AAXA M6 Review – A Small and Powerful Micro LED Projector

Our AAXA M6 Review

Most companies and churches know the importance of having a projector on hand that they can easily use when they need to show a presentation.

The problem with most traditional projectors is that they are permanently installed in a location, which means that church staff, visitors, and congregants need to be able to fit into a designated room for presentations.

Small and portable LED projectors, such as the AAXA M6, are a great alternative, as they allow people to move freely to new locations in their church for a presentation without worrying about whether or not they have the right equipment.

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aaxa m6 review – a small and powerful micro led projector

What Is the AAXA M6?

The AAXA M6 is a micro projector, which means that it is smaller than traditional projectors and is also portable, making it perfect for taking on the go for presentations.

It’s perfect for use while traveling, which is why so many business people love it, as they can take it with them while on trips and still deliver presentations quickly and easily.

Because of how portable it is, how easy it is to set up, and the myriad of connectivity options that it offers, it’s considered one of the top micro projectors on the market.

Just released in 2017, it’s a top contender for being the best microprojector.

Who Is this Micro Projector Designed for?

This portable projector is designed for any company or church that wants to be able to show presentations, videos, photographs, or to play music on the go.

Because it’s portable, it’s designed for users to be able to take it from one location to another for presentations without having to worry about connectivity in the room.

The small size of this projector may make some users worry about its power, but it’s actually a very powerful option, which is great for larger churches.

Because it is so powerful, it can easily be used for presentations for bigger groups of people without worrying about whether or not they will be able to see the picture or video.

However, the AAXA M6 is more expensive than many other options on the market, which can put it out of reach of some churches. It’s a powerful model that is easy to use, but the higher price tag can be difficult to afford.

What’s Included?

The AAXA M6 doesn’t ship with a lot of accessories, which is very normal for this type of equipment. One thing that it does ship with is a carrying case, which makes it easy for users to take the projector with them or to put it into storage without it being damaged.

The onboard Lithium-ion battery means that users don’t have to worry about having a power cord or replacing the battery on a regular basis.

Primary Features of the M6

There’s a lot to love about the AAXA M6, and one reason why it is such a popular choice for many churches is that it has a powerful 90-minute battery. This Lithium-ion battery is built into the projector, making it easy to power it up, no matter where you are. Other great features include:

  • Premium speaker to produce clear and dynamic sound
  • High connectivity with multiple built-in ports
  • 30,000 hour LEDs for a long lifespan
  • Onboard media player makes it easy to operate the projector and show presentations, slideshows, videos, and to play music
  • 1080p DLP chip to ensure great video and photograph detail and quality

Not only does the AAXA M6 offer a bright mode to allow the projector to be used in brighter rooms without a drop in image quality, but it also offers optional standard and eco modes to help save battery life.

Thanks to the lightweight of just 2.5 pounds, this is a very portable projector that is easy to move and set up. The small size also makes it easy to find a place to set it up and store it when it is no longer in use.

One issue that some people report with the AAXA M6 is that the fan noise can be hard to ignore. When the projector is used in its bright mode, then the fan noise is very loud and can easily be heard within 15 feet of the projector. However, when used in eco mode, the fan is silent.

With a powerful onboard speaker, it can be used by itself, although larger crowds will appreciate the use of additional speakers to ensure that everyone can easily hear the presentation.

Alternatives to the AAXA M6

The AAXA M6 is a great option for most anyone looking to buy a powerful mini projector, but the cost can be difficult for some churches to afford. In that case, the VANKYO LEISURE 3 may be worth consideration.

This is not only a budget-friendly option but is loaded with great features. It has an innovative cooling system that is designed to help disperse heat while at the same time reducing operating sound.

This makes it a great option for churches that are going to use their equipment for long periods of time.

The WOWOTO T8E is another great alternative worth consideration. It is incredibly bright and sharp, which means that it can easily be used in lighter rooms without compromising image quality. This makes it an ideal projector for any church that struggles to find a dark enough room in the building for presentations.

Additionally, it can project up to 300”, which is generally large enough for a very big group of people to be able to see without a drop in image quality.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Give this Micro Projector a Chance?

AAXA Technologies M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector with Built-in Battery - Native 1920 x 1080p FHD Resolution, 1200 Lumens, 30,000 Hour LEDs, Onboard Media Player, Business/Home Theater Use

The AAXA M6 is a great option for any church, especially for ones who need to give presentations or want to host special events, but don’t want to be tied to having them in a particular meeting spot.

Because it is so portable, it can even be used outside, as long as it is dark enough to see what is being projected.

The slightly higher cost of the AAXA M6 may put it out of reach of some churches, but because it is loaded with such great features, it really is a good consideration for any church.

The AAXA M6 is incredibly easy to use and offers some of the best color handlings on the market today. It’s a good idea for any church looking for a durable micro projector to give the AAXA M6 a chance.

We hope our AAXA M6 review has been helpful.

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