one such mic that is affordable, easy to use, and will provide excellent sound quality for any type of recording you need it for!

The AKG P120 is a true condenser microphone. Condensers are sensitive microphones that use internal circuitry to convert sound waves into electrical signals and are different than dynamic microphones which pick up audio from a diaphragm that vibrates in response to sound (this is the part of the microphone you actually see when you look at the end of it). Condenser microphones are sensitive to sound and pick up more detail than dynamic mics which is why they’re great for recording things like vocals and other instruments.

These types of microphones have a wider frequency response range, making them better suited for recording multiple types of audio sources while maintaining high fidelity.

What Is The AKG P120?

AKG’s latest iteration in their line of microphones is the P120. It’s a 2/3″ diaphragm true condenser microphone that offers solidly built quality, outstanding performance, and excellent value. The low mass diaphragm delivers a clear sound with accurate sonic detail for vocals, speech, and instrument recording in project studios and for home recording.

The P120 can handle SPL’s up to 150 dB without distortion or excessive noise. Its cardioid polar pattern and frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz means that it will easily isolate your source from outside noise while capturing the perfect audio. It’s also equipped with a bass roll-off switch which allows you to remove any low-end sound that would otherwise be captured, saving you time when editing your recordings!

It requires +48V phantom power and is equipped with an XLR connection (without rest) to easily connect it with your preamps.

We also love the fact that it comes with a shock mount, mic stand adapter, and even a velvet carrying pouch (it’s not much but it feels pretty nice). 

As far as build quality goes, the P120 is not lightweight. It feels solid with great sound quality. We were a little worried that the shock mount would be cheap and break after some use, but we were delighted to find that it feels very robust and won’t give out anytime soon unless you’re intentionally trying to break it.

Top Benefits Of The AKG P120

Great Sound Quality

We just mentioned the condenser microphone’s ability to capture a wide range of frequencies and therefore create better sound quality than a dynamic mic. This lets you record multiple types of audio sources without any unwanted coloration or distortion! The P120 is no exception, giving you great sound quality at an affordable price.

Sound Isolation

The AKG P120 is a cardioid condenser microphone which means that it can isolate your source from outside noises. With an Omni-direction polar pattern, it picks up sound in front of the microphone and rejects unwanted sounds from behind or to the sides. This allows you to record with high fidelity without having to worry about unwanted sounds in your recordings.

It’s Affordable

The P120 can be bought for under $150, and offers amazing sound quality without breaking the bank! Many condenser microphones go for over $200 but have nowhere close to the sound quality of this one. While it is a little more expensive than some other condensers out there, we feel the P120 is worth every penny.

It’s Small

They might be great for quality audio recordings, but condenser mics are big bulky and can take up a lot of room in your recording booth. The P120 on the other hand is small enough to fit in any studio setup or home recording area without taking up too much space.

With a shock mount for added protection, you can even take it out of the studio or home recording area and record directly to your computer where ever you are!

AKG P120 Review Of The Pros And Cons


  • Great sound quality.
  • Affordable price compared to other condenser microphones.
  • Small and lightweight, perfect for use with portable recorders like your iPhone or iPad.
  • Easy to set up and use immediately without any frustrating setup or hardware issues. The shockmount also does a great job of keeping the microphone from getting damaged by vibrations.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories including the XLR cable, shockmount and even a carrying pouch. These really help cut down on cost so you don’t have to invest in any of these things separately.


  • The P120 isn’t without its flaws either! One major complaint that users seem to have is about the fact that the microphone comes with a pad attached. While this is a nice feature for reducing loud sounds from feedback, it does make the microphone a little quiet all around. This leads to users having to turn up their recording levels which can potentially lead to more noise and distortion in your recordings.
  • We also found that the shockmount is a little tough to attach at first. Just make sure you thread it through properly and screw it in before using it or your microphone will wobble around when you try to record!

My experience with the AKG P120

With its shock mount, storage case, and a variety of other accessories it’s really easy to take the P120 with you wherever you go. I’ve taken mine to my church for some recordings of our band and while we could have used another microphone just as well it didn’t hurt to have the extra quality and clarity that comes with condenser microphones. I’ve also taken it with me to my friend’s house when we needed to record a podcast and again the P120 came in handy. It really is a great microphone that anyone can use whether they’re recording sounds on their computer or using it for live performances like singing into a mic at church.

Frequently Asked Questions About The AKG P120

“What kind of microphone is this?”

This is a condenser microphone. It does not connect to an interface via USB so you will need to use it with an XLR cable and phantom power in order to use it on your computer or another recording device.

“Can I plug the P120 directly into my iPhone?”

Not really. You can use the AKG P120 in concert with an audio interface that has phantom power. You can then plug the audio interface into your iPhone.

Does it come with cables? if I wanna use it on a microphone boom stand.. do I have to get anything else?

The P120 does not come with a mic cable, but it has a clip that is compatible with boom stands. Purchase an XLR cord to connect the microphone to your pre-amps or device input jack.

Is this a large-diaphragm microphone?

This is a medium diaphragm condenser microphone.

Does this require phantom power or can you use batteries?

The P120 is a condenser microphone that works using phantom power. This means you need to make sure your device can supply 48V of DC current in order to use the microphone. If so, then the P120 will work great for you!

Is it XLR or USB?


“Can I plug this directly into my PC without a preamp?”

No. You will have to use an XLR cable and connect it to your interface or device that has phantom power.

Does this come with a shock mount and the pop filter?

Yes. The P120 comes with a full package of accessories that includes all of these things for you!

Concluding Our AKG P120 Review

AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone

Are you looking for a microphone that will give your voice clarity and accuracy?

The AKG P120 is the perfect mic for those who are looking to record vocals, speech, or instruments. It has a low-mass diaphragm which delivers an accurate sound with excellent detail. With its cardioid polar pattern, it can be used in project studios or at home. And because of its high SPL rating, it’s great for loud environments too!

Desire: You won’t find another mic like this one at this price on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.

If you’re looking for a great microphone that will give your vocals clarity, the AKG P120 is perfect. The low-mass diaphragm provides accurate sound with excellent detail and it offers cardioid polar patterning which makes it useful in project studios or at home. It’s also incredibly well built with a high SPL rating so it’s useable for loud environments too! If you want to experience an amazing product without breaking the bank, I recommend giving this one a shot today!

Thank you for taking the time to read our AKG P120 review.

Source: AKG

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